Friday, 30 September 2011

Oh scrubbing!

Good evening! Or should I say morning? I just finished work, and the fingers on my right hand is loosing it's skin, as I've been scrubbing down a kitchen for the past three or so hours... fun.

I'm currently sitting right outside the doors of work and drinking a Pepsi (because it's too late for Urge Intense, and I've already had one to day.. Trying to reduce my intake...), because I was so privileged to have a room here tonight (YES, you guessed right, I work at a hotel!)

As I said in the last post, these are drawings I did a few days ago, because there wasn't enough hours in the day for me to be working on at my day job as well as drawing... Although I have a few sketches in my head:) One word: Napalm!

Oh, and LOL, I thought I had forgotten my mem stick at home so I made my bf search the house, and then I found it, buried in my rucksack. Which was strange because I actually shock it upside down... guess it got tangled to something...

On sunday I'm of to Germany to work a little bit on, which will be fun^^ I get to meet my american friend Carl again, and I have some urban exploring planed for the days I'm not working:D Hopefully my bf will be able to come, will see...

But enough text, it's getting cold, and my feet are longing for bed!
Kyrie up tomorrow, I quite liked his little girl with a pink background, cute indeed^^

Over and out!
- Vinter

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