Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Seers Eye

One image, two doodles.
So its my turn to lazy!
So I needed to draw something, so I did I drew a girl, and some dice...

Then I realized that even I am getting sick of all the just being around cute girl drawings I've been making. (And my tolerance is extreme when it comes to cute women in all forms)

So I made some more dynamically posed adventurers, and spiced things up with the inclusion of the male gender (yes, kind of a rare event on lazy, which would make 2 in a row momentous!).
I realized however that Coloring the image might be a pain, as I had no inclination as to how I wanted it colored.

SO, I drew Philana my warhammer seer, and even though I meant to color it in photoshop I kinda went overboard with the pencil shading, which results in a slightly more messy picture once colored in photoshop.

Which you all can probably tell for yourself!
Course Could've just done another image, but honestly sleep is quite pleasing an activity.

Vinter seems to be going places of immense inspiration!
That can nothing but bode well for her next set of lazy posts.


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