Monday, 31 October 2011

Oh iPad...

Such a useful thing you are... Best gift evah!

Two drawings, iPad doodles to be correct. The best thing with doodling on the iPad is that it takes so little time to fling one together... The boy jumping over the fence drawing only took like 20-30 minutes! Same with the factory girl...

I hope to do some drawing, some real drawing, tomorrow. After I've done some work on two commissions I'm playing around with this week.
I'm also currently teaching myself dreamweaver! So maybe I'll make my own website soon^^

Woow, now that was a lot of drawings Kyrie posted yesterday... I feel like I need to post plenty of awesome drawings full of awesomeness soon...

Anyway, I'm guessing he will bring us lessness tomorrow, seeing as it was overload time yesterday:p it will probably be awesome anyway!

- Vinter


So today I have been looking trough my discard pile again.
And I have found a big pile of drawings I was pretty sure I showed to lazy, but when I cross referenced I found no post for them.

So I've made one big one for you all to enjoy.
Did some touch ups and stuff like that.

Image above is an Eldar Harlequin, Games-workshop copy-write.

Terrain, I can do it...
Now you know.
I actually find it quite fun as well, but I tend to have to grand plans to actually end up showing most of my terrain heavy drawings.

Color, I think it my greatest weakness, and my hunch is that I overwork it.
So I am trying different ways of coloring all the time, this one is no exception.
Getting kind of sick of waking up and realizing about 10 things I could have done to improve the image.

Theres a lot of images you do not see from me.
This one is among many, I try doing at least one 30 min still portrait every day.
Just to try and better my stile, and get some faces and expressions down.
(also and excuse to look at pretty girls photos, without being an utter creep!)
Might end up including some in Lazy, as an bonus.

A friend of mine drawn as a Chibi.
Did this some time ago, more because he has a distinctive and rather defined personality, which makes drawing him as a chibi, fun.

I do not really doodle all that much with just pens.
But I do really like that black outline small detail like stile, so I ended up doing this image.
(At this point I've forgotten any hidden meaning, so its kinda cool to try and find meaning in my own works ^^)

Nothing like a feel good mushroom man to make you feel better!
He smiles, because if he smiles, so will you.

YES, this is how sleepy I feel like I am, but I fail to actually manifest any signs.
Maybe I've been to passive lately so my brain is tired, and the body is ready for days more.

Vinter is up tomorrow, and she surprised me with the stile of her last image.
And as always I am really looking forward to more from her.


Saturday, 29 October 2011

Party party...

Today I've been working on some logo design, which I can't show of just yet, I would like mah client to approve it first:)

And I was thinking about drawing me and my bf as a scary zombie couple, but I'm apparently joining my bf to a Halloween party soon, so I don't have time to do an awesome drawing right now. Instead I give you a little drawing of the awesome writer Neil Gaiman, he's one of my favourite writer out there in the big scary world:)

I do like Halloween, but this year I haven't had the awesome autumn feeling I used to get. I remember getting goose bumps while listening to type o negative, I kinda miss that. Time has been going by so fast, I feel like I've been stuck at my day/night job all the time, and not really getting anywhere with my illustration...

Hopefully I can get somewhere soon, or I'll loose my mind...

As for the party, I'm going as a creepy doll, because I can't afford buying costumes and stuff, so I just have to use stuff I have.

Now maybe I'll post some scary drawings on monday, since that's the real hallows eve. Just you wait:>

Now, I have to make dinner and change before going to tha partay...
I don't really like party's, but I'll go to keep my bf happy:-)

- Vinter

I like all hallows eve

I really do.
I'm not much for celebrating it or pretty much anything.
But I really like Halloween.

This looks better in real life, strange that, need to do something about founding out why.
Eh, I bought Pokemon black, is kind of fun...

I should be sleeping, got work in the morning.
Got lost in the drawing and "filmsack" by frogpants studios.

Vinter also likes Halloween, so maybe she'll draw Dave and herself as a zombie couple ^^


Thursday, 27 October 2011

Zombie time!

Today I've been watching the two first episodes of the walking dead^^

And it's soon Halloween, so a zombie fits just fine.

