Tuesday, 1 May 2012

I have posted!


What to say today.

Listened to some cute music today, guess that inspired this, just kind of a mind dump drawing anyway, nothing really special, just whatever my fingers felt like drawing.

Had some driver powers restored (HAAAAAALELUJA)
So mocked about with that for a lil'while.

Found a shading technique I want to try out.

Dreams have gotten weirder, which is good, kind of.
I seriously spent what felt like 2 hours of time trying to get my dream to be more dreamy...

In the end I guess I was just awake and fantasizing.
Good way to waste time in the morning...

No creepy stuff though.
Got enough creepy stuff from that spider.

Vinter went all crayon mode on us.
Respect that!

What will her day of brilliance bring us.

I am so excited that I can only be disappointed, or can I?

Dam dam dam

Tune in for the (answer(this word is so stupidly spelled..........)) tomorrow!


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