Saturday, 30 April 2011

Communal Washing.

I have a really romantic view of what it would be like to take my laundry to a communal laundry.
Enough romantic videos, where all good couples meet.
I just have the idea that If I would go into a laundry once, my perfect girl would be sitting just smack there on the machine in front of me.

I blame never having to do my laundry at a communal place.

Anyway thats why I did this one today.

hope you enjoy.
More Vinter will be happening you know when!
(And am I the only one who really liked that hipster ^^)


Tiredness is tiresome!

Right now I'm so tired I'm annoyed... at EVERY thing... so, good time for another angry monster drawing... But, instead I'm posting something I did very quickly at work, because I am the boss of me and I can do that (what do you mean I stole that from Kyrie:P?)
Hipster kid thing...

Reason for todays lateness is, hold on tight, I was at work all day/evening/night!

Expect more awesomeness from Kyrie tomorrow!

- Vinter

Friday, 29 April 2011


Simple drawing today...
So simple, but you know.

Been working on some commissioned work, and doing a bigger piece on the brown paper.
Did not want to waste the bigger one on todays entry, as I feel it would be better to finish it up a bit then post it.

And being my own boss, I can indeed do that.
Hah, being me is awesome.

Now, I wish the lot of you a good good night, please do have enjoyable dreams, and failing that, do enjoy waking from that nightmare.


Thursday, 28 April 2011

Late, again again...

Hm, I don't want to make this being late thing a habit. Two days in a row I've been rather late now, will be a good girl and post earlier on friday!

I was watching the film Freaks today, and ended up drawing this. Her face/head and arms are totally off, but she's a freak after all... Or sumthing...

Anyway, night time!

- Vinter

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Lung Svendsen The Dragon

Multicultural dragon.
Thats right, an European dragon design with a little bit of Asian Dragon facial hair.
Bringing cultures together.

Just a little something that came into creation while I was watching "Doctor Who"
Several things thats wrong with this little baby (wonky right arm, I am looking at you!), but I did not have an eraser anywhere close, and maybe this dragon is a bit handicapped.
Ever though about that?


Exactly, shame on you.
Now to redeem your selves come by tomorrow for more lazy-Inhouse.


Late, again...

(there is no highlights because I forgot my pencil downstairs and I don't want to go down and wake the guests up...)

Sorry for the lateness today, I've been packing and traveling home from The Gathering.
This years TG was fun and successful, but very tiering... I'll up some pictures on my own blog in a few days^^

I cut my hair yesterday, and I like the outcome, I now kind of look like my punkgirls drawings... _kind_ of. I haven't given it a lot of thought yet, so we'll see if I still like it tomorrow:P

Now, bed time for me..

- Vinter

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Teen Peace

Meet my imaginary girlfriend, Okay not really just a practical excuse girlfriend.

It would happen in my youth that my family would ask, "Sooo, have you got a girlfriend yet"
Just thinking of this here girl and saying that there was someone special kept them silent.
And for someone who honestly did not plan to get a girlfriend for a long time, that was indeed a blessing.

And you will never guess her name!
Its Mithrila, yeah really...
Yes, I did in fact never mention her name when I lied for peace as I figured believeability would go out the window.

She is actually a part of bounty, and yes she is going to be renamed, something like "scarlet" "rose" Idunu, help me here.

Daughter of a nobleman, magical amplitude, generally attributed with a personality to match what I believe I would like in a woman.
And to keep you ALL from becoming my dream woman, I will stop at that.

Hey, look at me, ranting again.
Hold on to yer' boots and wait for tomorrow, when drawing again will appear on the magic that is Lazy-Inhouse.


Saturday, 23 April 2011


Sorry for the lack of a imaginative and awesome title for this entry. My head is in the clouds atm... get it? CLOUDS!!

Anyway, this is a little The Fixer sketch. I'm so making a game, or a web comic or sumthing...