Yesyes I know, another iPad drawing and blogpost. I must say, it's rather nice to just draw and post.. Instead of having to scan and resize and bring it over to my other laptop because photoshop only works on one of them...

Enough rant!
I have work again tomorrow, but only for a few hours. Working 15 hours yesterday was really tiering, and I had to get up super early as well, to go to a meeting in Oslo.
But after a few hours tomorrow, I has weekend!

I like the sci fi chick kyrie did, he always manage to make such dynamic poses.

Naow, bed time!
- Vinter

Syfy is the new Sci/Fi

So I've been dreaming myself away looking at some beautiful Infinity models.
So once my salary got here, I could not help myself do other then buy a little mood helper.

And since I've been thinking infinity all night, drawing anything not inspired proved hard.
(tried doing some Bounty thing, but I ended up making the Steam-punk inspired really take a technological twist)
So as a result I just did this image.
Had some fun with her pose, good practice.

Hope it falls into your head and give you all kisses on the happiness part of the brain
(Yes, I am an unclear person, I mean, hope you like it)

Vinters day tomorrow, where will the Pad take her next ^^.
(if I had her job I would be dead BTW, so respect) (you can add a gangster sign if wanted)


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Work, work

And more work... My post is late because I'm still at work. Tomorrow will be a day of hell, as I start at 11 in the "morning" and will probably work till two ish in the morning.

I really don't like my workdays at times. But there you go, I need money to survive, and until I get my stuff together I just have to live with it...

To the drawings; one green witch and a hipster girl, done while I had some open time for quick doodling today:)

Now, time for me to go back to work!
Kyrie brings more goodness tomorrow be it green sketches or bounty coolness!

- vinter

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Lines, and then some

So I've been drawing for a while now, and really everything I wanted to do I kind of did not like once done.

Not bad drawings, just not something I was happy with.

So I just did some green-skinned fantasy monsters.
Because you know, its relatively easy.

Sort little thing.

Vinter give us more tomorrow.
Another work day perhaps?


Sunday, 23 October 2011

A day of drawing.

Today I've been working on my mums project and drawing a little bit on my iPad:)

The drawing is of the fire sisters, they rummage around, setting cities on fire. They don't do it on purpose, they have nightmares about fires. I guess they're what you would call firestarters.

Must say I enjoy the stylus I bought yesterday, it totally makes it easier to draw details. All thought it got a rather fat nib, it's still much better than my fingertips.

Tomorrow I'm back to work at my day job, yey... Lucky me...

Oh well, kyrie brings more nice stuff tomorrow^^

Oh oh, I'm currently blogging on my iPad btw, I had to download the iPhone version of blogger since there is no iPad version, as I've already mentioned.

Now, bed time for me!

- Vinter

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Really now.

There we go, Just a slight quality drop today.
My minds been kind of preoccupied, so been hard to focus on any drawings.

Kind of just mindless coloring, or a pencil flying back and forth over a piece of paper.

So Luna's back, mind you she really doesn't bother me anymore, I am actually kind of proud of her.
Strange sensation, and I threw in an additional drawing I did for some "dynamic pose" practice.

The Image is supposed to be of a girl, sitting on some guy, and the guy suddenly deciding to not be a chair.

hopefully I did good.

Vinter is up for tomorrow, and shes getting in touch with her inner child.
Maybe that will spawn something!


Friday, 21 October 2011

iPad doodling

First drawing.

Second drawing.

Third drawing.

I tried to blog on my new iPad, but apparently apple and google hates each other, there is no blogger app for iPad, and the safari app won't let my type in the text type thing.

SO, I've now transferred three iPad sketches to my laptop, so I can post them here on the blog. Silly apple.

The look rather silly, but keep in mind that I did these with my fingertips, like a kid:P I do feel like a kid when I draw on it. At least you can see progress in the drawings:P
My plan is to buy a stylus, so I can do ultimate sketching everywhere at all times^^

How did I afford the iPad you may ask? Well, I didn't it. It was a gift from my bf!!! I was so surprised I almost cried:P I've been thinking about buying one for some time now, but never really had enough money to get one.

