Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Dancing by myself

Top one would be the original image, bottom one would be the color adjusted image.
Please do tell me which one you like better.

Now I was listening to "Dancing by myself" - Nouvelle Vague, and got the urge to draw a girl dancing, so I did, and when I drew her I had this idea that in stead of trying to color her skin Realistically I would color her in all reds, so you guessed it, I did.

Which is more or less how I always work, I do what I think I want to do always.
Most of the time it ends up being "meh", but thats only most of the time!
Now the original did in fact end up quite nice in its original media, but I felt the effect somewhat diminish in the scanned version, so I adjusted the colors using photoshop.

If that was needed I did not know, So I just posted both version for you all to see.

Thats a lot of seriousness in one post.
Shutting up now.


1 comment:

  1. The second is better balanced, more pleasing to look at :]
    But, you got more funk in the first one. It looks raw, in a good way. But it looks like she is boiling herself in a superhot shower cause of the red skin and the waterasosiation on the wavy things