Friday, 30 September 2011

Oh scrubbing!

Good evening! Or should I say morning? I just finished work, and the fingers on my right hand is loosing it's skin, as I've been scrubbing down a kitchen for the past three or so hours... fun.

I'm currently sitting right outside the doors of work and drinking a Pepsi (because it's too late for Urge Intense, and I've already had one to day.. Trying to reduce my intake...), because I was so privileged to have a room here tonight (YES, you guessed right, I work at a hotel!)

As I said in the last post, these are drawings I did a few days ago, because there wasn't enough hours in the day for me to be working on at my day job as well as drawing... Although I have a few sketches in my head:) One word: Napalm!

Oh, and LOL, I thought I had forgotten my mem stick at home so I made my bf search the house, and then I found it, buried in my rucksack. Which was strange because I actually shock it upside down... guess it got tangled to something...

On sunday I'm of to Germany to work a little bit on, which will be fun^^ I get to meet my american friend Carl again, and I have some urban exploring planed for the days I'm not working:D Hopefully my bf will be able to come, will see...

But enough text, it's getting cold, and my feet are longing for bed!
Kyrie up tomorrow, I quite liked his little girl with a pink background, cute indeed^^

Over and out!
- Vinter

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Keyword: Cute

I love cute.
Theres no word to describe what I like in the world we all walk in better fit then "Cute".
It is simple, it is magical, it is most of the time 100% misleading.

It is what makes me able to smile pretty much all the time no matter whats up.

Now Today is an especially good day (this coming from a man who is blessed with nothing but good days), I feel like barfing flowers and rainbows and the like.
(sounds horrible? maybe, but it's easier then me trying to explain to all here just how incredibly happy I feel at this very moment.)

As for the actual painting, watercolor, 2b lead.
Some highlights digitally afterward (because it is impossibly fun to do!)

Wanted to challenge myself to paint some pink.
Whenever I add pink to Anything, I kind of feel lost regarding how I then balance the picture.
So I did something with pink! (because if you do what your comfortable with all the time you wont get anywhere)

Still at a loss though.
Not sure I balanced this picture either,
PINK! you color you!

Vinter will hopefully brave her work-hours from hell and bring us more lazy tomorrow!

O, and finally got myself an Deviant art
The ManlyMuffin! That is me.


Tuesday, 27 September 2011


I'm posting early today, because I have two very long days at work ahead of me. And it's going to be hard, as my boss is not there today, or tomorrow, which means I'm next in command...

Lets just say I don't like it and not feeling very good about it either...

So I've prepared drawings for two post, this is one of them. I kind of liked it in grey scale as well, so I'm posting both.

Hope you have a good two days as I disappear from the radar!
Kyrie bring more coolness for you tomorrow! I certainly like his tablet work^^ Great progress!

And just for fun, here's a picture of my "workspace". No wonder why I get back pains:P working on the sofa... When I paint I usually sit on the floor with my canvas proped up against the wall. It's very lovely to just lie down when ever I like though, must say that's a big bonus to this sofa solution:)

- Vinter

The technology of our age, makes us strong.

It went all funky on me, It was incredibly annoying!
In the middle of the coloring and the having the fun of going back to my darling Lilith.
Tablet just stops being pressure sensitive, tried restarting, tried installing the drivers and restarting again (and we are, on my system, talking 10min reboots).
In the end, I just wanted to work on it so much I just kinda went old-school on the image.

And I am so very not satisfied with the end result.
Tablet functions normally now though, so I went over quickly just to give it a little more POP.

Me not being satisfied is what spawned the other image though.
Lets pretend the viewer (you) to be my significant other.
I have just forgotten your birthday, so I need to say I am sorry.
So I buy flowers (because its cliche), the flowers would be that extra image.

God Kyrie you do keep typing do you not.

Vinter tomorrow, I like how she makes gray-scale seem finished, I always feel my gray-scales end up automatically unpolished.
Anyways more drawings soon!


Sunday, 25 September 2011

Jets are fun!

As far as I know, they certainly look fun:)

This one was based on my today's outfit, except the hair and goggles. I don't like the face, I might fix that if I decided to play with it in Photoshop. But I wish I had the body though:P

I agree with Kyrie though, all this inspiration is good for lazy, we've been keeping it up:)

Kyrie back tomorrow! Will be awesome, I'm sure.

- Vinter

Shirtless Work in progress.

KK, so a Work in progress here.
Needed more the 4 hours It would seem, still seems to be turning out nicely.

Lilith, yes, girl from eh? 2 post ago? (my post that is)

Figured she needed a story, so. steampunk demonhunter, with the must have imp.
And thats pretty much it there.

