Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Thank YOU!

(saw Sucker Punch the other day, very cool film, so much awesome stuff to look at^^)

Last time I posted, I wrote about how I was afraid of loosing my creative "juice". But yesterday, while I was at work, I though "toenail this, it was just tools!"

When I buy my tools, cheap or expensive, I get really attached to it, and it gains a lot of personal value. But, time to stop whining and pick up the pencil and draw!
DRAW OR DIE!! or sumthing...

ANYWAY, don't I have the nicest and most supportive friends? Since my little loss, Kyrie asked if he could buy me some new pencils, but I said no (feel bad for taking a fellow artist's money). And then, when I get home today and check my post, a package is waiting for me! I was quite moved when I opened it and found a super awesome set of coloured pencils! Sent from a friend of mine from the States! So this squid drawing is for you. Thank you so so much for the support^^

(the ink kind off looks like ice cream:P)
Now I can go happily to bed^^
Await more from Kyrie tomorrow, and expect a colour drawing from me on thursday!!

ps. I call him Squiddy:>

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