Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Keeper Of Secrets

A little concept work on the idea of a keeper of secrets to lead a daemon army.

Don't think I'll go with the snake body, do not think I'll go with the bladed arms.

After drawing this I know.

Snake mouth face, 4/6? arms.

Cuts and tattoo mark the sigil.

Ideas Ideas.

Hope you enjoy.
Vinter will be back to lazy our lazy tomorrow!


Sunday, 29 July 2012


A lazy sketch for the lazy people! Apparently, both of the lazy crew have been more or less lazy and busy as of late... Hoping to have time for some more proper drawing soon!

Kyrie brings nice lazy again tomorrow, for reals!

- Vinter


Sleep, sleeeeeeep, sleeep.

Not much to say about this one.

Guess that means its endlessly deep and meaningful.
Could be anyway, if your in the mood for that.
and imaginative.

Vinter tomorrow!
I lie in bed all day.


Saturday, 28 July 2012

A sketch

I've been painting a lot lately. Like, super much... But not the kind of painting I would like to do.
That's right, I'm painting mums house. And my arm is seriously hurting...
So good night, and I'm sorry>_<

- Vinter

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Anything Above

2% is not to be administrated treatment, and disposed of cleanly to avoid further contamination.

Telling a story, damning the lack of color.

On the positive side I've gotten back into a rhythm of positive things lately, so posting early and stuff like that ain't an doomsday like task.

Hope you enjoy, prolly going to need to full screen to actually see anything due colors.

Vinter was late, good to know I ain't alone in lateness!
Tomorrow she might be on time though.
Find out!


Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The late

Hay. I'm late... I'm SORRY!!!

Kyrie is back with glory tomorrow!

- Vinter

Monday, 23 July 2012


I need to get this operation out of the kitchen so I can actually color some of this stuff!

Vinter went all awesome on us yesterday, so I felt I needed to awesome up.
Sadly, I still stand in the kitchen, and it seems I just have to get myself a new scanner.

O wells.

Cant live on borrowed goods forever.

I was going to draw something horrible, but realized it was horrible, so I drew an axe, and the Madam sort of made herself around that.

Vinter is the person in charge tomorrow!

And I will leave you now.
BTW; food is good when you put some effort into it.



A little witch! I started this as a speed paint thing to take a little brake from the commission I'm currently working on. I got sick of it half way through, but couldn't stop for some reason... I think it's because if I put it down I know I'll never finish it:P
It's still not done, missing a lot of details, but I just can't be bothered now...

Would recommend, having a look at the full size one though. 

Been listening to the new Emilie Autumn single, Fight Like a Girl, and it's rather catchy... Time for Tea is an awesome song! I get such fun visual images in le head:P

Anyway, better go to bed. There's another day tomorrow filled with commission work!

Kyrie brings more cute girls, maybe maybe not, tomorrow (today). So stay tuned.


P.s. I just remembered why I never really colour in CMYK.. WOAOW, the colours changes... 

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Freedom of shape.

Sometimes I just get a kick in the noggin that makes me understand that, to strive for what looks right is wrong.

At which point I start drawing people in shapes I like, not as logic dictates.

This lil Girl is an example of that, and hightly enjoyable to draw because of that.
Hope my enjoyment makes the image better!

Ehehehheehe, I am not late.
No never late.

I did not fall asleep.
No never sleep.

Vinter is today...

Good luck to her and the moving, what will she bring us?


Saturday, 21 July 2012


Head... This was also intended for a commission, but was as I was not needed I can show it.

Not much to say, I've been very busy working, drinking cherry chocolate shake and having a showing of the place we're currently renting.

As the shy and unsocial person I am, I nearly freaked out when about 25 people crammed into our home, touching all our stuff, opening all our cupboards and drawers, even got into our bed with shoes on!

I'm looking so much forward to the new place you have no idea... Just 11 more days and we can call it our home!

Kyrie is back in town for the next lazy, maybe he brings us some cuteness from the forrest? Or some evil woodland creatures? Or... Something completely different. Only tomorrow will tell!

- Vinter

Thursday, 19 July 2012


Been sleeping and reading, real cabin like lifestyle!

