Thursday, 15 March 2012

Wiggle room.

I have a serious attitude problem and I'll never change it.

This Illustration holds the key to why I like ponytails and any hairdo that bursts out of the wearers skull so very much.

Imagination people, do you not agree that it is a marvel of a thing.

Every young mind seem to stumble upon the though "what if my yellow is not the same as your yellow, and what if chicken for me taste like sharpie inc for you"

First of Sharpie tastes terrible, but thats what you get for having the habit of putting drawing utilities in your mouth.

Secondly, my mind is obviously fragmented today, and thats is Hilarius.

Thirdly, why not just decide that your yellow is different, why not forge yourselves into a world view holding all the wonder everyone secretly wished there was.

So to all you blossomskulls out there I salute you, and next time you wear your ponytail imagine the flower of your mind in full blossom.

Haha, Vinter has the job of covering my tracks, hope she's back on this time zone, if that is what she wants,no matter the answer she'll shine with her particular flavor of awesome for us all tomorrow.

Fragments out of here.

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