Monday, 31 October 2011

Oh iPad...

Such a useful thing you are... Best gift evah!

Two drawings, iPad doodles to be correct. The best thing with doodling on the iPad is that it takes so little time to fling one together... The boy jumping over the fence drawing only took like 20-30 minutes! Same with the factory girl...

I hope to do some drawing, some real drawing, tomorrow. After I've done some work on two commissions I'm playing around with this week.
I'm also currently teaching myself dreamweaver! So maybe I'll make my own website soon^^

Woow, now that was a lot of drawings Kyrie posted yesterday... I feel like I need to post plenty of awesome drawings full of awesomeness soon...

Anyway, I'm guessing he will bring us lessness tomorrow, seeing as it was overload time yesterday:p it will probably be awesome anyway!

- Vinter

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