Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Atom Girl WIP.

Yes, Kyrie was right, I had the perfect setup for drawing yesterday. I had tea, I had urge intense, I had pepperkaker, I wore my ultimate staying inside all day drawing hoddie and trousers! My beloved sofa was super inviting and I had candles and awesome podcast... And what did I end up doing?

Yes, that's right... I used about four or five hours watching my favorite series while doodling crap...

At least I got this drawing started, and I've found out where I want to go with it, BUT sadly I have work today, so I'll have to put it on hold...

I did look through my old sketchbooks yesterday, and found out I used to draw people on the bus, tram or train! Where did my courage go? Now I'm to much afraid of other people noticing me drawing and looking, I get super anxious:S

Time to tough up and start doodling on the bus to work!

Now I kind of have to run, to catch my bus.
Kyrie will bring you awesome lazyness tomorrow^^

- Vinter

Eureka, So's your face.

Yay, I've finally gotten somewhere with bounty.

These drawings do not seem to move bounty forward at all...

Yes indeed imagined conversation participator, you are correct, what I have done.
Is the storyboard for the introduction.

Been working so much on city's and, I've realized more or less what I want to be drawings.
So I did some tweaks, and I trimmed some fat, and I told 12 year old me that that Idea was just plain stupid and maybe just a little bit sexist (that would be sexist in the womans favor, IF, you where wondering)

And then the idea more or less wrote itself as I walked in the windy Oslo streets.
Got home, wrote it down, made a storyboard.

Not for todays drawings, first of is a short picture of kind of what I imagine the setting to end up looking like.
Course, not that orange.
And probably not at all those colors as you see I am too lazy to turn my ridiculously high contrast and color monitor down to normal levels.

Second image is me trying some new coloring, shading techniques.
Likeing that one so far, really simple and quite fun.

Damn, I have words, words a plenty.
Vinter had what seemed like a perfect drawings session from a picture I stalked at facebook.
Hopefully that means more goodies for us here at Lazy :D
Guess we will find out in 'bout a day.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

From good to bad...

My plan today, was to make a digital drawing, but then I slept way to long and wasted my time browsing the interwebs...

So instead I give you a crappy iPad drawing... I think it had potential at a point, but then I left it alone for to long and kinda killed it just now...

Well, that's all for today really... But if you want to read my comic, all the pages together, you can go to my blog

Now, maybe Kyrie will bring you some characters tomorrow? Or maybe a map made from scratch? Or maybe he'll reveal the name of his flying girl from the earlier post?

- Vinter

Monday, 28 November 2011

Wierdest entry ever.

So me and some of my warhammer mates, have been talking warhammer campaign lately.

And for that campaign we need a map.

So I sat down and wanted to draw a map, I also realized what I want to do speaking comics, and that also required a map, So I figured, lets merge the two.

So I wanted to create an awesome map, that got me kick-started on the comic, as well as to be the campaign map for the 40k campaign.

I realised after about an hour of messing around.
Maps, are not THAT easy, for some reason I had them pegged as something stupidly easy to make.

Truth on the other hand slapped me awake.
So this entry is actually me taking some random map from the web, and trying to understand and learn to draw a cool map, theres been several stages after this.

But consider this a teaser for what is too come!
Just a little color explanation before I dive into bed.

Green = important structure
Red = Train/transport station
Orange = transport lines
Black = Fortified walls.

Vinter is coming, says the Starks, I'm pretty sure they mean she will post tomorrow.
what will she do now that she's found out the mystery of the tea.


Saturday, 26 November 2011

Tea comic, inked part 2!

Since I'm so kind, and worked my ass off after work yesterday to get it finished, I'm giving you the rest of the comic today^^ Yey, lucky you!

Now, I'm back to work, but will surely drink my beloved Lady Grey Tea just the way I like it tomorrow!

