Sunday, 1 April 2012

koko-o~ na~

Life is Awesome.

So awesome in fact that me just loosing 20 Min worth of text rambling just made me smile and realize that the almighty computer "portable-Lars" was probably right in forcing me to forgot all that senseless ramble.

All my computers have been called Lars.
Could start changing that, but I enjoy being conservative on matters unimportant!

Anyways, both these girls have mapped out personalties, they have quirks, likes and dislikes.
All perfectly defined in the maze called "mah-brainz", that is in fact most of the fun of drawing a human.

Bakuman season 2 was freaking awesome.
Making life even more awesome, sickening the amount of awesome going on.

And then Vinter vent and drew the softest legs ever imagined, makes me want to use them as a pillow.
Not sure if that is something to be ashamed about or not.
Get back to me on that.

She's up for tomorrow and will bring her wondrous works for our viewing pleasure then!


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