BUT, as with everything else, I'll probably never think of this again... the making a game of this concept thing:P

Anyway, await more toenail awesome stuff tomorrow^^

- Vinter

Friday, 22 April 2011


Thats right, Toenails...

Not much to say about that.

New image tomorrow, possibly not toe related!


Thursday, 21 April 2011


(quick sketch. It's me as a "little" girl with a robot helper and a ginormous wrench I use to fix the world with...)

Oh my I'm annoyed. I was working on this drawing to submit it to the Themed Concept Art Competition at TG, but I missed the deadline with three effing minutes...

RAGE RAGE RAGE.... *dies*

Anyway, the drawings above is the sketch and the coloured version...
Enjoy while I go kill something...

- Vinter

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Iceman Artblock

Meet the Iceman, more correctly referred to as the icicle man.

I'm currently at my families cabin, been trying to draw ever since i got of work, and

Wow, sometimes I really can not draw at all.
Honestly, some of my post here on Lazy, makes me ashamed of my work.
But what was created today really was not even worthy of the title drawing...

So what did i do, well, I drew and drew.
Then drew some more.
Until I finally was able to do something I was pleased enough to post.
So advice from me, ever fell you can not do something:
Do it more...
grind it into the dust...

*manly Kyrie*

Now, maybe since we did not get a post from vinter tomorrow she will give us 2 drawings one of the next days?




Right now I'm so tired I don't know what to do... I was thinking about going to bed, but I usualy have problems falling asleep when I'm this tired...

So today is a skip day for me. Why? Because I've been working on some pretty cool stuff for the last few days and I haven't had time to do anythign else. Not just that, but I'm currently on a new laptop, with almost no software and absolutely no documents, so no pre-historic stuff either.

I'll tell you all about TG next time, and even show you pics:)

Night night!
- Vinter

OH, and someone threw my newly opened Urge Intense away while I was working D: I had to fight really hard with my self not to start crying:P
Now, bed time!

Monday, 18 April 2011


"now, you listen to me.
No, and i mean no messing around ok."

Ever had a conversation with the trickster in you?
I most assuredly have...

Just a fun little something something, would do more work on it but its actually in A3 scale, as such I only have a A4 scanner (which is a blessing from the heavens, as I just to have a "notevenremotlyreal" scanner before)(thank you vinter!) and my scanning ability could use some hardcore leveling up.

hope the people enjoy.
Tune in for drawings from "TG" tomorrow!


Sunday, 17 April 2011

Clouds... COLUDSSS!!

So yesterday I arrived at the Viking Ship in Hamar, Norway, to prepare for The Gathering. My job is to decorate the hall with clouds... yes, CLOUDS. Even though I've only done this for two days now, I'm already sick of clouds:P

So now I'm taking a break, drinking Urge Intense and blogging.
I drew this yesterday, before I went to bed. I wanted to challenge my self with drawing some movement stuff. A girl jumping at something with a dagger sounded fun in my head so I decided that was a good idea. Sadly, it turned out pretty crap. It looks static and undynamic... So I guess I have something to practice on this easter... Dynamic and lively drawings with lots of movement, and backgrounds!

Await more from Kyrie tomorrow!

- Vinter

Saturday, 16 April 2011


A little bounty something something today.
Mechanic character with self made tranquliser gun.

really fiddling with the though on how much and what matter of technology I want the "project bounty" era to entail.
Thinking victorian swashbucklerish steampunk ATM (Indeed ^^)

O well, as always we'll see what the drawings themselves demand!
On the road

Serene dreams upon you.


Yes, I know I'm late, so late it's kind of painful... But at least I'm submitting something...

This girls anatomy is totally off. And believe it or not, it was on purpose. I started off wrong and decided to end it wrong. And there is absolutely no symbolism in this drawing what so ever. I did it all for pleasure, so what ever you're thinking about white tulips... Sure, what ever you want...

