Thursday, 31 May 2012


It takes very, very little to make me happy.
By that standard it takes a moderate effort to make me ecstatic.

I love life and I love living it.

I adore tragedy, I paint with emotion, I deligt at fear, I dance in imagination.
If I had a mental illness it might be something along the lines of
"Just a little tooooooooo happy".

No matter the situation, its after all just a point of view, just a choice.
You might at some times choose to be unhappy, but that choice should in fact make you happy.
YOU where free to choose it.

Haha, rambling aside, I wanted to do a more cartoony stile then I've done the last entries, go swimming in my appreciation of
simple features and charming animation.

Hope you enjoy, and Yay, for double early post!

And now let us drink some water and wait patiently for Vinter to give us more artwork to glare and wonder at.

Mats O.~

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Yesterdays warmup.

Blogging this before I have to go to work. This was, as the tittle gives away yesterdays warmup.

Not a lot more to say really, 'cept that I don't want to go back to work today:P I want to stay home and draw! Oh well, money.

Kyrie brings you more dreamstuff tomorrow, mayhaps! Tune in then.

- Vinter

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Lead head.

So my brain decided that after 3 hours of sleep it had had more then enough, and promptly began to dream.

Before I woke up I dreamt of a dude taking a bet to sit down in an ants hive, except it was not ants, it was giant wasp
that moved really slowly, but still made the buzzing sound.
When I saw his silent scream vanish in wasp the dream suddenly phased out as to do something new, where my mind went;
"WAIT! surly that means death"

And I awoke.
So being eternally curious I ended up on facebook because some serious stuff was going down yesterday and I did not get the rapport!
Ever pleased as my answer had arrived I put on some soothing music, and tried to sleep with my newly equipped smile.

BUT damn people I think A lot.
Spent a small eternity thinking myself in a spiral.
As the thoughts vent darker and harder, I decided to try write some stuff down.

At which point that kind of ended up in what you see here.
So, yeah self portrait.
Hope you enjoy!

Now, I am posting this early which makes me feel bad because I really liked Vinters last entry, so please go look at it!
Reason I am posting is that I am sick if this drawing and want it to be done so I hopefully can rest my little sweet mind.

So yeah, doing that now.


The red oracle, Brings you her foreseeing of death and destruction...

Do click it and look at it in full view, as that's when it looks ok.

A quick speedpainting because I haven't had the time to do something properly as of yet. And I kind of just wanted to do something quick.

Maybe I'll have time for that tomorrow! Time will show...

Now, bed time, so I can get up nice and early to get some more work done!

Kyrie brings more nice/scary/creepy/pretty/what-ever-he's-in-mood-for tomorrow, so remember to tune back then!


Monday, 28 May 2012

Of the Black widow Clan.

If you where to ask my what my favorite fantasy race is.

I would not answer Dwarf for their stubborns.
I would not answer Elf for the elegance.
I would not answer Dragon for their magnificence.

I would answer Goblin for their mischievous attitudes.

I love the goblin.
The survivalism
The underhanded optimism
The creativity
The constant smile

They know they ain't worth much, they know they'd loose in pretty much any scenario, but you can bet.
You can bet that one scenario is the one their scheming to take you down with.

This is BTW how far I can take the color without my computer starting to cry and die horribly whiles screaming my name.
Gotten a new surge of inspiration (shouldn't have said that) lately, so I've been enjoying the drawings a a lot.
Have another drawing pretty much ready to go already.

Anyways, hope you enjoy.

Vinter is back for more lazy tomorrow.
Let us marvel at that in the early hours!


Sunday, 27 May 2012



Have a ultra quick doodle!

Me no good at working 16 hours at dayjob/night job and draw something clever afterwards!


- Vinter

Saturday, 26 May 2012

A doll for grandma, Baggygirl, She who hunts.

Heard a little piece of though provoker today, that made me draw this one.
lingering effect need to get one the paper, and you know, any reason to draw a sweet face.

I seriously love baggy pants on girls, might be something wrong with me, but its just plan awesome.
Simple up top, baggy and detailed down bellow.

Also tried to do some more alternative hairstyle for once, really having some fun with the "let the anime show" attitude.
Makes drawing more enjoyable for me.

Course all these could do with some more time invested into the coloring, but I just do not dear to color them on the computer, as thats a dangerous game.
And doing it all watercolor is fun, but time-consuming.

Got some feedback that lazy is lacking some color though so need to get on that.

Been a weird couple days, my moods been 2 days off, 1 day on, the last like week or so, totally confusing.
Body in general feeling like I should treat it nicer.

Nah, I'll go rant over now.
Listening to some Film-sack from frog-pants, so thinking with talking dudes in your head ain't all that simple.

VINTER will sketch us tomorrows!
Is what I am guessing anyways, lets see.

