Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Priest of Chaos

Hello to the world.
This lazy day I give you people (and I say that in the most affectionate way, as in not: "YOU PEOPLE!" more like: "you people <3<3") an Illustration of my Empires Warrior priest and their duties.

Lines might be a bit blurred and sometimes hard to read (yes you can read lines)
But thats only because I decided I was not going to use and eraser on this image.
(which should explain why the guy in the foreground has a see trough back :P)

Anyways, my Priest have the splendid job of either locking up the mutated, sending them to war or killing them outright. Which I am sure is ever so entertaining.
But a necessary evil, after all I don't want to tree eyed chaps walking down the streets now would I? (Its just not good for the reputation you see.)

I seem to be ranting again.
Vinter will have a hard time following up an painting tomorrow? We will see!


Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Painting done!

Yesterday I finished my painting! Finally!

I put up a little wip post on my other blog, you can find it HERE.

Today I'm planing to start a new painting. So wish me luck:P

Kyrie up tomorrow again, lets hope he had an awesome time in Denmark^^

- Vinter

Monday, 29 August 2011


So, okay, ever so slightly macabre today.
Hope you all do not mind.
First up we have a bottled hearth.
Then secondly we have some macabre humor.

Yes this post must be emo!

Sometimes I really do forget how lucky I am to have the ability to turn to a piece of paper and just fill it with whatever is bothering me.
Feel a bit guilty for uploading SO early, gives Vinter less frontpage time.
But I am leaving for Denmark in like 3 hours, so had no choice.

AND since this is such a downer post, I might upload an bonus upload if I manage to get one out just before I leave.

Winter will tomorrow have deer girl painting?!?


Sunday, 28 August 2011

Gabriel the Gruesome.

Last night I ended up listening to a few childhood songs, which is always fun. I was really found of Captain Sabertooth when I was a kid, and my favourite characters were Langemann (Sabertooths shadow and right hand in misdeeds) and the ghost of Grusomme Gabriel:)

So this is him, or my interpretation/how I remember him, Grusomme Gabriel!

Tomorrow is PAINTING DAY!! I hope to get done with the deer girl painting then, which my friend have now been waiting for since late june:P Sorry, my day job took up a lot of my time:S

Kyrie brings kewl stuff tomorrow \o/

- Vinter

From the books

A little something something from the papers that are all over the place in my place...
(yes that was written unclear intentional)

I was going to do some real drawing stuff today, but failed miserably in that plan of action.
So in steed I took out a pile of whatever drawings I have like too many of.

Hopes you lot enjoy none the less.
I am O so sure Vinter will bedazzle tomorrow. (which is my normal lie, for it will indeed happen later today,)

Will now draw something half decent god dammit.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Moar thumbs!

I have a new idea for a painting! Take that! Now I just have to finish the one I'm working on, which will hopefully be soon, and then I can start on the next one.

Now, out to eat dinner with the family. It's my cousin's birthday today! Hurray for you!

SO, Kyrie up tomorrow again, while I slave away at my day job!

- Vinter

Jake and Tess

Just a couple characters.
Very steampunkian in wibe, which is the plan, but I also want to try and make steampunk "my own".

So lets see where that takes me.

Another want to color image, but the colors are just such a hazzle to get out.

bleh, me must color soon.
Jake lost his arm in a boiler accident, using a live parasite doctors where able to merge an mechanical arm to the joint.
Problem for poor old Jake though is that the arm needs a sizable amount of power, and is by no means made up of top of the line stuff.

So he has to carry his boiler with him.

Then theres Tess.
Tess is an angry girl, she uses that anger to keep people in check, and uneasy.
That way she knows what people she has the control over.
And since that seems to work out so well...

Well she doesn't see no real reason to stop being angry all the time.

In this image they are both working a bounty.
thats right.
Bounty is a big world.

Vinter will hopefully not fill my nightmares with dual wielding pipe women tomorrow.


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Pipe Fighter...

Yes, well, I've had this for a few days, but like Kyrie I wanted to colour it. And I didn't have time for that until yesterday.

Practising in PhotoShop so I can reach one of my goal for this year!

So thar yee goo...

Now I have to hurry up for work! Popping and Urge Intense on the way:P

Kyrie will bring you coloured awesomeness tomorrow, mayhaps!

- Vinter

I sorted socks today.

