Saturday, 14 April 2012

Oh the mimiminess..

Yes, today's drawing is a warm-up I did to warm up (I don't say:o) before doing commissioned work. Not that I get a hell of a lot of commissioned work, especially not payed, but this one is, but I like to warm up my muscle memory before starting on something fresh anyway.

So world, this is sharkgirl, sharkgirl say hi to the world... She says hi and thinks you look tasty, would you like to stay for dinner?

Anyway, I'm currently working on a new drawing:O since I'm almost certainly not going to be able to finish either the Bot Killer or the Space Girl drawings...

Here you have a preview of da sktech! Kyrie has seen the sketch, as I made it while I was at his place. Did this after a real hardcore Mario session! Good times good times! I'm already looking forward to collect all the special coins so we can be awesome and unlock the extra levels:D

But NAOW, bed time. I have time to do some fixing on the drawing tomorrow while the bf is out of the house shopping for beer ingredients with his beer mate:)
Kyrie will bring us some nice stuff tomorrow, we do after all love our gals in lazy, if you haven't noticed yet:P

- Vinter

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