Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Yes, today I've been super hungover, to the point where it's going to be a very veeeery long time before I drink again:p

The plan for today was to go and draw with kyrie, but as my parents hijacked my bf and me yesterday and bought us drinks till we dropped yesterday, I had to pas. Which made me a little sad, but that means we'll have to take it another time!

Anyway, who holds the key? Is it hidden away in a safe place? Or maybe it's in plane sight?

I dunno, tell me if you find out...

- vinter

Monday, 30 January 2012

Element of water

This one was going to be a bionically armed soldier...

Guess the fact that I showered 3 times today made a difference.

I love water, pretty much everything about water, in fact I love water so much, that my electricity bills might become a problem.

Anyways, hope you enjoy
Vinters up tomorrow, and Ill hopefully get some spoilers :)


Sunday, 29 January 2012

Awh snap!

Sorry guys, I'm kinda late... I just got home from work...

Sorry for the super lame quality of the photo... It's an old one...

Suparu sorry!!
I swear I'll have some nice stuff for you on Monday!!

Now bed time..
- Vinter

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Sulathi and Lady

Vinter said Nightaru!
Funny wunny, so some time ago I used to play blay Final fantasy wantasy online.

Itaru is a beautifully world, and after struggling for 2 week of constantaru playing I managed to make Sula'thula a dragoon.

And the proud Wyvern was named lady weidy.

Yes, all in-game Tarutaru npcs spoke like that.
Needless to say, I would still be playing it but my computer broke down, and 4 months after I learnt that If your account was inactive for more then 3 months you get cancled, and...

Theres no way to restart the subscription.
So Not wanting to leave Sulathi behind, I ended up crying on the inside and moving on, in stead of making a new character.

It was such a good game.
To bad FF14 seems to be getting a bad rep.
Otherwise id invest in a new computer and get to playing.

Vinters up for tomorrow, can she match the tarutaru-madness of today way?


Thursday, 26 January 2012

At the ledge.

I've got some new thoughts about a few drawings, and I think I started out the like drawings the wrong way...

Will fix tomorrow:)

Here a quick drawing.

Now, good nightaru!
Kyri brings moar awesomeness tomorrow!

- Vinter

Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Thar you go.

Did this drawing in the morning for once.
Had plans for the color, but I worked and forgot, so it ended up like this.

Pretty sure my original plan was more color coordinated, but hey who cares.

Anyways, I could get all talky talky about death, and some random fact from my life, but I've taken to the idea of sleeping lately.

So I kind of want to do that.

Vinter will swoop in and entertain for tomorrow.


iPad doodle..

I ended up staying at home yesterday, instead of going to the real life drawing session... I kinda freaked out by the thought of going there on my own, in a place with lots of strangers:p

I would really like to go next week, but I'll have to find a friend I can go with:)

Anyway, an iPad doodle is all I have to share to day, sorry guys...

Kyrie will bring more to spotlight tomorrow/later today:) bringing on the cheer!

- Vinter

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Feeding the Dragon

Strangest thing just happened.

Lost connection just a second before posting this image.
Now that in itself is not all that strange, but I had written a blogpost that had some rather potentially controversial thoughts in it.

Now the Internet going out on me like that has me thinking its better to just not ever write that stuff down.

So into the vault of mysteries it goes.
Thank you dear god of mine, or whatever interviewed.

Anyways, yes, its not a dragon.
Its a drake.

But Dragon holds more meaning, and honestly makes me smile when I think about it.

Thats just kind of what almost happened.


Anyways, brave lil' Vinters about to tell us if she did some life human drawings
Stay tuned for that.


Sunday, 22 January 2012

A little something.

Here's just a little something I drew while watching a documentary on the history of horror movies.

Tomorrow I'm going to a real life drawing session... I'm kind of nervous about it, as I'm going there on my own... Hopefully I'll meet the guy who tipped me of it there, so I don't have to freak out of spooky strangers:p

Kyrie brings more tomorrow, we're still keeping it going good:)

- Vinter

Hasty endings

The clock is 03.00

Did not know that, so I admit the last stages of this drawing are incredibly rushed, hope you do not mind. (I've always preferred a messy stile anyways)

Anyways, like previously stated I draw my inspiration to draw (see what I did there...) from joy.

So when I received a positive comment on my work I got inspired to draw.
This is what came of that.

Stock was stolen from ze interwebs (her pose)

Vinters up for tomorrow, I wonder if she has been able to do one daily?


Saturday, 21 January 2012

Warm up 2-

Another warm up I did the other day!

Now, bed time!

- Vinter

Friday, 20 January 2012

Spirit princesse

Tittle should speak for the image.

Trying to hold the quality up, seems decent of us on this new year.

one of the most disappointing things in the world.
Forgetting the tea.

And I do not mean forget it all together, I mean go trough the work of making the ultimate cup of tea, taking the teabag out at the right moment letting it sit just a little extra for it to cool ever so slightly, and then forgetting it...