Anyway, so no super awesome drawings from me this time either, as I've been playing with my new toy all of yesterday and to day (except for few hours today, when I was working on my mums project).

Now I'm off to take pics of my friends band, and drink beer with bf:)
Will be good and post a cool drawing on sunday^^

In the mean time enjoy some more awesome kyrie stuff tomorrow:D

- Vinter

Thursday, 20 October 2011

More autumn please.

New post, and I've had the time to actually put in some work due to personal issues.
which has left me ever so slightly hurt, and when I am hurt I draw and dream.

So I did that.
First of the heart is acrylics on a small canvas, did it while watching batman because I like to have something to do with my hands (just sitting watching a movie feels like time wasted).
Just something small too help me return to the romantic inside me, as I've relished thats a rather big part of who I am.

So doing that heart image I was inspired to honor a couple things I love.
Autumn and Cute girls.

So I sat down and did some soul drawing, and spent a fair amount of time on the coloring process because that is the one that needs the most work.
In the end I am relatively happy with this one, and its helped me quite a bit mentally.

So hope the lot of you enjoy!

Vinter is now feeling guilty, which promises awesome things for us fans ^^!
Yay lazy and its guilt-trippi'n powers.


Awaits the friday!

Finally off work. The one thing I actually like about work, is that I have to walk home in the middle of the night, and since I work in the middle of no where, the night sky is clearly visible, awesome for star gazing. And guess what I saw today, a shooting star^^
It disintegrated while I was looking at it, but it was nice to see. It took me a second to remember that you're "supposed" to wish for something, and by the time I remembered, I couldn't really think of something that needed wishing for:P

Now, the drawing? Just some doodles for a friend's blog. I was supposed to be done with that little project by now, but I've been working and away from my lovely photoshop laptop:(
But hopefully I'll finish it this weekend, same with the little project I'm working on for mum, and a painting or two, and a mini booklet to show of at a meeting on friday, and take pics of my friend's band and edit them... Oh and make a halloween card, and do some photoshop practise thing...

I need more hours in the day.

Well, sorry for the bad update. I mean, after Kyries awesome post, I feel rather silly to post this, but what can I do? You can all comfort your selves that Kyrie brings more coolness to the house of Lazy tomorrow, and I'll prepare something better for you guys till friday^^

NAOW, time for me to sleepz!

- Vinter

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


A little Batman fan art, except the character in question is made by:
And she was helped by

I read some interesting background for the character Phobia, and decided that I wanted to draw her, so I asked Persona, and she allowed my the pleasure.

Now let me explain a little what I did with the character and why.
First of she was said to be wearing a corset, I've made that into an under-bust, mainly because I wanted her to feel more agile, if you are more agile in an under-bust or an over-bust is beyond me, as well, havent really worn too many corsets.

Second change I made is that she is supposed to have a skirt, I've changed hot-pants, I feel it more mobile, and more practical for what is an ex-cop.
I've also given her a police belt to honor that past, even though she herself might not remember it.

The owner mentioned that she has mood-swings, but also quite heavy makeup, so I made some tear lines that should be natural considering.

I was really really unsure what kind of hair she really had, so in the end I just went with something.

Hope you all enjoy, hope the creator will not be to offended!

Vinter is up for some more lazy tomorrow await in suspense for tomorrow is one of her working torture days.


Monday, 17 October 2011

Done and over with...

This painting really got me annoyed last night.. I feel like something's missing but I don't really know what, and I'm not very pleased with the outcome.. Oh, and excuse the scan, it made the colours a little bit pale, and the copper colour doesn't shine as it does IRL.

But I just had to call it finished and leave it be. Getting annoyed over it doesn't make it any better. Maybe I'll fix it one day, I kind of doubt it.

Moving along!
I'm working all of this week, so excuse any late posts. But I'll be back in business on friday, I hope.

Oh, Kyrie draws cute, and scary. Me likes^^ What will he bring us tomorrow?

