Thursday, 31 March 2011


Time is not of the essence as long as you Run, EVERYWHERE...
Fatigue might end up being a problem though.

Not really finished, not really what I planned on doing today either.
I might finish it and repost it, or something like that in the future.

Ended up doing this one in stead of the planned "bounty thing" because I've been working on a commissioned DnD group portrait, as such a doing a drawing just for the pose and the color just tempted me more.

Whats my favorite roman number you ask?
Why would you ask something like that...
Its VIII, and the reason why you will find out during the next sett of days.

Top a da morning to the lot of you.
Stay tuned for more that is Vinter tomorrow


Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Little Bird...

So this is the outcome of me listening to a song on repeat:P Little bird by Imogen Heap.

I'm totally in love with this paper, and I'm amazed they don't have this kind of awesome stuff in norway (of the same quality)...

Sorry to all the bird lovers, I'm really bad at drawing birds so I ended up doing a stylized sparrow.

Tune in for a new drawing by Kyrie tomorrow folks^^

Time for me to go buy some Urge Intense and cookies, before I have to be at my "day job"!

- Vinter

manly men wear scarves!

Late oooo so late!

Meet Scarf.

Yes he's known as scarf as he's not much of a talker, does not really know his own name, and has a rather talkative partner in crime.

Course he be named after the most defining piece of clothing on him, when he rarely gives a name to people who ask.
"who's that scarf wearing fellow."
"I don't know, why don't you ask him?"
"HEY! You with the scarf, whats your name?"

Ah, fun, funnity fun.

Hope Vinter brings more of that Delicious brown paper tomorrow, and I am guessing it will be acompanied by another sweet drawing, Yay.

Til next time.


One of the main characters from bounty.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Good day

Today was a good day, one of the few really good drawing days^^
When I was in the states a week back, I got this really nice drawing paper, so Kyrie and me had a blast playing with it. The drawing you see above is the outcome of this little experiment.

I'm looking forwards to much much more fun with this paper. It's such a nice medium to work on.

Ups, I now see that I forgot to draw the other leg:P Oh well.
Lets hope for some more cool stuff from Kyrie tomorrow!

Till next time!
- Vinter

Sunday, 27 March 2011


So nothing bounty today, well maybe if bounty ends up in a more technological world...

Just your average "just because its so very fun to draw a human in a segmented way"-drawing!
Threw on some colors just to make it pop a little more.

Hope it makes your eyes happy!
Posted on Lazy-Inhouse done, had breakfast done...
Time to draw some more.


Saturday, 26 March 2011

In the hurry..

So, here is my contribution for today. I had some troubles with this and didn't get to finish it. Now I have to run.

Till next time!
- Vinter

Friday, 25 March 2011


Yay for day 3 of Lazy-Inhouse!

Another bounty something something, and honestly what is project bounty?
I have no idea, or in fact I have too many an idea, as such there is no real solid idea.

So in picture would be a female bounty-hunter, coloring done by watercolor...
Not really all that happy with her face, but hey it was fun to draw her.
Next up from me will prolly be some Character portrait of the "main" characters so look forward to that.

What I am currently looking forward to on the other hand is something new from Vinter, Viva la Inspiration!



So, today it's my turn. Sorry for being late, I'll blame it on work...
I didn't really have time to do anything else today than work, so I'm posting a sketch I did while I was in the states. Yes, I know she doesn't have any nipples, deal with it. Other than that, not much to say about it, not the best sketch I've done. But oh well, lets hope Kyrie comes with something cool again tomorrow :)

Until next time!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Good day, I am the one know as Kyrie!

This site is ment to focus on illustration, and to watch two young illustratiors develop and (hopefully) take over the world. (humor, it is allowed)
And trust me in due time it will!

But today marking the first post on this blog, marking the start of something grand.
Was all about technical difficulties.

So many a problem just to get the picture scanned, and in all honesty the picture it self is stressed and less then what it could be, due again technical difficulties at work.
Now, not one to complain TOO much.

Picture above would be one of many samples from "bounty".
I am trying to make the world around a set of characters seem more real and fleshed out, so to begin with at Lazy-Inhouse I will post some teases of "project bounty".

Anyways too many words, so finished after terrible scannerWar.
Have a good night, and trust in the fact that Vinter will bring exellence tomorrow!