Yes, the amount of images is my apology to the lazy viewer-ship.


Thursday, 24 May 2012


Welcome back from our little brake! I was tired yesterday and spent all day working with a storyboard, and didn't have time to draw anything else.

But now we're back! So check out my pencil moustache!

I miiiight... Not have anything special for you next time, as I have another storyboard to finish and a really long day at work on Saturday... Sorry, expect more sketches from me next time.

Noaw, I will drink water and doodle a bit more before going to bed.

Kyrie might bring awesome doodles tomorrow, but he's rather overworked himself atm, so expect loose niceness!

- Vinter

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The missing post.

Here stands the post that never was, that was so lazily forgotten, and never came to be.
This will stand as a grave to the shame I must carry, and the double image post I MUST post, on my next entry.

Take 10 seconds of peace for the lazy that never got to be lazy.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A late one

Or a very early one!

I know, it's four o'clock in the morning, and yes I only got home from work an hour ago, not really home though, seeing as quitting work so late means I don't make the last bus home... Which means I have to sleep elsewhere than home, and yes that kinda sucks.

It's light outside already... How crazy is that?

I think I'm tired... I'll try to sleep now...
Kyrie will bring us goodies later today!

Maybe I have time to finish this drawing a bit more some other time...


- Vinter

Monday, 21 May 2012

The Gunsmith

Yeah, A hint of something dark.
Took a lot, and I mean a lot of focus to grab hold of those emotions again.

So Endlessly pleased with myself that I managed to get it onto paper.

Hope you enjoy the change in flavor!

Now, for something more trivial.
The end of a teacup is so incredibly forgettable.

Every late night drawing session I have I always accompany by some late night tea
(tends to be whatever black tea), I always let it sit for a little bit too long,
and then drink it in a frenzy as I realize that;
"Ah, I made tea because I am awesome".

After that initial bit of ego-tripping realization I promptly forget that I had not finish the cup,
and mentally check the box for; "remember to drink tea" as done.

So when I eventually get thirsty and panic as there are no beverages around I remember my still full of beautiful liquid tea cup
And start drinking what by now might be classified as iced-tea.

Rant over I guess.
Point you ask?


Vinter is up for tomorrow, not sure we will get the world though, she seems overworked.
Patience for the lazy, and rewarded we will be.


Sunday, 20 May 2012


Just a little something quick. Was working today...

Tomorrow I have to finish some storyboard, and then I have work on Monday again.

Now, sleep!
Await more lazy tomorrow from our delightful cohost kyrie!

- Vinter

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Only Sleeping

Want to sleep.

Got work in the morning.
Going to be harsh.

Then again might mean its the best work day ever, never know.
Tried to get my game on as the collected nerdom started eating into diablo 3.
Did not find a game that soothed the gamer inside, spent forever trying to find something though.
Also finally reached to much on anime front.

My immunity has now reach a breaching point of 150ish episodes of Anime pretty much straight watched.
Thats 150 *20 =3000minutes of Anime.
If I abandon sleep I need to watch anime for more then 2 days straight to get sick of it.

Thats getting to be problematic.

Anyways, I've ranted without reason.
Hope you enjoy the lazy.

Our King, Queen and goddess returns tomorrow, she may grace us with gifts and blessings
Or she may punish us for our insolence.

Tomorrow is the day of reckoning...



Friday, 18 May 2012

Meh meh..

Here, have a scribble I did in 2008.

I didn't have time to do anything today. I was at this awesome tattoo artists studio, watching as he drew my new tattoo! Looking forward to get it in August!

Bed time!

- Vinter

Thursday, 17 May 2012


Meet Miss-Swedish-with-a-honest-face.

She likes to fancy us all animals, beast within and all that.
And her joy at the mention of the Chameleons was ill concealed.
Course I've never meet a person so in need of airspace so the wings just made sense.

This is mind you not what I was really going to draw, originally this was just going to be a chameleon with some wings.
But you know, I've drawn my share of dragons, did not feel like having a swirly-tailed dragon to that stack of papers.

I think the best part of having a tail is how much easier the howl hugging yourself thing gets.
Need to work on that kind of plastic surgery, pay-worthy.

Anyways, Vinters gone all sneaky ninja on us again, that and she made me go to MC.D and get a milkshake.
Will she indirectly steal for my valet tomorrow?
Find out right here! Lazy inhouse.


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Cherries WIP

Today, I give you... CHERRY milkshake GIRL... wip...

Maybe I'll finish it soon. But now I'm awfully tired, and my computer keeps nagging at me about a restart... silly five year old computer that runs windows xp and gets silly warm.

At least it still runs ps like a charm!

I don't know what kyrie will bring tomorrow, but it might be awesome, or it might be super awesome!

