Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Atom Girl WIP.

Yes, Kyrie was right, I had the perfect setup for drawing yesterday. I had tea, I had urge intense, I had pepperkaker, I wore my ultimate staying inside all day drawing hoddie and trousers! My beloved sofa was super inviting and I had candles and awesome podcast... And what did I end up doing?

Yes, that's right... I used about four or five hours watching my favorite series while doodling crap...

At least I got this drawing started, and I've found out where I want to go with it, BUT sadly I have work today, so I'll have to put it on hold...

I did look through my old sketchbooks yesterday, and found out I used to draw people on the bus, tram or train! Where did my courage go? Now I'm to much afraid of other people noticing me drawing and looking, I get super anxious:S

Time to tough up and start doodling on the bus to work!

Now I kind of have to run, to catch my bus.
Kyrie will bring you awesome lazyness tomorrow^^

- Vinter

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