Friday, 7 October 2011

Cheating is ill~...zzZzzZ

So today I've managed to go to work, work, do overtime and eat and that has taken me to this time of day.
Now what I had planned to do next is of course draw an lazy-inhouse entry.
But the combination of equally full days, and 9 hours sleep the last two days has me struggling to not keel over.

So i decided that in stead of crying (could've happend, once I started drawings and failed at things I could do at an age of 12) I would just upload what I think of as one of my personal favorit images I've drawn.

That is of course horribly cheating, and I will penance myself by coloring yesterday and todays image as a bonus update.

But in the mean time, hope you all can enjoy the Atlantica online inspired witch!

Vinter's doodles are so full of character that I kind of want to force her to do a doodle comic!
(please help nag her to do it!)
I'm looking forward to what she's got for us tomorrow.


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