Why she is laking clothing on her upper body?
Because she wasn't expecting demons when she's getting dressed.
But why did I choose this moment in time to immortalize her?
Because I can!
Sweet, sweet, sugary power.

Anyways, hope you all enjoy, and I'll try my first attempt at 2 session sit down tomorrow.
Hopefully this will be finished my next post.

Vinter is up for tomorrow.
(and can I say that all this inspiration is doing wonders for lazy's artwork)
(mhm total self clap on shoulder)


Saturday, 24 September 2011

The Raven Girl.

Wanted to colour this in photoshop, but suddenly I've used up all the hours of the day on other stuff...

This time I was inspired buy this guy, Glenn Arthur.

Tomorrow is Kyrie posting time, looking forward to it! Oh jiehh!

- Vinter

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Gothic Lolita = Mean drunk?

Okay, so tablet practice!

First thing I learnt, You will paint in the wrong layer, just stop using them!
(not stop Using them, but stop using them, I was being all orderly and had like 10 all with names (Including one named "the all seeing eye" because sometimes you just need that guilt trip))

Secondly, Practice more.
Thirdly, I never remember source lighting till the very end!

But well yes there you have the fruit of my labor, hope you like.
(maybe a little overworked?
I won't know till tomorrow, fresh eyes, kind of important.)

She's inspired by a picture I saved on my computer yesterday (Vinter might recall)
And the girl just looked totally cute, but she kind of looked like a mean drunk.
Like the kind of girl you could buy a drink in a bar, only to have the meanest little woman following you the rest of the night.

Sounds absolutely awesome if you ask me.
We need more gothic lolitas in norway.

Course I say that because I want the eye-candy, bad kyrie, bad.

Awesome post by Vinter yesterday!
Told you all it was going to be good.

And she's up for more tomorrow, you all read/heard her, no quality drop.
Meaning we've only got one way to go!


Key Keeper.

Today's little drawing... The keeper of the keys. I was planing on doing this yesterday, but I was to lazy and got up rather late... So typical of me.
I might make the lock and the keys a dirty rusty yellow and give her hair some more black/blue/brown colour, but we'll see.

But as Kyrie said, quality will not drop, I was a bad bad girl to try!

So ridiculously inspired by MirrorCradle... with the frame and the colours that is.
I would like to believe the girl is more my style than hers:)

Anyway, bed time! I have to be up and running early for work tomorrow.

Kyrie brings more awesomeness tomorrow!

- Vinter

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Dame De Lotus

Mmm poison gas, how I do adore the aspect of being killed by you.
Of course if my killer would be blond and dressed as above manner, I might just think of that as a good end.

The Lady Lotus is a botanist who ends up having to fight to save her green house.
As this world is the world of bounty she is of course a clever woman (all the women in bounty are strong individuals) So she creates a lethal gas from a lotus flower and kills an entire party of raiders.
Now this of course gets her a bounty, as one of the dead has family in the upper levels of society.

Not wanting to leave her greenhouse she instead filled the entirety of the complex with the lotus gas, ever the bane of would be bounty hunters trying to collect what they believe to be an easy bounty.

More story to her, but I don't want to make this post into a short novel!

A little digital work of basic watercolors, Vinter showed me some cool tricks so I think I am getting the hang of the tablet now (thank the gods for helpful individuals)

Looking forward to showing you all more! (quality WILL stay high!)
And what I hear about Vinters post tomorrow has me exited, so look forward to that.


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Bringing it down.

To the Lazy level... Since we've had two great posts this past two days, I thought it was time for me to pull the quality down a bit, this is lazy after all!

The reason for the lateness you ask? I was working all sunday, after a drink and draw and a 30th birthday party for a friend on saturday and three hours of sleep! When I got home on sunday night I was beetroot (Hah, see what I did thar?).

Drink and draw was nice, only two people showed up, not included me. These be Kyrie and Anita.

Two of the pages I did at the drink and draw, the last one I did today.

BTW, I'm really looking forward to Diablo 3^^ Looks so like so much fun!

I was at Kyries place today, and I showed him a trick with the tablet^^ Hope to see lots more on that front:)
Other than that I was to hungry to draw:P We watched Firefly instead.

- Vinter

Monday, 19 September 2011

Climbing stairs at a slow pace.

Yay, something worth actually showing for once.
Thats what happens when everyone around me seems to be picking up the pace, forces me to prove to (at the very least myself) I am capable of more then just gray lines of boredom.

So I guess I can promise that if the level is going to be that high, I just have to play better ball.

