Friday, 4 November 2011

Forever alone, exept bugman of course.

Working on foreshortening and simple backgrounds.
So this guy came out.

I find him funny, because he's meant to be all "5 seconds from a lethal attack"
But he just seems so alone, except bugman of course.
bugman just kinda happened, just like Philip the ratmouse.

They should start a superhero crime-fighting team!
and his sidekick bugman...

Did not think bugman would be the sidekick did you, well size is not everything.
Wiskers and fur is!

Anyways, had some fun shading this one by pencil.
But putting some work into shading sure makes you miss the brown paper (such easy highlights).

Vinter is a overworked likely rich girl.
May she feel better tomorrow and tear lazy's digital roof down (not literal, I like this design)


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