Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Archaeologist.

Here you have it, miss poutylips say hi to the interwebs!
There are so many mistakes with this drawing, and so much stuff that doesn't really work. But I just wanted to do something colourful and lush, so there you go... All in all, with sketch, this took me about 15 hours... That's a looong time...
But luckily I had loads of urge intense, and the colouring I did in one go!

Please view full size, it doesn't look very nice so small...

Moar blur testing as well, it looks kinda tacky:P

Naow I have to run off to work, I've got four very very long days ahead of me.

Kyrie brought excellent yesterday! the potential in that drawing if he had a working laptop and a tablet is HUGH!

/me runs away with all her precious stuff, even though she wont have time to use any of it D:

- Vinter

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