Saturday, 31 March 2012

Space girl, awhnoh!

This is the first take on my space girl. Earlier today, I decided to redo it and changed the pose and scenery completely. So you get this one today, and maybe the other one next time... Maybe, unless I end up being able to actually finish the bot killer any time soon:)

Anyway, tomorrow is work day, sunday is eating family dinner and then monday is straight to TG, working my ass off for not nothing at all... yeah, that's right! The super charm of being a volunteer.

I'll have some nice stuff done during TG, and I'll finally have time to sort out some commissions:)

And maybe, just maybe, Kyrie will come back strong tomorrow? But, keep in mind, hard working people have little time for what they enjoy! Unless you're nothing like me and superman...

- Vinter

Friday, 30 March 2012

No magic.

Just spent 4 hours trying to give you all something good to look at.
Got stuck with the idea of drawing a beautiful woman.

Seemed to have forgotten the fact that I am a very shallow man.
So the drawings just never got pretty enough, and since they are drawings, well little of their personality helped.

I do however not require punishment for my horrible shallowness.
I've got my punishment tenfold.

Anyways, hopefully Vinter can save us all.
bring us something good!


Thursday, 29 March 2012


I'm not very good with original media, as you can see in today's drawing... I decided to test out aquarel, and found out that the pen I'd been using bleeds like hell.. That's why it looks so ugly, that and of course the fact that I never use the medium in the first place.

Anyway, I tried to finish the bot killer today, but I got kinda rusty since I've not had time to work much on drawing lately. But I have time to sort that out tomorrow!

Kyrie will be up tomorrow with more niceness, let's all wait in excitement for that!

- Vinter

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Finely said that nothing was really.

There you go.

First up is the final concept for the daemon prince for the slaanesh army.
only thing that might change is the face-mask(thingy)

And in model form some things always change just due whats available in bits and the like.

The main reason for me posting the concept is the fact that I was not happy with how "I" turned out.

Sure you get the idea, but I wanted it to be clearer.

But you know its late, maybe I do not really mean that.
Vinter is no matter what I really mean up tomorrow, and that will be sweet!


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The other..


I was at kyries place today, we played mario as usual, leveled up on urge intense and muffins and talked about what we wanted to look like:P
This is a bit over exaggerated, but meh, I wouldn't mind being a bit more unafraid and look more like I want to.

The dreads would be synthetic ones btw, so I could vary a bit with the hairstyle, and yes, that's a nose ring, you know, kind of like what spanish bulls have:P And, I would dare to use some nice colours, like green and red and brown. Ah, yes, I would also have a nice tattoo, which would be a mix of organic and mechanic stuff^^ Like cogs and nice wines with pretty leafs on them..

Anyway, it's getting late and I better go to bed, I has work tomorrow...

Kyrie brings moar stuff tomorrow, maybe we'll see his version of him^^

- Vinter

Monday, 26 March 2012


So more rat tail people.

I have a plan, but I was unable to do it as I kept falling asleep and into a zombie like glare on the paper.

no focus = no big drawings.

Better next time?

Vinters up for tomorrow, Mario and drawing makes for some potential fun!


Sunday, 25 March 2012


Here you go. I've been at work all day and night and this was all I had time to draw today... Sorry, I'm disappointed in my self.

- vinter

Saturday, 24 March 2012


Mush, my brain is.

Got work tomorrow, so sadly can't give you anymore then Pedro Mush here.
Been entertaining guests all day long.

Vinters back for tomorrow, maybe our fix of Mario inspires her to finish her work.

Yeah, thats words, thats drawings
Check check.


Friday, 23 March 2012

Bot killer WIP 3

Jeeees, this is the third wip... At least it's done in not too long, just a few more hours. Hopefully I'll be good and get up tomorrow morning finishing it.

Not much to say, I don't feel I can compete with that awesome story Kyrie wrote the yesterday... That was something. It should be made in to a little short film or sumthin!

Now I go to bed, in hopes of getting up tomorrow at a reasonable time, before I'm off to Kyries place ta do some Marioplaying^^

- Vinter

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Love story

Gather around the metaphorical campfire and let me spin you a tale.

A tale of a young couple, a couple so perfectly matched, so very in love.
Long had their relationship lasted, and longer yet was it planned, but not all stories end as you want them too.

The young man was murdered, one cold night in the year 2523.
He had wandered into a situation most unfavorable, and he would've known something was wrong was his mind not so hard at work wondering just how to present the ring in his inner pocket, to the lady waiting at home.

The assault was merciless, and as organs where in short supply that year, the boy was left with little to show, when his love was forced to identify his corpse.

She was a stubborn and brilliant young lady, and the grief that followed was eternal.
Drowning her emotion in what she did best, she sett out on a most miraculous path.
She started to study nano-bot technology together with reworking and rewriting the human genetic code.

Many had tried similar before, but none specialized in what she herself was specialized in; Bio-hazardus material.

Years passed, and friends and family gave up on the obsessed girl so far fallen from her prime,
but her miracle was but a slight accident away.