Also dreamt of a weird Asian girl, drew her this morning, but not much of a drawing to show because its basically just a little girl with nails on her arms.

(I might be using nails wrong here)

Anyways, hope you enjoy this pirate, tried to allow myself to not draw the other arm as well.
Feels like a cheat, but might be more natural.

Vinters started the move to the Vinter room.
Getting exited for them both, ganna be glorious!

And maybe just maybe lazy will reap the benefits?

More from her tomorrow.

Some new.

Stuff... I'm making some new drawings for my portfolio.

We're in the progress for moving, the apartment were moving to will have a vinter room:>
We're moving a bit sooner than expected, so I started packing today. So far we've packed 11 and a half boxes of stuff and we still have quite a bit left...

Oh well, is nice, I'm looking a lot forward to move!

Kyrie is back tomorrow with some proper cabin magic!

- Vinter

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


So this is a family friend.

Got the mission of my father to draw him, so I did, and now he is on facebook for all to see.

Funny that.

Hope you all enjoy, and yes I am now posting from the cabin, looking forward to some mario playing time with our Netherlands Vinter.

She will post tomorrow!

Enjoy that

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


So, here is a sketch which was a suggestion for a commission, but it was canned. So showing it off.

The hand is a bit small.
Oh well.

It's nice being back home, but I'm looking forward to move houses soon!

Kyrie bring moar kitchen influence tomorrow, what will it be this time? Sketchy war men, or something cute and polished?

- Vinter

Monday, 16 July 2012

Knight face

Simple stuff todays, still with the kitchen thing.

Hard to have something to say this late.
So Rurgledumple, Its been an awesome day.

Hope you enjoy.

Vinter up for tomorrow, looking forward to that, quite liking these cute characterizers she's got going.

Solid comic material!


Saturday, 14 July 2012

Some doodles

Some afternoon tea and us at the cinema. We didn't watch anything in 3D, but it looks a bit cooler with the googles on:p
We actually saw Chernobyl Diaries, which was a fun film:)

Tomorrow we're going home, which is a bit sad... Because we've had a very nice time!
But it will be nice to get home as well, and get back to some commissions and picture making. Now that I've bought myself some really nice portfolios I have no excuses to not show stuff off!

Kyrie will be back with kitchen wizardry tomorrow, all await the magical pencil!

- Vinter


Still in the kitchen ^^.

Enjoyed this one.
Listened to some podcast, drank some caffinated caffiny drink to caffinate myself.

I obviously should not do that.
But Its kind of a part of the drawing process.

Theres a story there, but its convoluted.
And highly up for imaginations tricks and bends.

Hope you enjoy.
And with that it is Vintertime!

*dance in suspense*


Thursday, 12 July 2012

Back in Den Haag

After a few super nice days in England, we're back in the Netherlands. Is nice.

Not much to say, have little British inspired cottage sketch and girl with dreads doodle!

Kyrie is back with more kitchen magic tomorrow, or was that cabin magic?

- Vinter

Kitchen lazys lazy

Posting from the kitchen again.

Still have jet to find a driver that makes the scanner work with windows 7.

Course wont matter all that much as I am bringing the kitchen computer to my families cabin soon.
Hopeing to give you some good stuff then!

In the mean time enjoy more snapshot of Vinters vacations time tomorrow.

This is Meh, Fleeing the crime-scene.


Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Ponds and beaches.

Here, has doodle of changing huts on the beach of Southwold and my bf and I in a boat on a pond!

I had no idea rowing means splashing wars in Engurland, so I didn't really dress for the occasion. Causing me to be soaked with water, seaweed, mud and duck poo (yes, there was swans and ducks everywhere!)...

Anyway, we did survive! So did kyrie, barely. Let's hope he gets better soon, and has le courage to stay of the intense urge for a bit.
He brings coolness back to us tomorrow!

- Vinter

Monday, 9 July 2012

Cute by choice

Sorry about the lateness.

Fell asleep.

Not much more to say, exept that I claim this day in the name of Kyrie!

so tomorrow (for reals tomorrow this time) is Vinter time.
More vecation bits then!

I must go try and get the scanner to work, also gotto buy myself photoshop.
Bit awkward haveing to post this from the kitchen.


