Saturday, 12 November 2011

Ramblings on a Saturday.

Here's the practice drawings, I only managed to keep the time on one of them. These were good practice, and i should do some more. These are just drawn from pics I found at google, I have no rights to these what so ever, and the drawings are just for practice, as mentioned twice already. Oh and can you guess who the portrait is of? His head is a little bit smaller in reality, but oh well:P

I really want to do some life drawing, and I'm thinking of maybe setting up my own little session. Just need to find out some more about costs...
Maybe I can get funding...

And here's another drawing, say hi to Jack and Joy, the Zeppelin siblings. They're airship pilots, smuggling goods over the vast oceans and continents of the world. Their worst enemy is a never ending storm, Claude, which roams the world with it's massive force.

More of them another time, mayhaps. Kyrie brings cewlness tomorrow!
Naow, time for me to... go... do... something... Yeees...

- Vinter

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