One night the girl was tired beyond what social convention would deem appropriate, working on,
as always for but the hope of seeing him again.
Lost in painful memory she jerked as she forced herself into her emotionless glaze, the jerk however made a rather dangerous fluid spill and fall straight into her present sample.

She marveled at the brilliance as the nano-bots perfectly recreated the dead crow she had taken her sample from. He was within reach again, and her happiness was unfathomable, taking her studies to official sources she was greeted with astonishment and celebrations.

Man could make life anew, no longer did anyone need be suffer unnecessarily.
There was joy, there was hope, but a roadblock did appear.
To create a human, one would have to infuse oneself with the technology, so the bots could work from your memories, and recreate the exact human replica.
If one did not do this one was left with a emotionless shell perfectly molded, but a long stretch from perfect.

Human testing however was illegal, and the project was decided dangerous and inhuman, her hope was shattered, and none seemed to care, discussion even began on the nature of ones "souls" and if it would be correct to play with the already dead.
In the end official sources came and destroyed her work, and samples.
Leaving her to sit in another ruin, of yet another life.

Now I ask?
How far would you go for someone you love?
Someone so key to your existence that being left alone is nothing but the purest torture.

Would you kill?
Would you change?
Would you implant yourself with a dangerous and inhuman substance you kept hidden with no knowing what result might come of it?

Well I will have no complaining, I have after all, already told you...
Not all stories end as you want them too.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Bot killer WIP 2

Dudes and dudetts of the interwebs... This drawing is taking me forever... reason: WORK!

Hopefully it'll be done next time. I wanted to give you something cool looking, since Kyrie came with such an awesome drawing yesterday. BUT BAH, all my time is flying away to work:(

Speaking of work, gotta run!

Tune in tomorrow for awesomeness!

- Vinter

Got a light?

Preferably something smaller, if possible.

So yeah, this happened today.

Earlier today I read something on facebook that basically said (paraphrase):
"Be the kind of girl that when her feet touches the ground in the morning, the devil goes "fuck, she's up""

So this girl pooped into my head, course I do believe the facebook message was more along the lines of be super nice, with the emphasis on super, that fact alone did not stop my brain from going; needs more heat.

Yeah, I am tired so in fear of what I might type I will tap out!

Vinters up tomorrow, all responsible like and smart and stuff like that!


Monday, 19 March 2012

Bot killer WIP


I was planning on having this a bit more done, but I was so hungry I wasn't able to sit down and focus on it, and after I ate way to quickly my tummy was hurting so badly, all I could do was lie down in my bf's lap and rest...

My plan though, is to get up tomorrow morning and work on it before work... I'm not so sure if I'll be able to do it, but I will certainly try.

In other news, I just signed up at HIA... Yes, that's right, I payed someone to take care of my promotional stuff:P because I'm lazy, and I have no idea how to go about promoting my self... Now it remains to see if I get any commissions in the near future! *hopes for it*

Anyway, it's about time I go to bed, and dream about the bot killer. Maybe I'll have it done by next time!
Kyrie up tomorrow, with more nice witches? hotpants is indeed fun to do^^

- Vinter

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Why not arm yourself

So I have this twitch.

It's a drawing twitch, whenever i draw someone who has open hands, I spend a small eternity making the hands look natural and "flow-like" (Yeah, flow-like).

And If I achieve something I am happy with, I can't help myself but redrawing it all and putting something into their hands.

Most of the time I give them weapons, because its fun to draw some hard edges when I tend to favor softer edges.

Now you might ask where the logic in removing something your happy with for something that is in fact easier to draw?
And to that I say; Reward.

It's a reward system.
Course I should just leave a drawing without something in the hands for you all one day, but it's so hard, not to reward myself with the drawing of weapons and stuff.


Tomorrow will be Vinters day, Sunday, maybe we get some tablet action!

hope you enjoy lazy

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Space girl.

Here's another drawing to be finished! This is more or less a study of the helmet. The finished drawing will be of the whole girl in front of a window in a shuttle looking out a window out into space.

I really want to get back to my drawing tablet, and draw, but I was to tired today to sit and concentrate in front of a screen... Hopefully I'll be able to get some done tomorrow:)

Anyweeeh, kyrie brings Moar goodies tomorrow, after he's been at work!

- Vinter

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Wiggle room.

I have a serious attitude problem and I'll never change it.

This Illustration holds the key to why I like ponytails and any hairdo that bursts out of the wearers skull so very much.

Imagination people, do you not agree that it is a marvel of a thing.

Every young mind seem to stumble upon the though "what if my yellow is not the same as your yellow, and what if chicken for me taste like sharpie inc for you"

First of Sharpie tastes terrible, but thats what you get for having the habit of putting drawing utilities in your mouth.

Secondly, my mind is obviously fragmented today, and thats is Hilarius.

Thirdly, why not just decide that your yellow is different, why not forge yourselves into a world view holding all the wonder everyone secretly wished there was.

So to all you blossomskulls out there I salute you, and next time you wear your ponytail imagine the flower of your mind in full blossom.

Haha, Vinter has the job of covering my tracks, hope she's back on this time zone, if that is what she wants,no matter the answer she'll shine with her particular flavor of awesome for us all tomorrow.