Kyrie up next, will he find a name for his flying girl? Will a comic manifest? Or is he DOOOOOMED? pft, nono, just kidding:P I'm just over dramatic because I have to go to work today...

- Vinter

Catching a muse.

So, was ganna do something comic related, but the comic just would not manifest.

Yes thats how I draw, I do not plan, I let things manifest.
Its kind of like a Russian roulette of drawing, except in stead of death, I end up with long long nights.

Course sometimes things just do not go as planned.
So you've got to blame some third 100% irrelevant party...

Obviously I was lacking a Muse, and not knowing any formal way to summon them.
I went and caught one for myself.

Que todays image.

Hope you enjoy, if someone out there has opinions be sure to share them, especially on what you'd like me to draw more of.
(might not listen to you, but I will have some guilt for not listening ;))

Vinters Epic quest for the prefect tea goes onwards tomorrow.
can she catch a break?


Friday, 25 November 2011

Tea comic, inked!

Hi there, I promised you a page or two of my little brain fart comic; The Quest for Real Tea, so here ya go.

Inked with ink and "coloured" in photoshop. I'm thinking of colour it in real life as well, just to try, but I'm kind of afraid to make it ugly:p

Remember, this is only the first two pages (three with the cover) so come back and check the next two pages out the next few days!

Besides, I hear Kyrie is bringing it with some comics tomorrow, and we don't want to miss out on that!

Oh, and I'm going to print it as well, as a little handout, just print it on normal printing paper for fun:p

- Vinter

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Fear the ungodly strenght!

Everyone should be lucky to have a bold beautiful girl hitting on them.

God I was blessed with the humors.

Vinter was over here, and this drawing is kind of what came of it.
Kind of meant to be all meaningful and that jazz, but you know.
Thinking is your job, drawing is mine.

(mind you I have plenty of thoughts on the meaning, but I have so many that I am afraid I would fail in finding the original though if I tried.)

Also been working on a comic stile, And I think I'll end up doing a lightly lined stile.
You'll see, perhaps already the next entry from me.

Now I've had some spoilers for tomorrow.

(yes, yes I do that)
So look forward to Vinter soon.


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Hart of steam, WIP

So, I'm almost done with my comic, I just need to ink it.

Instead of giving up the comic today, I'll torture you with a spread a day the next few days as I'm working loads and won't have time to do much drawing...

But I'm soon done with this drawing, there's a few things I'm not to sure about, like the colour of the tank top and her hair...
We'll see what I do tomorrow.

I'm going to Kyrie tomorrow, to steal his light board for a few hours:P Comic inking FTW!

NOW, bed time!
- Vinter

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Warhammer humor

This is Warhammer humor.

Friend of mine requested a Leonidas gag comic.
So I did one, sorry to all of you out there who do not know enough about Warhammer to understand the comic.

This is fan-art, and as such I own no rites, and all that jazz.

Speaking of, I've been enjoying mafia jazz lately.
Thats not really relevant to anything I am just saying.

Want to work on a comic of my own now that Vinter is all like, doing it.
(yes I must be sheep-man)
So I am going to do that, maybe I'll jump straight into Bounty, or maybe I'll do something smaller first, time will decide for me.

Vinter up for tomorrow, and needless to say I am exited.
You should be too!


Sunday, 20 November 2011

Tea comic.

Yes, a comic on how I like my tea!
Sadly, I won't be able to finish it today, as I've lost the power adapter for my light board... That means I'll have to use the window tomorrow.

This is a six page little thing I'm working on, just as a brain fart/practise for a bigger project, The Zeppelin Siblings. I also have to work on that gig I landed on wednesday! Which will definitely be a challenge.

I have three days ahead of me to work on creative stuff, before it's back to work with long and late work hours... Getting tired already...

Anyway, I quite like Kyrie's "standard" witch. They're very cute^^

Btw, if you like podcasts, on the topic of illustration and comics, I highly suggest Art & Story. Sadly they just quit recording new shows, but they have plenty of older ones to listen to^^

That was all for today, kyrie up next.

