Thursday, 22 September 2011

Gothic Lolita = Mean drunk?

Okay, so tablet practice!

First thing I learnt, You will paint in the wrong layer, just stop using them!
(not stop Using them, but stop using them, I was being all orderly and had like 10 all with names (Including one named "the all seeing eye" because sometimes you just need that guilt trip))

Secondly, Practice more.
Thirdly, I never remember source lighting till the very end!

But well yes there you have the fruit of my labor, hope you like.
(maybe a little overworked?
I won't know till tomorrow, fresh eyes, kind of important.)

She's inspired by a picture I saved on my computer yesterday (Vinter might recall)
And the girl just looked totally cute, but she kind of looked like a mean drunk.
Like the kind of girl you could buy a drink in a bar, only to have the meanest little woman following you the rest of the night.

Sounds absolutely awesome if you ask me.
We need more gothic lolitas in norway.

Course I say that because I want the eye-candy, bad kyrie, bad.

Awesome post by Vinter yesterday!
Told you all it was going to be good.

And she's up for more tomorrow, you all read/heard her, no quality drop.
Meaning we've only got one way to go!


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