Monday, 31 October 2011


So today I have been looking trough my discard pile again.
And I have found a big pile of drawings I was pretty sure I showed to lazy, but when I cross referenced I found no post for them.

So I've made one big one for you all to enjoy.
Did some touch ups and stuff like that.

Image above is an Eldar Harlequin, Games-workshop copy-write.

Terrain, I can do it...
Now you know.
I actually find it quite fun as well, but I tend to have to grand plans to actually end up showing most of my terrain heavy drawings.

Color, I think it my greatest weakness, and my hunch is that I overwork it.
So I am trying different ways of coloring all the time, this one is no exception.
Getting kind of sick of waking up and realizing about 10 things I could have done to improve the image.

Theres a lot of images you do not see from me.
This one is among many, I try doing at least one 30 min still portrait every day.
Just to try and better my stile, and get some faces and expressions down.
(also and excuse to look at pretty girls photos, without being an utter creep!)
Might end up including some in Lazy, as an bonus.

A friend of mine drawn as a Chibi.
Did this some time ago, more because he has a distinctive and rather defined personality, which makes drawing him as a chibi, fun.

I do not really doodle all that much with just pens.
But I do really like that black outline small detail like stile, so I ended up doing this image.
(At this point I've forgotten any hidden meaning, so its kinda cool to try and find meaning in my own works ^^)

Nothing like a feel good mushroom man to make you feel better!
He smiles, because if he smiles, so will you.

YES, this is how sleepy I feel like I am, but I fail to actually manifest any signs.
Maybe I've been to passive lately so my brain is tired, and the body is ready for days more.

Vinter is up tomorrow, and she surprised me with the stile of her last image.
And as always I am really looking forward to more from her.


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