- Vinter

Late night fishcowsfromspaceofcommunistdoom.

KK, title is an in-joke for people who speak "games workshop war-gamer".

I've been spending this night doing some serious work for my tau army, planned on showing it as well, because I more or less had no time to draw.

But my phone failed me, and I did not feel like scanning 3d models.
And a camera? nah, not That pretty.

So when In crisis, draw what you like.

And as I've said so many a time, I love witches.

This is my standard witch, my go to witch design if you will, actually created it as a character portrait of a friend of mine called Anita (this is where I'd put her blog if I understod blogger things) Some long time ago, and I really just enjoy drawing it.

Again, and again.

Sleep I shall have some of that now.
(just changed the sheets *Crowd goes wild*)

Vinter never disappoints when she always finds time to do her lazy.
Good girl.
But YES more good drawing, Course we all want more, and better...

Human we are.


Saturday, 19 November 2011


I'm sorry it's so ugly, but I've been at work all day and night and have to get up in four and a half hour to go back to work...

Aaah, horrible waste of time, but it's so nice to have some money!

Anyway, after disappointing kyrie with my fail blog, I hope he forgives me while I force myself to sleep and getting ready for work in a few hours... Luckily, I have an urge intense!

Bed time!
- Vinter

Friday, 18 November 2011


So cat-person with weird arm.

Was gonna do more, but my past hunted me down and made me annoyed again.
Cant draw when I am annoyed.

A lot of people tend to believe good artist draw upon negative emotions.
I sincerely hope that to be untrue, because you see I draw according to happiness.

Happiness and joy inspires my drawing, when I am less happy, I draw less, and worse.
More happy, more often and better.

So maybe I am doomed to never become someone good enough to be noticed, but as long as I am happy Ill keep drawing, and I plan to be happy till the day I die,

And then some.

Winters up tomorrow.
Hopefully she will post something awesome so I get inspired to dwell into something more awesome.


Thursday, 17 November 2011

Late night Joy.

Sorry for being late. Been working today. And sorry for the not so awesome drawing. T-shirt designing took up most of my extra time I had on Monday and Tuesday.

But yey, tomorrow I'm not working. Well in a way I am, as I scored a gig earlier today! More details about it will come when I can speak a little bit more about it^^

To the drawing, this is Joy, one of the zeppelin siblings. Just mapping some stuff down.

Sorry to say I ended up not going to Kyries place on Monday after all, as I ended up working all morning after a three hour long night nap, and falling asleep ten minutes before I was supposed to leave to go to his place:-p

Anyway, now bed time. I have a meeting tomorrow regarding the new gig! I'm exited!

- Vinter

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Gear of copywrite

So some heavily Gear of War inspired drawing.

I've been building models and doing official work all day, so in the end I was lost for ideas.
Gear of war then just kind of happened.

Hope you all enjoy big man on lazy.

Vinter might bring us back to femininity tomorrow!

and I am beat, so good night myself.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Tees and truffles.

Here's the logo finished. All four seasons. I have to get the website up and running the first of December, so I have a lot to work ahead of me...

And here's the tee, almost finished. I got a little critique that I should maybe add a crow, making it a little more poecraftian ish... I'm thinking of maybe drawing one over the E in Poecraft... Anyway, I'll try it out tomorrow. I submitted it for critiquing at threadless. Click the link to go see it^^

Today I've tried to make truffles! And I think I made it right up until I added the cherry jam... It's now cooling down, so we'll see later if I made it the right way or not. It certainly tasted nice, but it's like a chocolate sauce atm...

Anyway, tomorrow is Kyrie time! I'm going over there to work on a little project! While Kyrie paints some figures^^ It's going to be a day of lovely work:)

Now, I have to do some drawing before I loose my skills...

- Vinter

Motivational Poster

Gotta say, its hard not to love Motivational posters.
So I kind of had to make one.