Only to discover it some hour later and realize that all that sweet bliss left the building without saying goodbye.

Could be that my mood is flavoring the situation.
Never know with me.

Vinters up for tomorrow, a good day to tune into lazy!
Really like her photoshop stile, always have.


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Still not done.

Yes, thats right, I'm still not done with the tea drawing. It's driving me mad, as I can't figure out how I want it to look. I've almost given it up... I'm back at work tomorrow, so that'll give me some time to think about it a little bit, at least.

It's a shame, because I kind of liked the line work... I might just start on the others, and maybe make them all B/W... But I would really like some nice colour work for my portfolio... Seeing as I want a complete renovation of it before March...

So here you have another warm up I did yesterday.

I've got some good news though, I was called up by a photographer today whom I had given my business card to a few months back, and she would like to do some collaboration with me:) I'm looking forward to that^^

Anyway, Kyrie keeps his game up while he works his bony ass off, poor chap... Hope he'll get some rest before he ends up to tired!

- Vinter

Shootgun magica

Played my first game of Magic the gathering today, was fun, very fun.

Want to do that more, anyways, it takes time.

So the drawing got some attention later then it would normally get the attention.
that would not have hurt it, if it was not for the mysterious hidden eraser!
Sneaky sneaky.

Vinters up for tomorrow, I'll go to bed and get ready for my 9th day straight of work.


Monday, 16 January 2012

Warm up.

I'm not done with my tea drawing yet, so here's a warm up I did yesterday.
I'm thinking to do these everyday as a way to get better with colours, just quick ones. I'm going to try to keep them within the time frame of an hour.

Well, I didn't do one today, so off to a bad start:P But tomorrow I will, and it will give me many drawings to show of when I'm at work, and don't have time to draw anything for the blog:)

Anyway, Kyrie up tomorrow again. We seem to pull up the standard again:)

- Vinter

Dame de UGLE

I get really happy when I draw a cute female drawing.

Nothing more pleasing then a cute girl being cute.
Guess I might be weird like that, but its a good feeling, so I'll be drawing girls for a long while yet.

Anyways, Sundays tend to end up really full for me, in general what is everyones weekends are my biggest workdays.

But I manged to produce something I feel good about today, and that has me a happy Kyrie.

Maybe vinter will ride this wave of positive and show us more awesome stuff like yesterday!


Saturday, 14 January 2012

WIP: Like drawing 1: Tea

Yey, tea drawing line "art".
Hope to have some colours on it soon. Maybe it'll be done next time:)

That was more or less all I had to say today...

Lets hope kyrie has some nice stuff tomorrow:)

- Vinter

Friday, 13 January 2012


I really dislike Fridays.

I work early Saturday.
So doing a lazy on Friday makes me feel stressed, because if my first drawing(idea) doesn't work then I'll be siting and working on drawing till 11ish, and thats about my bedtimes before Saturday work.

So whenever I do a Friday lazy, do not except marvels.

Did this one because I felt like drawing Rawid, and doing some watercolor.
But meh, my technique is kind of sad.

And I felt stressed.


Better stuff nextz timez

Vinters up for tomorrow :)


I like tea.

In fact, I love tea. Which is why it's the first like drawing.
I planed on having the line art finished today, but my bf was talking and sitting up in his sleep last night, so I had to sleep during the day instead. Hence why I didn't get much done today.

I was originally supposed to be working today and on Saturday, but I wasn't needed after all, so yey! (kinda bad as well, because that means less money...)
But that means I've got loads of time to do some portfolio drawing:)

Anyway, will see if I can get some stuff done for next time:)

Like where Kyries style is going, looking forward to more later on^^

- Vinter

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Never been alone.

And there is honestly no way for me to be alone.

Most people would think I was ever so alone.
Most people would put a question mark on my life, and blame it on some illness of the mind.

But what people do not seem to realize is that I've really never felt lonely.
Theres always someone watching, someone ready to speak.

If you are one of the people who are afraid of what you might find out when everything goes still,
I recommend trying it, might find yourself a new favorite activity.

Course it is never as easy as just trying,
but just try.

Mmmh, thats roughly written, but I do not really mind that so I'll leave it be.
Leave it as a study of how my mind forms thoughts

Vinter is the main act for todayorrow, look forward to that.


Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Le tired!

Not really, well, in my feet and legs I'm pretty tired, but I feel fine in my head:)

Was a really long workday today, but we really need money now, so all worth it.
Better go to bed now, as I have an early start tomorrow as well!

Kyrie brings more model work tomorrow? Stay tuned to find out.

- Vinter

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

More concepts for my Empire army.

Thinking about how to make the dancer, theres two sisters.

The seer
The Dancer

I've actually made the seer, but she ended up way to mundane, and she was freakishly tall.
Towering over the already freakishly tall Dead Tower.

