Saturday, 31 December 2011


Last night I took the train from Copenhagen to Düsseldorf. After a very nice drink with our Danish friends, we headed for Düsseldorf to meet my bf's family.

Which was very nice, I even got to draw a little bit on the train^^

Two more sketches for my like drawing project!

Now, tomorrow is new years, and I kyrie feels like taking tomorrow of and get back to us in two days, that's just fine^^

Bed time!

- Vitner

Friday, 30 December 2011

Knights of the ordo silence

A little chaos empire concept sketches.

Was working on some models, and kind of had to do a drawings, so just sat down and drew this whiles my brain was thinking about.

This time
This time I will not tell.

Anyways, Vinters up tomorrow!
Hope it is not to much of a problem for her to post :)


(wishing you a good night!)

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Like drawings.

To get somewhere with me portfolio, I've decided to make some art nouveau inspired drawings of what I like. First up is tea, not so sure what the other ones will be, but I'll take that as it comes, since I'm known for saying I want to make some thing, but all most always end up not making it:p

I'm currently I Denmark, where I'll meet a few of my Danish friends, before we travel on to Germany to celebrate new years with my bf's family:)

Kyrie up next.
Sorry for the lateness of this post, I was stuck on a boat all of last night.

- Vinter

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

5 times the fat.

Trying to get some of my skills back, so drawing the way I used to.
Really honestly think I have more potential using that stile then the one I am forcing out presently!

Anyways, Christmas happened, eat the same awesome food 5 times in a row, lets hope the new layers of fat can drive me forward and into some awesome drawings.

Before we find out however, its time for more Vinter!


Sunday, 25 December 2011

Yule gifts.

Happy Yule people!

I took Kyries advise and skipped posting yesterday, but I have plenty to show today!

Some Yule beer labels and some chocolate drawing things!

I'll make sure to draw something a little bit more cool tomorrow and show you in two days^^

I'm not feeling a hundred percent, so a full house of kids and siblings have taken up most of my energy and time, hence the not so exciting drawings.

Now of to build some Lego with my nephew!
Stay tuned for kyrie update tomorrow!

- Vinter

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Santa little helper

Marry Xmas to you all, may you all have a great day, and be close to all the people important to you.

A little something from me to you, was going to draw a Santa, but you know lazy.
Needed more woman.

So made it happen.

Since it is Christmas tomorrow, if Vinter feels like taking a brake and posting the 25. in stead I feel that is understandable!

Again marry Xmas!


Friday, 23 December 2011

Even more doodles...

Yes, more silly doodles. Currently waiting for the washing machine to finish, so I can hang up clothes and go to bed!

Kyrie up tomorrow, keep an eye out for your eyes, maybe the seer wants them:o

- Vinter

Thursday, 22 December 2011


The seer I am working on, kind of toned down, so I can tone it up later.

You have no idea how hard a time I am having with drawing something I am happy with nowadays.
Hoping Christmas can help, drawing in my old room, on a bed.

Kinda sounds good.

Anyways, I think I am drawing a seer because drawing witches is so last year.

Not that I do no want to draw witches, I believe thats just it, I want to draw witches, but damn I've drawn more than enough of them so I am forcing myself to do something els, and the seer's kind of is a natural extension of that.


Liked that last post from Vinter, sad to say, but wish her less sleep if that is our reward ^^


Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Late night doodling.

Here's two drawings I did last night when I had trouble sleeping.

Today I had work again, not a very long work day, and it mostly consisted of making chocolate:)

One of the drawings is what I feel like at work, the other one is just a girl with a bullet belt...

Hope to do some more drawing later today. We'll see.

Pay attention for tomorrow, kyrie brings his magic to the virtual table then^^

- Vinter


Hmm, Doodles ohoi, theres something about the pencil.

Hope you all enjoy, Christmas time really is the time of year where there is no time to draw it seems, work work work.

Will try to give you all something more noteworthy till next time.
(my tea got cold because I got mesmerized by "State of the game EP 60")

Vinter has the next one, I wonder what she will bring to the virtual table.


Monday, 19 December 2011

Yule beer label!

Yes, that's right, my bf made a yule beer, so I took it upon myself to make a label for it. This is what it's going to look like, scanning it tomorrow and cleaning it up before printing it on stickers and putting them on the bottles^^

Today I rested a lot, we had visitors yesterday, but I was feeling super tired in my head and was having trouble paying attention to the conversations, so in the end I ended up hiding in the bedroom:p

Now bed time, will show the label on the bottle next time^^

Kyrie could certainly draw, but then I believe he still can, pretty well:)

- Vinter

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Olde Page

I remember when I drew this, And all I was thinking was:
"Damn I used to be able to draw cool stuff"
And now I look on the picture I drew back then and cant help thinking the same again.

