Monday, 16 April 2012

Space girl, DONE!

Here you go, I decided to use the three hours I had time to draw today to finish this one. I got sick of playing around with it, and I felt the need to finish something. This involved a lot of experimenting, like bluring and colouring. I'm not very pleased with her face, maybe, just maybe, I'll go in and liquify it the way I want it later on.

Tomorrow though, will be a new-drawing-day, I'll have time to start on the drawing I was planing on starting on today and yesterday (yesterday was lazy day... We got up at five, had a two hour long shower, sat about talking and dozing/relaxing on the sofa util two, then went to bed again).

Kyrie is the awesomeness designah still! What will the awesome designah bring tomorrawh?

/me whimsically runs of...
- Vinter

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