Tomorrow I'm heading off to Hamar, to get stuff ready for The Gathering. But when I'm done with that, I'll spend my holidays drawing and entertaining the American folks we get as visitors^^

Kyrie and I will surprise you all with a very big surprise (woaaahh) in not to long, so keep on tuning in regularly for hints and a reveal of a splendid secret in not to long:)

- Vinter

Thursday, 14 April 2011


More Fanart!

My Bandit sure do eat a lot of lemons.

K, for you non-mapler people out there a little explain:
Everything you want to be doing in maple cost you "mana".
You have a sett amount of mana at all times and you can end up using up all your mana.
At which point you'll be able to do pretty much nothing.

Now to regain mana you could sit around on a chair for say 15min, or just eat something.
SO what happens is that in the span of 5 min my maple character would eat something like 15 lemons, and 15 "white pots" (which is a health potion, no explain here, google it).

Now In my head that just seems a bit fanatical, and lemons are not that good.So it spawned this fast little drawing.

If anyone reading this plays Maple be sure to send me a message!
"ManlyMuffin" that would be me.

No more rant about maple, time to draw some more commission work.

Hide in the lazy-Inhouse bushes and peek up tomorrow for more drawings.


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

to much sleep

This is what happens when I work all night and evening on day and the next day, I sleep all day >_< So today I'm bringing you a two day old drawing I did while Kyrie was at my place, drinking Urge Intense and watching The Killings.

Her nose is too small...

So sorry, I'll be back on my horse on friday!

Await more goodies from Kyrie tomorrow.

- Vinter

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Bandit Cut

Happy Lazy-Inhouse day!

Following Vinter I did some fan art myself today.

Realistic scale Maplestory bandit.
Maplestory, really the best MMORPG out there.

No rift, no WoW, all 2D sidescroller!

Wanted to color it, and might still do it.
Now I have to go to the store, because reading Vinters post made me have an
Intense Urge for Urge Intense...

(Yes, I totally did that)

Monday, 11 April 2011


Hellboy is (c) Mike Mignola... I think...
(again, I had to colour this with my mouse, as I'm having a work week at my day(more like night)job again and I left my drawing tablet at home...)

Yey, today we celebrate our 20th day of posting:D
Hm, should that even be anything to celebrate? I took an Urge Intense for it anyway, you never say no to a opportunity to drink Urge Intense... Not that I need one...

I wanted to draw a guy today, since so far only one drawing of these 20 posts contains a guy. We in Lazy likes our though, cute, strong and pretty girls. So this is the first fan art I've drawn for about 6 or 7 years. Who doesn't like Hellboy:D

Await more goodies from Kyrie tomorrow.

- Vinter

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Girly girls use axes!

Kyrie is at my place, which means I have total control... Mowhahahahahaaa...

Stay tuned for more from me tomorrow..
Oh the drawing is all Kyrie btw.

over and out - Kyrie via Vinter

Saturday, 9 April 2011


A little late, but better late than never. I had problems drawing her legs so I decided to not draw them... Because I'm lazy...

Why a tanker? Well, why not... I've been watching all the Rambo films this past two days, so it seemed appropriate to have something macho.
Oh and the tank looks weird because I didn't use any reference, just my brilliant head... Or sumthing:P

Anyways, tomorrow will consist of Urge Intense drinking and drawing...
Await more from Kyrie!

- AV

Friday, 8 April 2011

Phillip A beginning

Can you feel it? The beginning of something grand...

Phillip the Ratmouse, maybe he will change the world (or at least my posts at Lazy-Inhouse), maybe he will never again be seen again...

one things for sure.
Phillip the ratmouse likes a smoke.
I don't.

All beings fear the rage monster!


Thursday, 7 April 2011


A few posts ago, I told you about my little Jealousy monster. Well, today it's all about the infamous Rage monster.