Still in it for some practice though, so did the couple in the image digitally (why I am posting late)
Speaking of them
boy is me, because I like to envision myself with pretty girls (I do love them you know, all of them) and because the clock there has a symbolic reference to my life.
The girl would be Lilith, and god I do want to marry that name, I mean you might be totally uninteresting but if your names Lilith then I am your bitch.

Hope everyone is enjoying lazy new found focus!
Vinter will bring more excellence tomorrow, and probably inspire even more work from me.


Saturday, 17 September 2011

Hairy business.

A new PSsdrawing! Yey! Took me about five or six hours, not in one go, but spread throughout a day... jiees, and there's barely any background:P I be slow.

I had the sketch for a while, it just took me some time to actually sit down and paint it in Ps, because I'm slow like that as well...

The painting I was supposed to start on a few weeks back have been put on hold, until next week, when I have the WHOLE week of to finish of a commission and do some portfolio work as well as work on the secriiit project:)

Anyway, as Kyrie said, today is Drink and Draw! Which will be a good practise for me to draw in public as I kinda have a problem with that:P It makes me nervous of all things...

That's all for today, Kyrie be up tomorrow, I be at work then, but will come back strong on monday (I hope).

- Vinter

Friday, 16 September 2011

Drakes Moves

Drakes found himself a girlfriend!

Well not really, and as far as his characters design goes he's kind of a man-child
(well the man part is kind of generous), his brain functions very differently then most peoples.

A girlfriend to him might just be an annoying person that tends to get upset at him.
why she would be upsett is forever beyond poor little Drake, but thats his blessing as he would not mind or notice her being upset in the first place.

Anyways, picture just kinda of sneered itself onto the paper while I was listening to "filmsack" - by frogpants studios (podcast).
In the end I really wondered what in gods name possessed me to draw this image, but as to why I have little to no clue.

Tomorrow is Drink and draw time (I think, and I am totally to lazy to check at this movement)
So maybe Vinter will draw her post in company?
Find out tomorrow!



Yes, I'm a little tight on new drawings, since I'm currently working on some secret stuff :O

I won't tell about the secret stuff until it's a 100% sure it will happen, and that may take a while:P

ANYWAY, a few sketches from not the too distant past... The fish one I did to enter in a contest I didn't enter after all... I didn't find the end result very pleasing, I could've done better. The other one is a logo animation sketch and some test drawings for a banner to my other blog.

Now I don't have work until sunday, so I should be able to do some nice stuff to show off on saturday:)

IN OTHER NEWS! I became an aunt yesterday, to my sister's second son, Jakob. He's such a tiny baby, with unbelievably small hands and feet^^

Kyrie brings it tomorrow!

- Vinter

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Eye of the beholder

I am late, this is not strange.
This is in fact quite common.

I feel one can tell a lot from a persons eyes, I wonder what mine would say at this very moment.

Anyways, not all that much to say today, I am looking forward to be sleeping, so I shall attempt to ease my own suffering by hastily moving along to the sleep part of the night.

Vinter will show her skills tomorrow!


Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The ugly and bad.

The first page is a "fail" page from my precious brown paper sketchbook, lets just stop it right there and say I had a bad day, can't always show the good stuff:P

The second page is just a random girl with a hairdo I think looks kinda cool...

Tomorrow I have work again, so does Kyrie. But he probably have something cool to show of anyway.

Firefly rocks my socks FYI! So in love with that show*_* I need to buy it one day!

- Vinter

Respect the barkeep.

They make your world feel just a little sweeter right now.
but punish you later if you overdo it.

Need to respect that you know.

Late night drawing session with Vinter, urge intense and "lets go to prison".
Funny film...

Vinter today

Kyrie out!

Monday, 12 September 2011

Late again...

So, the reason for being late today is very simple... I was working and right after work we celebrated my stepfathers birthday, which was today... What a day to be born right? I mean with the whole 9/11 incident.

Another reason is that my photoshop decided it was time to stop working... FML..

A few spreads from my moleskine, on one of the drawings I tried something I saw HERE, and I spilt wine on it... The good news of today is that I'm not working until wednesday, so I have a few days to whip something nice together for you guys next time!

Today I'm mildly annoyed. I won't go into detail, because it doesn't matter... I just am.

Kyrie up next!

- Vinter

Sunday, 11 September 2011


Cartoony females.
Jupp, thats about it.
I've been working on some Tau empire today, so drawing came second.

Now to refrain from typing to much I will stop.

Vinter hopefully has tomorrow of, so she will show us some cool work.


Saturday, 10 September 2011


Today was a day without work. When I woke up, I decided to stay in bed... I din't get out of bed until a friend of mine sent me a text asking if I wanted to hang out today around three...
Which I did, it was nice just relaxing, watching Ponyo and eating home made pizza:)

So the first one is a spread from my Moleskine, did these on the bus to my friends place today, the other one is a page from my favourite sketchbook, done earlier today, drawn from photos I found at SIXMOREVODKA's website.
Must say, I would love to work in a studio...

