Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Meet anatomically correct Goblin, Looking at a giant bomb.
Timing when to sit down.


I have been preoccupied lately, so that leads to a lot of drawing on the go!
Most of the time, drawings on the go do NOT make it to Lazy-Inhouse.

But today one made it, not because it was so awesome, but because I was so preoccupied.

I have an extreme urge to draw a fallen angel, I should do that.
Do not do energy drinks kids, your wallet can not afford it!

Vinter next for more goodies


Sunday, 29 May 2011


I'm so stuffed right now, I've had a really big dinner. Had some nice fish with asparagus and hollandaise sauce, then some crab with some kind of herb risotto, then a nice piece of veal and chicken and lamb chops! And strawberries dipped in chocolate, after some nice cheese*_*

Todays drawing is a little character design. I've been thinking a lot lately, on making a game... I liked the name The Fixer, that I gave my little entry for the Concept Art compo at The Gathering this year, and I liked the idea behind it.

So expect more in the future:)

Await more goodness from Kyrie tomorrow

Late'N Lazy

Piece of artbook!
Just some people, drawn for some daily practice.

Not much to say when you are this late, so in stead I give you all cyborg-baby-shotgun-carrier

Indeed.Lets hope Vinter brings the stuff tomorrow as well.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Late night doodling!

Sorry for being a little late today, I've been indulging in nothingness after a few long and tiering days at work:)

Now to the drawing, as the tittle says this is just doodling... Some thumbs on my little Apocalyptic Pandora project, to see if I should change the perspective or angle a little, and figuring out some details in my head, which is not on paper yet.

In good news, I got my pencil case back today\o/ YEY, thank you! In bad news, I won't be home until sunday to continue any of my projects:<
Isn't it nice to see Kyrie in such a good mood? I certainly think so^^

Expect more Kyrie awesomeness tomorrow!
- Vinter

Friday, 27 May 2011

Lake of happiness

Feeling great today, really just more that humanly possible great.

I love my life.

Anyways hope you enjoys lady by the lake, A lil'bit inspired by Imogen Heap.

I will now slither away, and Vinter will be sure to give us excellence.


Wednesday, 25 May 2011


I started this drawing two nights ago, in the wee hours of the morning while I was waiting for sleep. It was a lot of fun to do, even though I didn't have time to draw it all in one go. As I was working yesterday, and sleep got me before I was able to finish it.

Anyway, hope you like! Now it's back to work for me.
Await more from Kyrie tomorrow^^

- Vinter


Wow, I am really enjoying Vinters work!
She motivates me to draw, and challenges me to get better every other day and thats why I love Lazy-Inhouse, no matter what kind of press or what kind of help it gives us creators.

Still I produce a lazy product today.
But hay, it is in the title you know.

I call the picture an Illustraion of how Aquaman got his powers!
Do not ask me what he is breathing but it sure makes him awesome.

More Vinter tomorrow, yay

Going to bed

Monday, 23 May 2011

A painting.

Good evening intahrwebs!

Yesterday I wanted to start on my Apocalyptic Pandora project, but sadly I found out that the pen for my drawing tablet is in my lost (but found, in a friends car, just have to wait till he's back in town^^) pencil case, so I had to put that one on hold.

But with that, I started on a acrylics painting. I was never very good at paint, and I don't really have patience for it. But this is a fun little experiment... Oh, and it's not done yet:P

Man, I really need a desk. At the moment I'm using my clothes drying rack as a "table"... It's the only thing that's big enough for me to have brushes and paints short at hand. And I'm still filling up the coffee table with stuff like water glasses to wash my brushes and my buckets of paint...

After this painting I want to make another one, based on this sketch\o/

Await more creativity from Kyrie tomorrow!

- Vinter

Sunday, 22 May 2011


Sometimes as an artist you have to just post what was created, swallow your pride, and pretend it all worked out as planned.

Chibi time!

Me, and some people around me on a trek to the future with a cartO'UrgeIntense.
Yes please.

I really struggle with color in this format on lazy due to the fact that I begin the Illustrations/drawings the day of release.
So I end up stressing and getting dissapointed in the result.
Its all so meh.

But everything is supposed to make us stronger, so I will take this as a lesson to start my drawings one day early!

3 in 1 from vinter!
All hail the holy.
Hides now.

A big one!

A big one today. Wanted to show off some stuff.

The top one is a quick sketch of me on a bike with my boyfriend in the sidecar:P It looked way cooler in my head, but this will do, maybe I'll colour it^^

The second one is another quick one, I'm thinking of making this into a portfolio piece, clean draw it, fix the anatomy and paint it in photoshop or something:)

And the last one is a picture of me wearing the t-shirt I made^^ I upped the design here a few days ago.

Hope you like!