Fragments out of here.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Jet lagged.

As you can guess, I'm rather jet lagged... And here's a little drawing about just that.

I came home from work last night around 01:30 and fell asleep around six seven..

Jet lag ruined my plans for today, oh and my phone, as it refused to ring when I had put it to ring... I was going to do some concept drawing, visit my sister to give her her birthday present and you know, generally get some fun stuff done... But no, I woke up about 45 min ago and I now have to go to work.

Oh well, enough complaining. We all know kyrie brings coolness tomorrow! Soon he'll have brown papered sketchbooks:)

- Vinter

Just a drawin'

You know, just a drawing.

Had some official work stuff to do today, so had basically no time to draw, did this whiles listening to an Audio book.

So if it seems mindless, well, its because its mindless!

But hopefully something you can enjoy while I start something more awesome for my next entry.

Vinters back with a vengeance, YAY, more kewl stuff from her tomorrow!


Tuesday, 13 March 2012


I'm back from the dead!

Sorry I don't have much to show for, but I traveled for 26 hours, and I was dead when we got home so we ended up sleeping for eight hours...

We just got up to have dinner... So I giving you a wip of a new drawing, which I hope to have done in not to long, maybe this weekend, as I straight back to work tomorrow.

Money is needed, not that I ended up using so much money in the states this year, but I still have a big student loan to pay down!

Naow, we're done with dinner and it's bed time soon:) kyrie brings you moar goodies tomorrow!

- vinter

Monday, 12 March 2012

Totally over ate

An Image for you all from me.

No real inspiration or though behind this one, kind of an subconscious thing I am guessing.
which in it's self might be disturbing, but hey I don't know.

Vinters out traveling so finding a way to post is not exactly easy, but we can hope for twice the image tomorrow then maybe (greedy, greedy)
She is, be all calm, alive and well though, as she left a update on the facebooker.

Anyways, hope you all enjoy.

I'll go sleep, I ate to much Burger King.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Phantom Dance

Morrigan The leader of the Kabal of the whispered blade.
More popularly called the phantom lady.

Just me working on a concept for my main bad-girl for the Dark eldar.
I think I have her pretty much in order as far as background goes, building her will come later.

Wish I had the time to shade this one, but got to get some sleep before work tomorrow so.
yeah so.

Vinter should get some of the credit for this one, as her gift of brown paper, made me happy, and I draw best when happy.
More from the coolest part of Lazy inhouse tomorrows!

Bye bye now.

Thursday, 8 March 2012


Here's a crappy drawing which I managed to ruin... The face looked kinda cute before I started messing around with markers, now it just looks tired...

Oh well, I tried. Had to test out the new markers I bought, not sure what I'll use them on, but I like them so far:)

Make sure to stay tuned for moar niceness from kyrie tomorrow, I'm sure he'll give us some more splendid!

- vinter

cop out.


So yeah, forgot about the lazy.

Guess I was just that lazy.
Weird because I wanted to draw when I got home.

Not sure what happened there.


Vinters up tomorrow though, and she'll give you all a proper dose of lazy.
And I'll get back on the good work wagon this instant. (by sleepin', Its the only sensible start from here on)


Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Should I maybe post first thing in the morning while I'm here, so that you guys actually get it the right day...?

From my next post on I'll post in the morning, so norg and europe gets it right ish...

I bring you head phones girl!
Naow, good night! Or good morning, which ever you prefer, where ever you are.

Kyrie brings moar good stuff tomorrow!

- Vinter

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


I like that word, it's cool, a cool word.

Not sure if it was my time to post now? or tomorrow?
So I post this and wait for Vinter to dispel all the confusion.

Thanks to her for updating, we should all tell the gods and demigods and all that jazz that her and her boyfriend should have an awesome time!

I will now go to sleep and hopefully dream of that incredible beautiful waitress (Might've been the managers daughter or something, as she was out of uniform but messing with the computers) at some random bar in Liverpool. Best smile ever...


Monday, 5 March 2012

New stylus,

Y U NO WORK?!??!?

I bought a new stylus for my iPad, with a smaller nib, turns out it doesn't work very well...

So this is all you'll get tonight (morning where you are, night where I am)

Kyrie is back tomorrow, maybe he's got a nice surprise for us:D?

- Vinter

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Kyrie post

Hellu, I'm posting for kyrie today, from San Francisco!

I guess it's my turn tomorrow!

It's super nice and sunny here, just like a Norwegian summer:)

- vinter

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Too long travel time...

Yes, this drawing is of me... After 23 hours of horrible plane seats and no fresh air...

I'm to tired to say much more... I'll post for kyrie tomorrow.

- vinter

Thursday, 1 March 2012


So the place I work is doing "A tale of 5 gamers"

And you have to start a new army for that kind of things, so I am thinking a wych cult.

Drew this because I Needed some foreshortening practice.

Vinters up for tomorrow, may she have a good trip.
Hopefully we can Mario soon ^^
(I still laugh from time to time.)

More awesome from her
And I hide now.

Awwww, you apparently have a greater perception then I have a hide!

I got a penalty for talking?