Saturday, 7 July 2012

In England

Yey, we're in England! We took the overnight boat over from The Hook of Holland to Harwich, which was rather nice.

We're now at a super nice hotel in Southwold, our room is very pretty, and we're currently having the window open and someone is playing a fiddle somewhere close by! Perfect setting for drawing the days away. I wish I could stay here the rest of the summer...

Anyway, kyrie will bring some pretty cool coloured stuff next time, I'm guessing, as he's now got a super computer to rock the boat with. Unless he takes the ultimate lazy way, and gives us an awesome sketch instead!

- Vinter

Friday, 6 July 2012


Softly colored.

hmmmmm, next on the agenda, try out wet/hard highlights.

Anyways, another dancing music girl.
Because I cant possibly imagine something that brings more happiness, then music and the act of singing and/or dancing to it.

I get a new computer today.
Exiting stuff.

Not much more to say, its early, so the brain is kind of of, and my hearth is being weird.
Ganna go google that.

Vinter is up for tomorrows!
What more can we glean about her trip, other then fish and clouds.


Thursday, 5 July 2012


Quick post, haring and the first drawing on the plane.

Now we run to catch the boat!

Kyrie post much inspiration tomorrow!

- Vinter

Early consept: Coral

Ended up putting bounty on a hold, the characters therein hold to much personal value to actually be able to let them grow.

Which is such a sad, sad statement.

New idea has no general name yet, but the idea is there.
As for potential characters there many.

This is Coral though.
Planned on giving you all an actual concept illustration.
But the idea mesh will have to do as I fell into "total annihilation".

A video game I played as a child.
The music is awesome.

Also been pokemoning like a champ, clocked something like 4 hours trying to get some good IV's to go with a good nature, so I can properly EV train, a pokemon thats in the (standard) braket...

That game is deeper then I ever imagined as a child.
O and I watched a romantic comedy anime about a tall girl and a short guy.

Now do you not all feel included!

Vinter will bring us less chatty chat tomorrow, and more potentially awesome drawings.


Wednesday, 4 July 2012

I'm sorry!!

Someone blocked the Internet at the hotel last night so I wasn't able to post anything.

So here, I give you four sketches from my new travel diary. The front page, Amsterdam "tittle screen", a crocked Amsterdam house, a glass of whisky and cigars (I don't smoke, but my bf is giving it away as a present).

Hope that makes up for the lateness!
Kyrie will show you coolness later, and I'll be back tomorrow.

- Vinter

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


She's on the beach.
Couse wearing underwear in public is only legal whiles on the beach.

I have and have been having a sickeningly painful headache.
Totally annoying.

Need to get all healthy-like again, to see if that shooooo's (yes thats a verb) it away.
Plan for healthy-like.
Buy water, no trust the tap
Drink more water.
Drink less sugary caffiniated drinks Exchange with tea.
Make real dinner.
Make varied dinner.
Walk to work.
Read outside.
Sit away from the tv, lights on.

Might work.
Before I find out if my headache gets any better, Vinter will holiday sketch us I'm guessing ;).
Look forward to that!


Sunday, 1 July 2012


Ice cream day!
For those of you who's not heard that song, look up dr kosmos on YouTube:p

Anyway, yey. I sat up all night and finished tha painting thing!
Painting with acrylics is so time consuming, but it kinda feels nice to have an original drawing. The golden frame looks a bit less overpowering irl.

But yes, I'm currently on my way to Amsterdam. I have mixed feelings about that, and kyrie knows why... It's not that I'm not looking forward to it, because I do, but I've never been there before... And you all know where xxx comes from right?

But kyrie will be back tomorrow, giving us more goodies before or after driver fail!

- Vinter

Just a little.

Drivers stopped working.

I was really looking forward to try some wet highlights, but guess thats what I get for...

I honestly do not know why I deserve this mistreatment, but I can venture many a guess.

Anyways, this image was kind of done at 00.12.
But then I started enjoying myself, and look at the time.

Think my spring water might be poisoning me as well BTW.

Funny day, I know, Right.

Anyways, I will now hopefully go to sleep.
(doubt it)

Vinter will come back to us tomorrow.
Like a baws.

Kyrie away~