Yes, I have one of those as well, known for making my boyfriend and friend scared:P
I don't know why, but even the smallest of things can really push me over the edge, and I get this crazy look in my eyes. This happens when annoying people decide to sit next to me on the bus/train with annoying habits, like sniffing or coughing or just invading my private space... I NEED THAT SPACE... ehem... or when my chop sticks splits in the wrong place... or if someone asks me if I'm angry... or when the damn jump button on Wii doesn't work and I end up killing Mario... or just other small stuff:)

Think of it as a little something that's scratching your skin, not deep, but it's annoying as hell, and after ten seconds you just want to kill that something... Yes, thats my little anger monster:>

I have a feeling there will be more monsters in the future.

That was all for today, tune in for more from Kyrie tomorrow!
- AV

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Lightpole Courting

God day O grand world of ours.

Drawing was inspired by "the beast and the harlot" - Avenged Sevenfold.
I needed a beast, so I put myself (in my handsomer cartoon form) in a beastly jacket (I want one, someone please make it)...
I needed a harlot, so I drew one (Drawing, a skill thats totally underrated)
They needed to stand somewhere. (where better to stand then by a lighted trashbin?)
Theres a rat/mouse (because I can)

In fact that ratmouse was SO important that he used all the pencil ment for a visible surface the lot could stand on.
thats one awesome Ratmouse
I'll call him Phillip.

Words, how they escape my fingers...
Vinters up!

Kyrie (I misspelled my last signature, how embarrassing!)

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


This one was drawn while I was at Kyries place, drinking Urge Intense and eating cinnamon buns^^

I don't really like smoke, I think the smell is foul and it makes me sick, but the smoke of the cigarette it self is pretty. The way it twirls around, making pretty spirals and all that.

Tune in for more drawings tomorrow, when I will be occupying Kyries place yet again to do some artsy stuff:D

- Vinter

Monday, 4 April 2011


Not too much to say about this one.
Just one of the drawings that sort of happens, whiles my brain is occupied doing something ells.

In this instance I was enjoying Emily Simons "The flower book".
Splendid album from a talented lady.

Now I am going to sit down to draw some more, then vinter will arrive with a pile of our favoritt beverage, and I might possibly get to see tomorrows drawing early.
Hah, be jealous, very jealous.


Sunday, 3 April 2011

A late one!

Oh noes, I'm rather late today. Sorry for that. Since I haven't been able to get anything worth of showing today, I'm posting a landscape sketch I did during a talk/lecturething I attended not too long ago on the back of some info sheet.

I'm finally done wtih the storyboard commission I've been working on for almost a month now, and I must say it's nice to actually have finished something like that:D
All in all I think I made about 71 drawings + character drawings in colours.

I think I needed that, a project that I feel went well, for my part:P Hopefully the short film will take off and get shown at the Berlin shortfilm festival. That would make me really happy^^

Will post some drawings when the premiere is closing in:)

Tune in for more from Kyrie tomorrow and more from me the day after tomorrow and more from kyrie the day after the day after tomorrow.. and so on and so forth^^

- Vinter


Yay for beautiful brown paper!

Honestly I've been working on a picture of "Ariella" sadly, this did not even pass my smallest of standards, so I give you all:

"Something in case I almost miss a day drawing"

And honestly I prolly missed anyway.


That paper is godly, we should all worship it...
I should play more old school zelda...

Bye now


Friday, 1 April 2011


(I had to colour him with my mouse in photoshop...)

As the people that knows me well knows that I'm ridiculously jealous... I usually try to hide it, or make it so over the top that it gets funny, because I honestly don't want to be that bitchy nasty girlfriend/friend that whines all the time:P

But sometimes jealousy really knows how to claw and gnaw on my tiny brain, and it gets painful after a little while.
That's usually when I make it over the top, so that I can tell my little monster that it's stupid and it should stop eating my brain.

I tried to find a song that can describe what I feel, but sadly I failed:P So maybe I have to make my own over the top silly song. It would be so funny it would be tragic and so tragic it would be funny^^

But for now a drawing will do, I might even go so far as to make a little comic out of it one day... If I ever get my concentration back from where ever it went...

Oh wow, that's a lot of text... this is supposed to be a drawing blog... OH WELL..
Await more drawing stuff from Kyrie in just one day:D

- Vinter