Saturday, 16 April 2011


Yes, I know I'm late, so late it's kind of painful... But at least I'm submitting something...

This girls anatomy is totally off. And believe it or not, it was on purpose. I started off wrong and decided to end it wrong. And there is absolutely no symbolism in this drawing what so ever. I did it all for pleasure, so what ever you're thinking about white tulips... Sure, what ever you want...

Tomorrow I'm heading off to Hamar, to get stuff ready for The Gathering. But when I'm done with that, I'll spend my holidays drawing and entertaining the American folks we get as visitors^^

Kyrie and I will surprise you all with a very big surprise (woaaahh) in not to long, so keep on tuning in regularly for hints and a reveal of a splendid secret in not to long:)

- Vinter

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