Await more awesomeness from Kyrie tomorrow! He did say wait for something special right:D?

- Vinter

Friday, 20 May 2011


A new drawing for Lazy-Inhouse!

Yay, The drawing it self is more a feeling than anything els.
The feeling you get after playing Video games for way way to long and listening to gibberish that escapes fellow gamers mouth!

Tomorrow we get something special form vinter?

Maybe something special from me sunday as well then!


Week off!

This week has been my little week off work, and I feel like it's gone by to quick and without me getting anything I wanted to do done... Oh well, I still have the weekend to play with..

Anyway, about the drawing... Behind every great man, stands a greater woman? Or sumthin...
I have a really cool drawing in my head, lets hope I get it down on paper during the next few days. What it is will be my little secret :>

I bought some chlorine today, so tomorrow will be testing of bleaching t-shirts:) Which will be a fun experiment, I'm sure.

Await more from Kyrie tomorrow!

- Vinter

Thursday, 19 May 2011


Doodle Tonight, sorry for the lateness!

We all love different things.
I think of myself as a lover of ideas.

And a lover of finding out what other people love.

Look forward to more sweet Vinter illustration tomorrow (know I will)

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Norway Day!

Today was Norway's day of independence. Or... More like, the day when the constitution was written and made real...

So today was a day of celebrating and eating a lot. I usually only eat one or maybe two times a day, but today I had three meals... my goodness I'm still stuffed!
Big breakfast, big lunch and a serious big dinner with strawberries with sugar and cream (my favorite) for dessert... I was still full from yesterdays big dinner when we started breakfast:P

Anyway, these two drawings are quick t-shirts designs. I'll do some more research on bones and how to draw on the t-shirts, if I end up buying a fabric pen or doing it with bleach.

Expect more tomorrow and so on and so on!

- Vinter

Monday, 16 May 2011

My Eye

My eyes, they see.
Your eyes, they see.

Do they see the same?
Mine see

Ask me, or I rather you did not.




A little late today, but it's sunday after all:)
Nothing special, just a doodle.

This week I'm planing on trying to make a few one of a kind t-shirts, I've got about eight black new t-shirts to play around with. If they turn out cool, I'm planning on selling them, so stay tuned for some t-shirt designs the next few days from me!

Thats all for today, await more stuff from Kyrie tomorrow.

- Vinter

Saturday, 14 May 2011


Ever been carried away?

I can not honestly remebre the last time I was not carried away.

Kind of my thing, the way I like to go (or Float if you will, hurr hurr)
But what would happen if you kind of half-assedly got carried away?
I have a feeling that would be very unsatisfactory.

But then again we all do as we do, and I will keep doing what I want to do.
Til the point where things might be downright stupid, but could we put a price on fun?

Oooo heavy stuff today on Lazy
Drawing is colored in crayon, felt like a child.

More sweet tomorrow,
More me happy day after


(I am on strange computer land ATM, so no spellcheck, which means well...

Friday, 13 May 2011

Blog down!

So all of yesterday, blogger was down, which means no blog entry yesterday, but two drawings from me today:)

The first one is an elf of some sort with two katars. Which was my favourite weapon in diablo^^

The second one is of my BF and me, beeing happy... or sumthin:>

Await more awesomeness frome Kyrie tomorrow!

- Vinter

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Look, but not touch?

Late today, Hmm...
No good, must be better next time.

Kind words from Vinter.
Can not possibly follow that up so...

I am Tired, made drawing for you, going to bed, tomorrow more.


Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Thank YOU!

(saw Sucker Punch the other day, very cool film, so much awesome stuff to look at^^)

Last time I posted, I wrote about how I was afraid of loosing my creative "juice". But yesterday, while I was at work, I though "toenail this, it was just tools!"

When I buy my tools, cheap or expensive, I get really attached to it, and it gains a lot of personal value. But, time to stop whining and pick up the pencil and draw!
DRAW OR DIE!! or sumthing...

ANYWAY, don't I have the nicest and most supportive friends? Since my little loss, Kyrie asked if he could buy me some new pencils, but I said no (feel bad for taking a fellow artist's money). And then, when I get home today and check my post, a package is waiting for me! I was quite moved when I opened it and found a super awesome set of coloured pencils! Sent from a friend of mine from the States! So this squid drawing is for you. Thank you so so much for the support^^

(the ink kind off looks like ice cream:P)
Now I can go happily to bed^^
Await more from Kyrie tomorrow, and expect a colour drawing from me on thursday!!

ps. I call him Squiddy:>

Monday, 9 May 2011

Phillip the ratmouse only has good habits.

Rough one today, yeah I know.
Drew it on a train actually, theres a little bit of a bumpage going on there.

luckily for me I practiced drawing while walking, so bumpage is perfectly fine.
Anyways, If I am so terrible at drawing that you can not see whats going on in the drawing then my price to pay will be that of you all not understanding whats going on in the picture.

