Monday, 17 October 2011

Done and over with...

This painting really got me annoyed last night.. I feel like something's missing but I don't really know what, and I'm not very pleased with the outcome.. Oh, and excuse the scan, it made the colours a little bit pale, and the copper colour doesn't shine as it does IRL.

But I just had to call it finished and leave it be. Getting annoyed over it doesn't make it any better. Maybe I'll fix it one day, I kind of doubt it.

Moving along!
I'm working all of this week, so excuse any late posts. But I'll be back in business on friday, I hope.

Oh, Kyrie draws cute, and scary. Me likes^^ What will he bring us tomorrow?

- Vinter


  1. You said you didn't plan the colour. Did that contribute to your annoyance?

  2. skm: it did indeed! Next time, I'll plan loads.

  3. Maybe she just need more focus in the face? More defined eyes? I don't really mind the color combo actually :)