Saturday, 31 March 2012

Space girl, awhnoh!

This is the first take on my space girl. Earlier today, I decided to redo it and changed the pose and scenery completely. So you get this one today, and maybe the other one next time... Maybe, unless I end up being able to actually finish the bot killer any time soon:)

Anyway, tomorrow is work day, sunday is eating family dinner and then monday is straight to TG, working my ass off for not nothing at all... yeah, that's right! The super charm of being a volunteer.

I'll have some nice stuff done during TG, and I'll finally have time to sort out some commissions:)

And maybe, just maybe, Kyrie will come back strong tomorrow? But, keep in mind, hard working people have little time for what they enjoy! Unless you're nothing like me and superman...

- Vinter

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