Thursday, 6 October 2011


I'm late again. This whole thing of getting up so early in the morning and being back at the hotel so late really makes it difficult to post anything when I don't even have internets at the hotel. I honestly don't want to go out again when I finally get home.

I was planning on drawing many more drawings, to make up for the whole thing that I am first of posting silly sketches and then for being late. But I was "forced" to be social.

I will, never the less, draw some today, so I have everything ready for tomorrow!
Wait, didn't I say that yesterday as well? BAH.

Anyway, over to the drawings! The first one is the ice cream of death, the second one is me whying over silly people sitting with their heads in my shot, doom them all!

NOW, back to more convention drawing and fetching of tea, lots of it, to keep me awake!

Kyrie brings more coolness tomorrow, and to be square, I didn't really think the gun look that ugly^^

- Vinter

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