KK, so a part one image here today.
Want to color in the image, so I was not to comfy messing around with the pencil.

*so why did you not just color it then Kyrie?*
Well, you question asker you...
I sorted socks.
And it took like 1.5 hours.
Apparently I have socks.

Then I eat some food, food that has me so very very frightened.
(I was also very touched by the socks that had no match, to have an existence Solly dependent on having a match, then losing your match in the deadly struggle that is the washer.
Hard times man, hard times.)

Vinter will be back to work tomorrow.
May the holy Urge Intense inspire brilliance.

Kyrie wonders how chicken really tastes.

Monday, 22 August 2011


So I was going to do some more on this, like add some texture to it and play with it in Ps, but I kinda run out of time... ish...

I drew this yesterday at work, while waiting for the guests to finish a speech so I could clean up the dirty dishes (I love my "day job"... not).

Tomorrow will be an eventful day of painting and drawing and Mario playing:)

Kyrie up next!

- Vinter


Yay for time to draw.

I've got several other drawings I could've shown as well but.
These tree will have to do.

First of is steampunk army babe.
With locks and googles (way importante)
I drew that one on the train ride home, actually managed a "o by the gods" from the next seat person.

That was cool, modest myself pretended my music was to loud, and proceeded to force myself to hear the same album over and over again for the next two hours.

Then theres a big eh, I really have no idea.
she's in a bedroom, and dieing... I think.

Lastly theres little miss big head, wanted to try drawing a really sort grown up.
Without it being childlike, not sure I succeed just looks big headed to my eyes but that might be the artist in me.

Vinter tomorrow!


Sunday, 21 August 2011

Leh tireeeed!

A painted deer girl on the way...

Now need sleeps.... to much work for one day... (I wish my "day" job wasn't so draining...)

Will update on the painting another time, when it's done, which it soon is..

Over and out for this time, Kyrie will save us all tomorrow when I go back to work in a few hours...

- Vinter

Friday, 19 August 2011

Posting for Kyrie.

Good after noon!

Today I'm posting on Kyries behalf, he's currently away enjoying some time with family:) So I can't say much about this drawing, only that she's a girl with a big sword and a big gun:D

Me up tomorrow:P

- Vinter

Thursday, 18 August 2011

An early post.

Early posting because I'm working during the evenings.

Here's some girls, drawn while watching Game of Thrones. And don't be so hard on the dragon, I haven't done one in years:P

Now, time for me to draw some more so I have something to show on saturday^^

Kyrie up tomorrow! If I can find out what kind of file he's saved the image as:p

- Vinter


Ah, update time.
Spend 3 hours drawing, spend 2 hours getting a scanner to work.
And btw, my mom has a better computer then I do... Embarrassing.

Okay first up is a new facebook profile thingy.
Cant have the dreads pictures because, well I removed them for like a long time ago.
So Yay for autumn eye, artsy thingy.

Speaking of dreads, posted the other picture mainly because I am NOT happy with it, but I liked the way the dreads got highlighted, so I am going to do a picture with dreads while I am away, and I know now that the dreads will be awesome in that image.
As for whats wrong, well she's meant to be a deamonette, and well nose-less.
(and even though she's got no nose its still not centered)
Biggest mistake was trying to do her face with hard lighting, wanted to try avoiding soft lights, but meh!

OMG thats a lot of text.

Vinter, please post tomorrow (She was probably going to anyway, but I just felt like being nice about it)


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A few...

... Sketches^^

I finished watching the first season of Game of Thrones, and I did rather like it! Looking forward till next season.

Expect more from Kyrie next!

- Vinter

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Bounty one hand

Scarf from bounty, a little lazy on the background but hey gotta do justice to the blogs name.

And then some female expressions, just because it was fun... Fun!

Typing one handed ATM, and I must say harder then ever imagined.

Vinter tomorrow~


Sunday, 14 August 2011


A rotten girl... With worm... His name is Tom, yes, Tom the worm...

Today I'm tired. Ridiculously so...
A newer and more well done drawing will come next time.

Awesome Kyrie post yesterday btw! Kyrie up next again^^

- Vinter

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Drakes home with a funky face!

KK, so big obviously influenced by guilt post.

First of, Drakes back!
Yaay, Drake would be my "bad-side" character.
Eminems got slim shady I've got Drake.
(that was typed just so you lot would get "guess who's back, back again" on you minds.)

