Saturday, 8 October 2011

Wild Pokemon Trainer Mats Appeared


Friend of mine brought and USB-stick with pokemon games!
And I wanted to play them so much I ended up drawing pokemon in stead.

Me as a pokemon trainer, my starter pokemon Lolu (a Wiggilytuff), my first caught pokemon Vulpix and since its my fantasy a love-interess named Haze.

Yes terrible name, but this reality has like no chance of becoming real, so I don't see that coming back to haunt me!
And yes first caught pokemon because I got Jiggilypuff from a trainer who was angry at it for knowing only sing.

Where I am getting all this?
My brain, I call it... Brain.

Got some coloring advice from Jointless, tried to put that to work on this image.
Getting a bit crisper, and that was needed, so thanks to her.

Vinter is doing a doodle cartoon about tea tomorrow (if I say it, maybe it becomes true).
Looking forward to more from her ^^


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