Tomorrow I have a long and hard day of work, same on sunday, not so long on monday, but work nonetheless. Don't get me wrong, I hate my job:P And my boss knows it, BUT you can't live without money, so I try not to complain too much...
It's just so DRAINING!

Now bedtime before I have to get up again...
Kyrie up tomorrow, maybe he brings moar coloured goodness:D

- Vinter

Friday, 9 September 2011


Steam in the forest.

My two favorite looks, steampunk + organic.
Which might indeed be how I will make my steampunk visage, nature reclaims steampunk?
going to have some fun defining patterns in the wood.
Then gray scale the steampunk in black inc. (might sepia it in photoshop afterwards)
As always, more plans, might get done might not.

Another thing I like, Small things.
Makes my hearth warm up and get all fuzzy like.

Some men like big things, I like small things.
Weird maybe, I do not know, only thing I've realized is that Texas is apparently not for me.

Theres been a lot of small epiphanies like that lately.

But lets save the more exiting ones for never so you lot can wonder more!

Vinter tomorrow, that girl seems to work alot, good for us, because that means she will keep posting her awesome drawings.


Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Today I'm at work, currently having my "lunch" brake..

Just a little something I did the other day, concerning my dislike for kids with their feet on the seats. A little repost of the last drawing there, but I didn't have time to make a new on, and this kinda fitted the page...

Anyway, Kyrie brings awesomeness tomorrow:)

- Vinter

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Drew this sitting in the rapidly darkening park, while humming/singing disney songs to cheer myself up.
Yes, thats about it for this one.

Which song you ask?
I believe it was Aladdin "I will show you the world"
But in all honesty it was prolly just me singing about my life as always.
Totally stole the beat though.

KK Vinter will show us a real drawing tomorrow!


Monday, 5 September 2011


Was listening to the Sucker Punch soundtrack the day before yesterday, and the first one ended up on the paper. And then I watched Sucker Punch today, and the second one ended up on the paper...

I quite like that film, It's very visually awesome!

Kyrie is here, he says <3 :P

- Vinter

Sunday, 4 September 2011

The super amasing awesome Halfwayman.

So, color yay!
Wanted to try out shading in photoshop, so I basically made this using watercolor.
Going to try defining the image and the lines trough shade and highlight.
A bit exited to see how that turns out.

The image is of a shady girl, with totally stolen hair from vinter
(Obvious inspiration is obvious?)

I like thinking of her as sort of a environmental healer, walking around the battlefield killing of the remaining soldiers so the world will be rid of the poeple so sadly scared by reality.

Watch out, to grim a world view and she might just come and end your misery.

Since I could not scan a wet watercolor image, I sat down just hastily drawing Mithrila/Rose
from bounty.
This would be her more sinister redesign I did a long time ago.
Tried having some dynamic in the image trough her hand.
Success or not I wanted to give the lazy lookers something more to look at.

Now, Vinter is up tomorrow.
I already feel the cogs moving.


Saturday, 3 September 2011

Choke on my PIPE!

(If you're based in Oslo, join us at D&D)

So, while Kyrie gets declarations of love and others just graduate from university with a bachelor in arts I wish I had (next year I tell you!), I'm sitting at home alone on a saturday feeling rather silly, waiting for my potatoes to boil and be ready for eating...

Luckily, I have the two disc edition of Hellboy to enjoy before going to bed...

I apparently get worked up by nothing... I hate kids at the metro/underground/t-bane (which ever you prefer) with their nasty, dirty and smelling shoes on the seats opposite them. Sometimes I wish I had the guts to go over and tell them to put their feet off the seats, and if they don't, take a steel pipe and brake their kneecaps.

Kyrie brings it tomorrow.

- Vinter


A little cyberpunk (Inspired by infinity)
Mainly just me wanting to see how my colors worked on hard cardboard.

Also needed the practice.
NOT happy with the colors and highlights and shadows myself,
(the drawing was awesome, But then I colored it to death.)
but I've got work tomorrow so need some sleep.

Hope you enjoy even though.
I might fix this image and repost, but doesn't really tend to happen with the amount of work I've got standing around.

Vinter will be your poster this very day ;)

Kyrie cries himself to sleep.

Thursday, 1 September 2011


A very creative title today, and a very creative drawing... I give you a spread from my moleskine, done some time ago, since my painting is not done yet:)

Now I have to run to the metro, which will take me to the bus which will take me to work!

Kyrie saves us with something more awesome tomorrow^^

- Vinter