Thursday, 17 November 2011

Late night Joy.

Sorry for being late. Been working today. And sorry for the not so awesome drawing. T-shirt designing took up most of my extra time I had on Monday and Tuesday.

But yey, tomorrow I'm not working. Well in a way I am, as I scored a gig earlier today! More details about it will come when I can speak a little bit more about it^^

To the drawing, this is Joy, one of the zeppelin siblings. Just mapping some stuff down.

Sorry to say I ended up not going to Kyries place on Monday after all, as I ended up working all morning after a three hour long night nap, and falling asleep ten minutes before I was supposed to leave to go to his place:-p

Anyway, now bed time. I have a meeting tomorrow regarding the new gig! I'm exited!

- Vinter

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