Did I tell you guys that we've been posting on this fabulous blog of ours for over a year now? Pretty sweet eh?

- Vinter

Father of wicked spirits.

I so do wish I had a gray shade thats not pencil so I could leave this image without digital interference.

Guess thats when I should run out and by some pastels or something.
Anyways, its been a good drawing day.

By all that is holy.
I just erased a detailed description step by step of everything I did today...
Talk about over-share, In stead I will tell you all again,
Its been a good drawing day, had the entire day of, planned a little in the morning, made pizza.

Now I will run away before I tell you all my secrets

Vinters sketches are awesome and I actually want more of them!
Her choice what she shows us though!
Look for that tomorrow.


Monday, 14 May 2012

And then...

EW, what on earth did I do to her eye... guess that's why I stopped drawing on it:P

And where on earth did this thing come from...? Crazy...

The weekend was over... All in all I've had a pretty good week, working on some gigs, pondering about quitting my day job to pursuit the illustration business for reals... We'll see what happens I guess!

Anyway, had a too much of a lazy day to draw anything serious, so here have some more sketches!


Now, tomorrow I'm apparently back to reality... Which means back to my day job... BUT, as I'm going to England this summer I'm in dire need off money!

Kyrie brings you awesomeness tomorrow, will it be more swedish girl material? How knows! Tune in tomorrow to find out!

- Vinter

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Senjorita Mustagè and Senjor Goldenfjör


So cute!
I must have one...

So awesome!

Anyways, had this one done since yesterday, purely laziness on my part that ended up with it getting no colors.
I've just been feeling weird all day long, and it has left me with absolutely no creative energy.

That and I cut my nails, which leave em feeling all awkward-like, cant operate fine pencil strokes with them awkward fingers.
Blame Swedish-with-a-honest-face for the Mustage BTW, weird little humanoid.
Then again todays post might have been mighty terrible if not for her so you can praise her for that.

Stupid Anime show did not give me what I demanded.
Guess I should've asked nicely, but you know I figured it be safe to demand as there was no one to really hear me.
I will not give up though, It must happen!

Chibi-Vinter should return tomorrow! (wishful thinking)
Or something flashy and fun, we will once tomorrow hits, perhaps know!

1 more episode??????????


Saturday, 12 May 2012

Meh, skeetches.

HELLO LAZYYYY! I've just had my dinner! And now I'm full of soup and warmness and kinda sleepy...

Being a proper lazy, I'll only give you sketches today... I've been hard at work with a new storyboard, which has taken up most of my creativeness for today. I hope to finish it tomorrow, so that I have time for some revisions and extras if that's needed:)

I did want to colour the girl with the hood though, maybe I'll have time for that on sunday! Seeing as I'm back to work on monday D:

Anyway, my bf is currently hanging over my shoulder and want's us to go to bed... so I guess I have to go to bed then.


Kyrie brings sketches then tomorrow, seeing as I was a bad lazy and gave silliness... But they'll be  pretty awesome anyway, I can almost assure you of that^^

- Vinter

Thursday, 10 May 2012


Early post!

Heck yeah, Had an positively awesome day.
Slept long, eat food, drew this.

Thats it, and thats awesome.
Had plans for something with a little more bedazzle.

But you know ended up doing this one because of the peoples.
Mister Remi-mentor-san told me to focus on hands, so I wanted to do something that used the hands to express emotion or say something more then just being body decoration.
Miss Vinter-herself-of-lazy-fame gave me brown paper and a color pencil I just had to use.
And Miss Swedish-with-a-honest-face has me wanting to draw faces and think about birds all the time.

Result is this piece of La-di-da (what does that even mean?)

Now so I can go back to something bedazzling, I will leave you all.

Vinter went all like crazy pro on us yesterday, if she follows it up, I will promise to do a morning session till my next lazy.
So wait in excitement to tomorrow when Vinter unveils her next lazy-inhouse post!


Self portrait.

Here you go, something a bit more interesting and colourful today.
I give you a self portrait!

I started on a new drawing today as well, but I'm not so sure that one is going to happen... We'll see tomorrow... Might start from scratch with a new idea:)

Anyway, bedtime for us here in the mouse infested house (I doubt that the anti mouse house shaker actually works, it will probably in the end force us out of the house instead of the mouse!).

Kyrie comes back tomorrow with some class! Or not, all depends, we are after all lazy!

- Vinter

Wednesday, 9 May 2012



I love dreaming, in fact I am pretty sure my life is something like 70% dreaming, 30% sustenance so I can dream some more.

Course some times I dream of brain-tails that eat your brain-stem and are a big part of society where only I think it disgusting.
Not only that, but when the brain-tail is grown up it dies, falls of and starts spilling blood all over, now when you get thrown on you by your brother it is logical that you'd need a wash.