Seems like to myself, I am growing to become worse and worse ^^.

Gatta try harder then!.

(was going to draw some warhammer stuff, but I am so sleepy I had to turn on THE light in my apartment.

Vinters up tomorrow.
May here day truly be a day of rest.


Saturday, 17 December 2011

Commuting 2

Moar commuting drawings, which seems to be the only drawing I'm getting done for the time being, enjoy!

Kyrie up again tomorrow, what will he bring? Stay tuned for some coolness tomorrow!

- Vinter

Friday, 16 December 2011

The goblin and the orc.

The rockjaw savage orc tribe, and the white stripes goblins tribes.
Not that much more to say, I was working on some models, wanted to grab some early sleep but you know, stuff to do always.

Thank the gods for Starcraft replays.
Theres so much content I can actually stop sleeping at this point.

Course I won't do that!

Vinters got lazy tomorrow, I feel bad for her and someone should give her a well paying drawing job so she can take a brake from resteranting!
But until then she'll show her potential.


Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Le tiredness..

I'm tired, working with something I don't like is certainly taking its toll.

Now back to work, tomorrow I have a day of and then back to work on Friday.

Kyrie brings more lazy artwork tomorrow. All hail the lazy!

- Vinter


This one was serious work getting out there.

So tired ^^, worst thing in the world is slow Internets.

Vinters up for tomorrow, and I bet you she'll write more then I have here ;)


Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Moar storyboard...

Today I planned to give you a cool drawing, me as a solider:p but then I had to go to work, because I overslept... The reason for that is I sat up all night finishing the commission.

Bed time for me was one hour before my bf was getting up to go to work:p

So yes, I'm back at work. And I'll be here until Thursday. But I hope to get some drawing done in the mornings.

Kyrie bring blond chick to the table, an A E esque drawing^^ reminds me I haven't listened to miss autumn in a long time!
He's also been good and not drinking urge, unlike me... I've been chocking down tin after tin, to keep me up to speed at work, since I don't like coffee.

Now, bed time, if I'm going to be able to get up in a reasonable time and get some drawing done...

- Vinter

Monday, 12 December 2011

Ratz and Retz

Made just for you.
Emilie Autumn girl, started drawing a war veteran guy.

Got bored and drew a girl.

Guess I just can not help it, I find feminine form so much more pleasing to draw.
Now, yes I could've done a war veteran woman, but in the end I remember a friend of mine today noting the t-shirt I was wearing, and that was a Emilie Autumn t-shirt.

So Organic stuff happened.

Now I've been without Urge for the longest time, and I've been drinking 3 cups a tea each day, we're talking manly cups of tee here (as in big, felt like explain').

So I've also noted that when your body gets the appropriate amount of liquids it needs each day,
you feel better!

who would've known.

Our little soldier Vinter will deify the laws of time and give us more lazy tomorrow, support her!


Sunday, 11 December 2011

All work..

And no play. Yes, that's right, I had to work yesterday after all... So I didn't get to do anything... And today I slept way to long, used to much time on my way home and have been working on my commission which I managed to push the deadline till tomorrow instead of today.

I can't show anything on my commission, can't really say anything either, so I give you storyboard drawings from my last storyboard commission.

Sorry guys, but working 7 days in a row, late and long days, don't really leave a lot of time to do anything else.
At least I'm not working again until Monday, so I might have some decent stuff to show on Monday:-)

- Vinter

Saturday, 10 December 2011

So many a failure makes for one more attempt.

So there you go.

It is my day to lazy, So I lazy away.
Had something in mind for today.

My mind and the pencil never reached an understanding.
So I am angry, rrrrrrrg.

Finished being angry now, I am sorry if I frightened you.
(especially sorry, because you must be easily frightened, and that must be an hard existence to lead, although entertaining it must bet.)

I've done several other versions, Ill try and work on one of them to give you all what I actually had planned to give you, BUT I probably will not do it.

My Tea went cold, meaning I could not draw well because I was not enjoying it.
Thats something to work on, be sure of that.

Vinter on the other hand just had a day of work, does that mean extra goodies for us?


Friday, 9 December 2011

Wine tasting doodles.

