Thursday, 18 August 2011


Ah, update time.
Spend 3 hours drawing, spend 2 hours getting a scanner to work.
And btw, my mom has a better computer then I do... Embarrassing.

Okay first up is a new facebook profile thingy.
Cant have the dreads pictures because, well I removed them for like a long time ago.
So Yay for autumn eye, artsy thingy.

Speaking of dreads, posted the other picture mainly because I am NOT happy with it, but I liked the way the dreads got highlighted, so I am going to do a picture with dreads while I am away, and I know now that the dreads will be awesome in that image.
As for whats wrong, well she's meant to be a deamonette, and well nose-less.
(and even though she's got no nose its still not centered)
Biggest mistake was trying to do her face with hard lighting, wanted to try avoiding soft lights, but meh!

OMG thats a lot of text.

Vinter, please post tomorrow (She was probably going to anyway, but I just felt like being nice about it)


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