And since you got blood in your mouth you need to take a good solid sweep of tooth cleaning liquid, just to feel clean.
Panic when you realize you can't spit it out, so you force yourself to spit...

Only to wake up with spit on your arm.
God morning world, ah its glorious to be part of you!

Hope you enjoy the lazy
Hope Vinter wooooooooooooooooooooo's us tomorrow.

Hope I dream of pretty ladies, and not brain-tails.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

More sketchessss!

Even more of them!!! They're taking overD: no but seriously, tomorrow I'm going to get some real drawing done.

Today kyrie and I met up for drawing outside, we went outside all right, but we got so drained of the fresh air that we almost fell asleep when we got to Kyries place, no drawing commenced...

Now bed time, maybe kyrie will have luck with the drivers tomorrow!

- Vinter

Monday, 7 May 2012

Ice dance

Rose back for more attention.

Love drawing Rose, but she needs to be clear in my mind, and for her to be clear, I need new inspiration.
Just in some way or form.

Tried for once, not to redesign to much.
Had some fun with the pose, also had one version with the feet, just for practice.

Felt like this version works more as a piece of work.

Hope you enjoy
Vinters back in action tomorrow, we will see what she brings to the table.

I scurry away.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Give me zzzzz!

I'm tired and grumpy, I used most of my day off yesterday working on some other stuff for my boss. So I didn't get to do much fancy smanchy drawing after all.

So here, have some more old sketches! Faces and a stupid drawing which is supposed to depict a girl with her face in her arms, sitting backwards on a chair, but being such a big silly girl I managed to fuck up the arms so badly it just looks stupid! Hence the skull...

Naow, I want to sleep more than three hours and work with something fun after I've had a long and nice sleep!
Kyrie brings us back to life tomorrow!

- Vinter

Saturday, 5 May 2012

A moments rest.

So much alike Vinter I too had to do some back-stock this entry.
This is just some quick concepts and design based drawings for the latest lazy entries.
Just a sett of sketches that allow me to fail, so I can draw more freely.

Quite important when my drawing is very dependent on my trusting my instinct, drawing the line where it needs to go, not where I want to put it.

Yeah, Guess thats all I have to say, Sleep now.
Ganna be golden.
Have had a creative little flower dumped into my life, enjoying watching that grow.

Lets se if we can make it into a marvel of Illustration.
But meanwhile, Vinter takes her turn to blind and bedazzle the audience with her tricks of the trade.

Kyrie ponders on whether or not to sleep in the chair.

Friday, 4 May 2012


Sorry guys, I'm dead tired...

These drawings come in super crap quality, and are a few days old.

Luckily I have tomorrow off, maybe I'll smash together something nice then...

But naow, bed time!
Kyrie will keep us updated tomorrow!

- Vinter

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Fallen Angle

I feel like this image is a cliché.

Not quite sure if I am right or not.
No matter what, It is rather self explanatory.

Hope you enjoy this dose of lazy.
Saw something horrible today, still kind of holds fast and tight.

Vinter, has her turn to be the laziest tomorrow.
Will she sketch us, or will she bring the big guns. (metaphorically.)

Time will tell!


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Colour testing!

Some experimenting with colours, I kind of like the vibrancy it gets with having a light blue under layer. And putting some read/purple in the shadows.
The top one was the first one I tried out, and the second one is more or less a tribute to The Clash - The Guns of Brixton.

My bf pointed out to me today, as we were sitting outside, he was reading the news paper and I was sketching, that my music taste has changed from what it was when we first met. From the rather dark stuff to a bit more... punky... If you can call it that. I don't mind the dark stuff, but sometimes it's just nice to jump to something a bit less "heartbreaking"... If you can even say that:P

Today's been a rather nice day, and I so badly DON'T want to go back to work tomorrow. MIMIMIMI...

Maybe kyrie will have some more luck with the drivers! Maybe he'll give some more niceness! Or maybe we'll just get an awesome sketch instead!

- Vinter

I have posted!


What to say today.

Listened to some cute music today, guess that inspired this, just kind of a mind dump drawing anyway, nothing really special, just whatever my fingers felt like drawing.

Had some driver powers restored (HAAAAAALELUJA)
So mocked about with that for a lil'while.

Found a shading technique I want to try out.

Dreams have gotten weirder, which is good, kind of.
I seriously spent what felt like 2 hours of time trying to get my dream to be more dreamy...

In the end I guess I was just awake and fantasizing.
Good way to waste time in the morning...

No creepy stuff though.
Got enough creepy stuff from that spider.

Vinter went all crayon mode on us.
Respect that!

What will her day of brilliance bring us.

I am so excited that I can only be disappointed, or can I?

Dam dam dam

Tune in for the (answer(this word is so stupidly spelled..........)) tomorrow!