Thursday, 5 July 2012

Early consept: Coral

Ended up putting bounty on a hold, the characters therein hold to much personal value to actually be able to let them grow.

Which is such a sad, sad statement.

New idea has no general name yet, but the idea is there.
As for potential characters there many.

This is Coral though.
Planned on giving you all an actual concept illustration.
But the idea mesh will have to do as I fell into "total annihilation".

A video game I played as a child.
The music is awesome.

Also been pokemoning like a champ, clocked something like 4 hours trying to get some good IV's to go with a good nature, so I can properly EV train, a pokemon thats in the (standard) braket...

That game is deeper then I ever imagined as a child.
O and I watched a romantic comedy anime about a tall girl and a short guy.

Now do you not all feel included!

Vinter will bring us less chatty chat tomorrow, and more potentially awesome drawings.


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