Drakes basically a baby in a powerful sorcerers body.
He's got a necklace that sucks the blood of killed enemies and adds it to his stream of blood.
So basically he can't at this point in bounty die from bleeding out.
(because he's got like 100 persons worth of blood)

he's just my perfect writers plot device darling. If the story is stuck just have Drake do something stupid, fun or just plain weird.

I also did some watercoloring of a random blond, mostly because I am fascinated by how weird coloring blond hair really is. feel I did a good job on this one though, also lined her with some black inc, if anyone cares !

AND just to make this long post longer yet!
THE RULES OF MATS LIFE (because if I do not have them I'll rot in a corner somewhere)
1. Computer stays in music corner till 20.00
2. One Urge a day, two on a special event.
3. No Video games till 20.00
4. If bored, clean.
5. If bored and apartment looks like its been a training facility for maids, Draw.
6. Real food, then snacks.
7. Fruit and nuts, the new snack.
8. Never urge intense without a meal.

And I am sure the list will get bigger.

Vinter uploads tomorrow!


Friday, 12 August 2011

The Ringer.

A little something I did not to long ago, have been thinking of playing with it in photoshop. But that will have to wait till next weekend, as I'm away for work all of the coming week...

I'm feeling better today:)

Kyrie up next^^

- Vinter

I need to get things in order

I actually love it.

Title says most everything.

Vinter is a beautiful person and she shouldn't be mad.
(doesn't mean she doesn't have a right to be though)


Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Today has been a crap day... I had a bad night sleep, the book I'm reading is crap, the painting I started looks like poop, the anatomy sketches I did looks like fart...

ARGH, I'm so annoyed!

Bad day is BAD... I'm glad it's soon over...

Lets hope Kyrie decides to post tomorrow instead then...

Monday, 8 August 2011


So, a drawing... Kyrie said I should lazy it, so I am^^ I'm not really pleased with it... Oh well...

My bf made me set up goals for this year, achievable goals, they are as follow:

- have an exhibition
- paint with oils
- get good at ps
- train my social skills
- put together a nice portfolio
- save up to an iPad

SO, now that I've written the list here, I guess I _have_ to stick to it... damn...
Achievable goals is achievable I guess:P

Kyrie up:

Vinter out.

Sunday, 7 August 2011


A world of Warcraft concept art inspired post today.
Trying to create an mage armour type design for an ice mage.
I would color it but as always time is what I do not have a lot of.

Anyways hopes you lots enjoys.

You'll all see her.
Post on Lazy-Inhouse

Kyrie goes away.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Just a face...

Just a face from the top of my head... Her goggles is kinda wrong, but MEH.

I'm posting super early because I'm on my way to work now, and I'm not going to be done before around two tomorrow morning:)


Kyrie up tomorrow!

- Vinter

Late Night Skulls

My Vampires are really pretty much assembled.
Well need more zombies, but hey, who doesn't?

Tried drawing some Vampire concepts before ending up with this skull, but I guess I am not really sure what I imagine as a Vampire.
To much glitter has made me confused...

I feel attracted to the lahmia type Vampires, but honestly (not to sound crude) but prolly just the boobs.
So a courtly Strigi type Might be fun.

Questions questions.

Vinter will hopefully give this summer some sunshine tomorrow!

Kyrie will now be all zombie like and attempt sleep.

Thursday, 4 August 2011


Just a few sketches done from photos (except from the one in the middle, that's just a quick sketch from the top of my head). I tried to make my bf model for me, just to get some life drawing practice, but he was impossible and refused to sit still for five minutes... Silly boy:P

Next up: Kyrie

- Vinter

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


I've not been drawing a lot these last few days.
Manly due to an obsessive amount of warhammering!

So I give thee warhammer banshee.
Then go back to glueing my Vampires...

Mmmm non-sparkly vampires.

Vinter tomorrow!


Tuesday, 2 August 2011

New Deergirl...

Sketches from a new commission I'm working on. A deer girl made with original media, that means I'm going to paint it on a big canvas with acrylics:O

- Vinter


Planning not my best trait.

forgot Again the media required to get something posted on lazy.
soorry I am, very much indeed.

Im on a strange computer so no hidden postables either.

anyways Vinter should win something for stikking with her lazy lazyer.