- Vinter

4B lead

Did not feel like drawing at all today...
But that is one of the best feelings to have, because then I am justified in drawing just what I want, AND I finish the most old ideas of when I do not feel like drawing.

So today I finished of an old old Rawid drawing meant for you guys like back before summer,
He's a bounty character, kind of a zealot, but not really.
Also a stranger to the world as he is from one of the moons.

He is an old contact of Scarfs, and the shared past makes them both unease just to leave the other person be, maybe to protect the other, or himself.

Then theres what I felt like drawing, which was Whatever, as long as I got to use my 4b.
So scary black-eyes Milli was birthed.
I am such a proud parent.

Hope you humanoids enjoy!

Vinter will bring more exiting stuff tomorrow!
Looking forward to that.


Sunday, 16 October 2011

A disappointment!

Sorry for the let down guys, I didn't finish the painting today. Reason: I've been at my mom's for tea and then at my sisters place for dinner.

I will, however, finish it tomorrow:)

Instead, enjoy these sketches I did before painting and a Red Riding Hood sketch for a film poster contest over at Sketchoholic. You can see the contest HERE.

Kyrie brings moar exiting bounty tomorrow?

- Vinter

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Touch hello

Drake, being drake.

Just wanted to draw some interactivity between people, made several others but in the end I went with this one for coloring.
Mainly because at first he was chocking her.
But I managed to redraw him a little-less sinister.

Which is good, I think...

Wow I am so sleepy, I will stop writing now because I might start writing truly disturbing things.

Vinters got Saturday, and wow that painting is looking promising!
Feeling joyed over the quality of her work :)


Thursday, 13 October 2011

All paint and no play...

Makes Vinter a... Pleased girl? Well, I didn't finish it, so I'm not that pleased...

One reason why I hate original media is the choices you have to make, without being able to fix it if it doesn't fit :S

I didn't really think of colour choice when I sketched this, so I ended up being very unsure on what colours I wanted to use...

Well, I'm working tomorrow, so I won't be able to finish it tomorrow, but hopefully I'll be able to finish it on saturday.

Now I have to go to bed.
Kyrie brings moar tomorrow, and what is drawing without a challenge:P

- Vinter

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Red Dress = Bad luck

I know, should've done the background in green, but you know what, I do not like having my hand forced.
And sure, a little unbalance helps scream a little for the poor girl how likes Red dresses.
Red dress tends to mean an romantic.
Such a piece also tends to make the owner a hopeful and quite confident person (I say person just in case there might be a cross-dresser reading this, and respect to you, for staying true to yourself)
A mix just waiting for someone to take advantage of a person to strong to change.And leave them properly defeated so that they can show their strength and build themselves up again.

KK, so thats a little story for what is in fact nothing but me wanting to do some coloring on a rather simple image.
It was a strange and kind of enlightening experience:

"I do more lines, per "lets call it ideal-line" the bigger the undertaking I feel the image is."

Call it confidence-less drawing. (which is kind ironic considering).
That needs work, I would write bad Kyrie...
But that would be counter productive.

Loved the piece by Vinter BTW!
speaks to my soul, if I am allowed to show my cheesy personality.
More from her tomorrow? may-haps these legendary paintings?



WHAT, we went past our 200ed blog post, and we didn't even celebrate :O
Well, to bad! Here's to the hit over 200! *drinks some beer*

I'm HOME, finally home... In my own bed, and I've spent all of today relaxing and getting my grove on again^^ It was lovely.
Not that I didn't have a good time, but it's nice to come home after over a week away in a country where you don't speak the language, and I must say, I do love my sofa:P

To the drawing, just a little something I did, I wanted to do more with it, but I kinda run out of time...
And about the tea comic, I actually did one! But I'll fix it up tomorrow and post it next time.

Kyrie brings moar goodness soon^^

- Vinter

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Seers Eye

One image, two doodles.
So its my turn to lazy!
So I needed to draw something, so I did I drew a girl, and some dice...