AND I know, its a bit wordy on the first part.
but you see, so I am...

So it makes sense.

Anyways in my line of work I sell plastic models.
So when a game as big as skyrim comes out, you really notice it on the repeat costumers.
And because I myself do not have the possibility to actually participate in the frenzy of nerdines.

I figure I might as well make this poster and try and get my fellow nerds to realize theres more then one game out there, and they should all spread the nerd love around equally.


Seems some people took this one a little to seriously, this is meant as a joke.
Next time I will take care to phrase it differently.

Anyways, Vinter showed us an increase in standards again, So I've tried to honor that,
and increase my standard again as well!
To wards a better lazy, day after day.


Saturday, 12 November 2011

Ramblings on a Saturday.

Here's the practice drawings, I only managed to keep the time on one of them. These were good practice, and i should do some more. These are just drawn from pics I found at google, I have no rights to these what so ever, and the drawings are just for practice, as mentioned twice already. Oh and can you guess who the portrait is of? His head is a little bit smaller in reality, but oh well:P

I really want to do some life drawing, and I'm thinking of maybe setting up my own little session. Just need to find out some more about costs...
Maybe I can get funding...

And here's another drawing, say hi to Jack and Joy, the Zeppelin siblings. They're airship pilots, smuggling goods over the vast oceans and continents of the world. Their worst enemy is a never ending storm, Claude, which roams the world with it's massive force.

More of them another time, mayhaps. Kyrie brings cewlness tomorrow!
Naow, time for me to... go... do... something... Yeees...

- Vinter

Scanned badly

MOAR girls.

So some practice, my drawings need to get upgraded.
Get better, get better...

Not that much to say, I am going to try keep the realism practice on and do some coloring once I've gotten the computer under control again (photoshop problems)

Vinter is here ATM, so I believe I have gotten a sneak peak on tomorrows entry...
Lucky, be jealous very jealous!


Thursday, 10 November 2011

2b pencil = <3

I love my pencils. So here you have a H. P. Poecraft sketch, which I'm thinking of making into a t-shirt design^^

kyrie was at my place today, long time no lazy group drawing in a while, so was nice^^

There might be more drawing time tomorrow! Awesome, we gave our selfs homework:p which will be shown of next time.

I'll try to finish the digital drawing tomorrow. But I also have a hundred pictures to edit and a logo to finalise.

Now soon bed time, because I be tired...

And sorry about the bad quality, I took the pics with my iPad, because I'm lazy:p

- Vinter

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Stupid boy.

I forgot my notes...
And with my notes I forgot everything I was supposed to show you.

So I had to make this in a hurry, lets hope thats not too relatively noticeable.
But that all makes me a sad sad man, and ever so tired.

So I will remedy one of those two, hopefully getting the other one in the process.

Vinter painting is cool, always was a fan of cogs, and always did like her ideas around the consect of a cog hearth.
More from her tomorrow!


Tuesday, 8 November 2011


I planed on making this a long time ago with real paint, but it never happened. So yesterday I decided to do it digitally.

Its not done yet, as you can probably see. I need two or three hours straight to get it to look the way I pictured it.

Anyway, I wont have those three hours until thursday, as I'm off to work for two days straight...

So, from home to work I go, hi ho...

Kyrie is out of country, but maybe he'll bring awesomeness from the country afar (not that far but)!

- Vinter

Monday, 7 November 2011

The beast and the cyclops

Was going to do more with the coloring of the characters, but!
I started doing this in photoshop 5.1 and it has a mighty 5 second lag.
5 freaking seconds, and some times, the computer and the tablet communicate badly so a line might be opaque, or it might be hard.

You will know in 5 seconds. ^^

all this would be fun and games if I need not leave for work.
But I do, so I give you this.

I'd speak more about it but not really finished so you know, I can talk later.

