Thursday, 27 October 2011

Syfy is the new Sci/Fi

So I've been dreaming myself away looking at some beautiful Infinity models.
So once my salary got here, I could not help myself do other then buy a little mood helper.

And since I've been thinking infinity all night, drawing anything not inspired proved hard.
(tried doing some Bounty thing, but I ended up making the Steam-punk inspired really take a technological twist)
So as a result I just did this image.
Had some fun with her pose, good practice.

Hope it falls into your head and give you all kisses on the happiness part of the brain
(Yes, I am an unclear person, I mean, hope you like it)

Vinters day tomorrow, where will the Pad take her next ^^.
(if I had her job I would be dead BTW, so respect) (you can add a gangster sign if wanted)


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