So I will not explain it at all!

yes I am such a strict little man.

Worry not now little children, no vinter will loose there glow as long as I have a say.
Stay tuned for tomorrow.


Me No Likes!!

This is a rather old drawing, because I've misplaced my pencil case D: Which contains all of my precious pencils, kneaded rubber, pencil sharpener and pastel pencils... So I haven't been able to make anything new just yet. (I know, I've posted this on my other blog once already...)

I don't have a lot of money at the time, so buying new pencils will have to wait until I get payed... Which happens in two weeks... Until then I will have to make due with some cheap pencils and pens I can borrow from work...

I really don't like to loose stuff like that, kicks me of my "art" mood... last time I lost my sketchbook, the outcome of that was a dry period for about half a year before I started to feel comfortable drawing again, and that's just half a year ago >_<

- Vinter

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Cold, chill, freezing.

Always had a thing for the name Rose, such a pretty name.
And honestly I think I am part of the "golden girls" generation so it might be a bit weird.

Then again I think my like for the name goes for all flower inspired names.
Guess I just like flowers.

Anyway, a bit of a redesign of Rose (henceforth, unless a more appealing flower appears)
Making her just a little bit more Victorian, trough all her redesigns some aspects have stayed the same, she is still and will probably always be
- Daughter of a nobleman.
- Deadly, very deadly, but absolutely unwilling to use that power.

As far as stories go, Rose's character is kind of a myth within a mythical realm.
Patches of great story, that form the basis for a very unlikely personality.
Ever making you question, if she is at all plausible.

KK rant off.

Vinter said I am nice...
Awesome, massively worth the doublepostingeffort


Portrait time!

So as a thank you for putting in a good word for me for a job thing (which I sadly didn't get, but thats life:)) I told a friend of mine I wold do his face! Sadly, I'm not sure I succeeded:S It feels off... I did use a reference photo, but he didn't want it to be drawn straight of the photo, so I tried to only used the photo to get the proportions right and to see where the light would hit...

Hm, I'm apparently not very good at making drawings look like real people... Oh well, practice makes a master!

or sumthing....

Tune in for more Kyrie stuff tomorrow, and isn't he nice? Covering for me and all^^

- Vinter

Thursday, 5 May 2011


Yes, thats right it is me again!
wohooo double the Kyrie, awesome, yay, and so forth.

Just a quick pencil I did whiles talking to a mate of mine, honestly basically brain dead drawing.
Now this double posting has left me 100% exhausted so I should go meditate with a 2b pencil on something better than above post.


Yes, Tune in tomorrow for Vinter comeback piece!


Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Dancing by myself

Top one would be the original image, bottom one would be the color adjusted image.
Please do tell me which one you like better.

Now I was listening to "Dancing by myself" - Nouvelle Vague, and got the urge to draw a girl dancing, so I did, and when I drew her I had this idea that in stead of trying to color her skin Realistically I would color her in all reds, so you guessed it, I did.

Which is more or less how I always work, I do what I think I want to do always.
Most of the time it ends up being "meh", but thats only most of the time!
Now the original did in fact end up quite nice in its original media, but I felt the effect somewhat diminish in the scanned version, so I adjusted the colors using photoshop.

If that was needed I did not know, So I just posted both version for you all to see.

Thats a lot of seriousness in one post.
Shutting up now.


Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Oh the laziness

Last time I was at Kyries place, we talked about how we admire artists who's able to put all sort of details in their pictures, like in the hair or where ever... So, I decided to try this... An awesome big hairdo with lots of lots of stuff in it! then I got lazy.. And ended up just putting in Lazy Inhouse...

How much can you expect from a tired soul, stuck in front of a tv in the middle of nowhere, waiting for tomorrows looong loooooooooooong long day of work...

K thanks.. Latorzzz there will be more Kyrie stuff. And he might have to cover for me on thursday... Because I'm working long loooooooong long days...

- Vinter

Monday, 2 May 2011

I like little witches and I can not lie.

Always loved witches, ever since I was a small human, and witches always come in threes.

As such 3 witches. now honestly you would not know these girls where witches had I not told you, so in that way I have failed.

wah wah wah...

Guess that means I get to draw more witches so I can prove to the lot of you I can do it.

No get pumped for tomorrow, for Vinter just raised the stakes for her next drawing
and its gotten me mighty curios!

Kyrie away!

40th post!

My excuse today is that I was attending my brothers confirmation, and it took longer than expected...

This is a drawing of me, falling asleep and drooling all over my drawing in progress...

I don't work on tuesday, so I will have a cool and more finished looking drawing then, which will not be so late:P

Till tomorrow!!

- Vinter