Soooooo, yeaaaaah.

But I've been making models all day so its looking good!
Means this drawing might seem a little quick though. (wasn't, I can't draw if I start late)

Anyways, the Dancer will get her model, and her shot at glory, god knows my chaos empire hasn't actually prospered.

Anyways, with all that jargon, and in-jokes I better finish with a random personal fact.

I like elevator music, perhaps because I identify with it.
The noise thats kind of there, making everyone feel just slightly better, but as soon as your aware that it is there, and its function, it gets annoying...Unless you like elevator music.

Vinters up tomorrow, more work for her?
Seems only yesterday she was in for a break, good luck I guess.


Monday, 9 January 2012

Back to work

Yes, that's right, after a few days of working at home on some commission stuff, I'm back to work on my day job tomorrow (technically today). And I'll be gone till next Sunday:(

I must say, I really enjoy working from home, and wish I could do more of it.
Hopefully I'll make that happen this year^^

To the drawings; one random drawing and one like drawing, owls this time.

Kyrie up tomorrow, looking forward to it^^

- Vinter

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Happy birthday!

Yay, Vinters B-day, congratulations to her.
Of course, the funny part is that I am actually to late, and yesterday she was actually posting on her birthday.

Today is my exes birthday though. So gratz to her as well.

I wanted to draw some special birthday picture but its Saturday meaning I work from 9-15 get home 16ish and then merge into a sitting position of absolutely no use.

So In stead we have a dwarf I just kind of drew.

So vinters up tomorrow, one year wiser must mean awesome drawing right?


Saturday, 7 January 2012

Calendar and ponderings.

Today is my last day as a 23 year old! (the 7th is my birthday) And I'm sitting here, wondering where my life went...

It's been one and a half year since I graduated, and I still haven't put together a decent portfolio... Am I going to be stuck as a waitress/barmaid for the rest of my life?

I've had a few illustrators tell me that one can expect five years of dryness before you start to get anywhere with your illustration career... Sounds horrific...

Good thing one of my new years resolutions is to have a portfolio done before march!
But then again, didn't I make that resolution last year as well...?

What ever, I'll at least try to get some where in 2012..

Anyway, these two drawings are for a calendar I'm making, since it's a new year I need a new calendar to keep up with time and deadlines (not that I have so many of them...), I also like to keep track of when I'm working at my day job and other stuff.

So yah, my bf and me in the two first winter months, January and February.

That was my rant for today, make sure to stay tuned tomorrow for some more kyrie goodness^^

- Vinter

Friday, 6 January 2012

Building the stile.

So working on rekindling my stile.
And since you lazy readers/viewers see all the women all the time, I made you not so pretty mutated man of droopy-chin and belly-eye.

Because you know, balance is kind of natural.
Natural is kind of good.

And this post is getting kind of pointless, and I am kind of using kind of kind of a lot. (I also really want to write a lot like; Alot... God I wish alot was written this way)

It is the Vinters time tomorrow, always my favorite lazy posts ^^.


Thursday, 5 January 2012

Commuting and stuff.

First of, yey kyrie is back:D I got a bit worried some thing had happened:p

Today was time to travel home day, which was a bit sad, because I've had a really good time:) it's been nice to relax and take the days as they come^^

Now I'm back to reality, and have to finish up the big commission I started on before the holidays.

The plane home was only supposed to take about two hours, but ended up taking five, as we had to emergency land in Copenhagen because of a really sick baby! Luckily the baby and mother got the help they needed and was fine in the end:)

Here's some drawings though, one like drawing, cherries(!), and two quick other doodles:)

That was all I had for today! Tomorrow is back to the drawing desk!
Kyrie may bring more niceness tomorrow, unless he is sick, then I'll post a little something for you guys^^

- Vinter

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

*you feel a hint of movment, somebody is watching you*

*Soddenly a lazy-inhouse post appears, you have little idea where it came from, and the only trace of the poster seems to be a twice used green-teabag and biscuit crumbs.*

*Prior knowledge brings you to the conclusion that the poster must feel guilty and as such wants to remain invisible, you are surprised that a Pirate enthusiast can Ninja so well*

Now while you sit and ponder why the teabag was twice used you can look forward Vinter tomorrow, maybe she will be riding a bear with a rifle, I mean the hat demands it.

*Yes, this is all inside your head*

*written faintly on some sand partly faded*

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Big fake fur hat

Hellu, not so sure what happened yesterday, but hope kyrie is doing ok:)

Happy new year everyone! Hope you all had a good celebration, if you celebrate it:)

Here's a drawing I did on the tram in Düsseldorf. I've recently bought a big fake fur hat, and I liked the way it looked in the window reflection, so I drew it:)

That is all for today, tomorrow is my last day in germany, so will get up early to get stuff done:)

Hope kyrie comes back tomorrow!^^

- vinter