Sunday, 18 March 2012

Why not arm yourself

So I have this twitch.

It's a drawing twitch, whenever i draw someone who has open hands, I spend a small eternity making the hands look natural and "flow-like" (Yeah, flow-like).

And If I achieve something I am happy with, I can't help myself but redrawing it all and putting something into their hands.

Most of the time I give them weapons, because its fun to draw some hard edges when I tend to favor softer edges.

Now you might ask where the logic in removing something your happy with for something that is in fact easier to draw?
And to that I say; Reward.

It's a reward system.
Course I should just leave a drawing without something in the hands for you all one day, but it's so hard, not to reward myself with the drawing of weapons and stuff.


Tomorrow will be Vinters day, Sunday, maybe we get some tablet action!

hope you enjoy lazy

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