Yes, so I've been at work for more or less five days, but believe it or not, I managed to do some personal drawings as well as sketching up my commission, and printing a super duper poor quality test print of my tea comic:D

The reason it's called wine tasting doodles, is because I was assisting in a wine tasting thing, I was the one to give everyone wine while my boss gave a talk. There was some waiting between the three wines the group were tasting, so I had the opportunity to doodle some quickies.

Oh, and apparently the dishwasher at work uses a really corrosive soap, so my thumb has started to dry out and crack open! But I'll tell you, my thumb is nothing compared to my bosses thumb, as he uses it every day, his cracks are supa deep. The picture doesn't really show much of the crack, but it's super annoying... Especially when I get lemon or alcohol in it:-p

Now, bed time! I have to finish my commission tomorrow! Wish me luck!

What do you think we'll get of Kyrie tomorrow? Another redesign? A map? Something joyful? Something moody?

- Vinter

Thursday, 8 December 2011


And then she was redesigned.
A lot of brown, might do something with the colors, but she fits brown in my mind, so I am guessing she'll stay that way.

Not that much more to say, originally from an upper middle class family.
Taken up roaming and adventuring when she realized the price for staying upper middle class.
++ plenty of plot hocks.

I also experimented with a more natural face design, more so that you all can see how she actually looks, I figure I will end up with a more manga stile on the comic though, bigger eyes = easier showing emotion.

Hope you all enjoy, and yes, yes I did skimp on the background.
I am lazy I know.

Vinter has gotten her white December, maybe it will inspire her to greater heights?
Find out tomorrow!


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Snow snow snow snow snow!!

Yey, today it finally started snowing! Here in Norwayland we expect snow in October, but it came late this year. I really like snow, winter is my favourite time of year, so I get sad when there's no snow in the winter months:-p

So I had some time in between serving guests and washing dishes to do some drawing for my self, and the idea of doom of snow strip came to me. It's not very pretty, as I only had a limited amount of time before my boss told me to get my butt in gear.

Oh oh, and I got a book I ordered^^ it's a special edition with a drawing to me in it:D
It's so pretty, and I really admire Steve Prescott's drawing style!

Now bed time for me, I have so much to do on my commission which is due Saturday! And the only day I'm not working on my "day job" is Friday...

I did like Kyries drawing, looks like he had a good time drawing it^^ stay tuned for more tomorrow!

- Vinter

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

"Cool" party tricks.

Rose Redesigned for the new bounty setting, OK, so not really redesigned.

As in I haven't really designed anything, I've just put her on a table, and had her do a little magic.

Which is something I needed, to much stuff I must do, makes me long for just doing.
So I did, I actually had something els finished and ready to post, but I sat down and just felt the need to draw my favorite girl.

What I had planned on posting was another map, but its not really finished, and not all that exiting to post, so I am glad i made this.
In more ways then one, as I find drawing her incredibly comforting.

Now, Vinter is stepping up the courage and bringing her pencil out in public (its okay to say that because she is a female human, ahahaha)
(*Groan*, I should learn to use the backspace.)
So everyone should congratulate her, congratulations!
And more from her tomorrow :)


Monday, 5 December 2011


Here's a few bus sketches...

Now bed time for me, next four days will be long, needs mah beauty sleep!

Since I just landed a new storyboard gig, I'll be working triple this week. (the other gig I landed was canned)

- Vinter

Sunday, 4 December 2011

First rule of fight club

So this is an image from a commission I am working on.

I am working ever so slowly with it.
Might be due my lack of control over my life ATM.

Might just be me being lazy as all get out.

Ill let you decide.

Anyways, Vinters up for tomorrow, exited to see what she brings.


Saturday, 3 December 2011

Ramblings and AG WIP2...

I'm having some trouble with this one... I thought I knew how I wanted it to look, but it didn't work out, and I need reference for her hands...
I might end up scrapping this one, will find out in seven days, when I get back from work. Maybe I've figured it out in my head by then and can finish it of.

Should I extend the drawing, to give the atom thing more room? Or should I leave out hands and atom all together and just have it being a girl smiling at some mystery thing? Or should I just scrap it and let it die?

I don't think I'm up for re-drawing the whole thing... But maybe, I just have to? Awh, I hate starting from scratch >_<

Anyway, a week of intense work is a head of me now... So don't go expect awesome drawings from my side for a few days.
I have a few character designs to draw, which Kyrie and I schemed out when I was at his place yesterday, so I might be able to throw some halfheartedly designs up the next few days, we'll see...

Kyrie up tomorrow! Will there be more Bounty? Or will we see something "new"?

- Vinter