Vinters up again tomorrow (OMG ITS ACTUALLY TOMORROW :P)
exited to see how that design goes.


One project to share.

So beside my day job I've been doing some stuff at the side for my boss, building and designing a web site.

So far, I haven't really gotten very far with it, I know what it's supposed to look like, I've done the "design" part of it, now I just have to build it.

As I don't really know anything about HTML or CSS, I'm getting my bf to help me, and today he helped me put this up!

I'm looking forward to learn loads new stuff in the time ahead, till the site launch in December, and maybe I'll get good enough to do it all over again and build a site for myself:) would be nice.

So the idea with the logo, is that it will change with the seasons. So for autumn you'll have this one, and for winter there will be a wintery scenery, spring scenery for spring and of course a summery scenery for summer:)

I've been taking loads of pictures for this site lately, so there will be loads of eye candy up there when it finally launches.

Now, bed time again, as Kyrie will post something in only a few hours^^ and I certainly liked his red head, we in lazy never seem to tire of girls:-p

- Vinter

Sunday, 6 November 2011


Wanted to do some traditional color, and work on my whites...

Still have a problem with the whites when doing acrylic, tend to favor white inc or pen.
but that still leaves a lot to wish for.

feels like I am getting better, but still could not help myself from adding some whites to this image digitally afterwards.

I am going on work related out of country trip, should not effect lazy, but I might upload crazy early Monday ^^.

Lessons learned about myself.
I like:
Girls with a warm hair-color, favoring a rich red/orange
Yellow clothing on a girl.
things that flow.

Why share the above?
I do not know, maybe I require attention... (hah)

Well vinters up tomorrow.
She's been working a lot, more then enough.


Friday, 4 November 2011

Oh the lessness.

Today I totally thought I would bring you more, but you know what? I'm giving you super less...

Sorry guys, apparently I'm weak and silly...
Stares into nothing... I'm tired.

Two quickies, girl with supposed cat on her head which I'm never going to finish, and a drawing of what I feel like today...

Now, bedtime for me I thinks.

- Vinter

Forever alone, exept bugman of course.

Working on foreshortening and simple backgrounds.
So this guy came out.

I find him funny, because he's meant to be all "5 seconds from a lethal attack"
But he just seems so alone, except bugman of course.
bugman just kinda happened, just like Philip the ratmouse.

They should start a superhero crime-fighting team!
and his sidekick bugman...

Did not think bugman would be the sidekick did you, well size is not everything.
Wiskers and fur is!

Anyways, had some fun shading this one by pencil.
But putting some work into shading sure makes you miss the brown paper (such easy highlights).

Vinter is a overworked likely rich girl.
May she feel better tomorrow and tear lazy's digital roof down (not literal, I like this design)


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Tiresome workness.

I was supposed to have yesterday of, but I had to work 11 hours.

I was also supposed to draw a self portrait for 1. Nov self portrait day, but only had time to do a scribble in between serving food, poring drinks, cleaning up and washing the dishes.
It doesn't even look like me...

Today my plan was to sketch a little series of drawings to colour in photoshop, but that didn't happen... The only thing I manage to put down was a silly looking diver...

I currently have a headache, and I'm not looking forward to go back to work tomorrow.

I feel rather week and silly now, so I'll put my tail between my legs and sign off in silly feelingness...

- Vinter

Long nights

So, I did a drawing...
It sucked.

So I did another one, It lacked something special.
Made several others, same problem as above.

Did some bounty fall-back idea, scanned it, cried on the inside.

Decided to do an all digital drawing.
Tried that about 20 times.

Finally got something I could work with, but the tablet stopped working.

Satt back down using traditional media.
Made this thing, got told to turn down the music by random dude apparently living near me.
colored it.

Hope you like.
I wonder if I will. (I am so tired atm that I think anything would look fine to me as long as I can go to bed.)

Vinter was right about less!
Will she bring more?

Kyrie crawling in general direction of bed.