Then I realized that even I am getting sick of all the just being around cute girl drawings I've been making. (And my tolerance is extreme when it comes to cute women in all forms)

So I made some more dynamically posed adventurers, and spiced things up with the inclusion of the male gender (yes, kind of a rare event on lazy, which would make 2 in a row momentous!).
I realized however that Coloring the image might be a pain, as I had no inclination as to how I wanted it colored.

SO, I drew Philana my warhammer seer, and even though I meant to color it in photoshop I kinda went overboard with the pencil shading, which results in a slightly more messy picture once colored in photoshop.

Which you all can probably tell for yourself!
Course Could've just done another image, but honestly sleep is quite pleasing an activity.

Vinter seems to be going places of immense inspiration!
That can nothing but bode well for her next set of lazy posts.


Sunday, 9 October 2011

Leipzig factory.

I know Kyrie asked for a tea comic, and I would have done one, but I kinda run out of time, and did a Firefly drawing instead... one point to who ever names the character first:P

And then there's a picture from when I went urban exploring. we run in to a guy that told us he thought it might be a water heating plant or something, for the poison factory next door. It was scary and awesome, and my bf and I are thinking of going back some time, because there were more than one run down factory to explore. We also went past an old train shed!

I'm back home tomorrow night, spending a day at the airport. Which gives me plenty a time to do a tea comic^^

Me be liking Kyries colours! They look rather crisp indeed:)

Lets hope for more crispness tomorrow^^

- Vinter

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Wild Pokemon Trainer Mats Appeared


Friend of mine brought and USB-stick with pokemon games!
And I wanted to play them so much I ended up drawing pokemon in stead.

Me as a pokemon trainer, my starter pokemon Lolu (a Wiggilytuff), my first caught pokemon Vulpix and since its my fantasy a love-interess named Haze.

Yes terrible name, but this reality has like no chance of becoming real, so I don't see that coming back to haunt me!
And yes first caught pokemon because I got Jiggilypuff from a trainer who was angry at it for knowing only sing.

Where I am getting all this?
My brain, I call it... Brain.

Got some coloring advice from Jointless, tried to put that to work on this image.
Getting a bit crisper, and that was needed, so thanks to her.

Vinter is doing a doodle cartoon about tea tomorrow (if I say it, maybe it becomes true).
Looking forward to more from her ^^



Again, so sorry for the lateness, again.
I wasn't back at the hotel until one yesterday, and surely did not want to go out in the rain again...

A few more convention drawings. I'm looking forward to get home, and just sleep for a whole day, gaining strength. And then go crazy with painting:)

Kyrie will bring awesomeness in a few hours:P

- Vinter

Friday, 7 October 2011

Cheating is ill~...zzZzzZ

So today I've managed to go to work, work, do overtime and eat and that has taken me to this time of day.
Now what I had planned to do next is of course draw an lazy-inhouse entry.
But the combination of equally full days, and 9 hours sleep the last two days has me struggling to not keel over.

So i decided that in stead of crying (could've happend, once I started drawings and failed at things I could do at an age of 12) I would just upload what I think of as one of my personal favorit images I've drawn.

That is of course horribly cheating, and I will penance myself by coloring yesterday and todays image as a bonus update.

But in the mean time, hope you all can enjoy the Atlantica online inspired witch!

Vinter's doodles are so full of character that I kind of want to force her to do a doodle comic!
(please help nag her to do it!)
I'm looking forward to what she's got for us tomorrow.


Thursday, 6 October 2011


I'm late again. This whole thing of getting up so early in the morning and being back at the hotel so late really makes it difficult to post anything when I don't even have internets at the hotel. I honestly don't want to go out again when I finally get home.

I was planning on drawing many more drawings, to make up for the whole thing that I am first of posting silly sketches and then for being late. But I was "forced" to be social.

I will, never the less, draw some today, so I have everything ready for tomorrow!
Wait, didn't I say that yesterday as well? BAH.

Anyway, over to the drawings! The first one is the ice cream of death, the second one is me whying over silly people sitting with their heads in my shot, doom them all!

NOW, back to more convention drawing and fetching of tea, lots of it, to keep me awake!

Kyrie brings more coolness tomorrow, and to be square, I didn't really think the gun look that ugly^^

- Vinter