Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Rollerskating the skies reaching for whatever it is you want and dream of.

All you need to do to reach your goals is just do.

Course in my case I really really, need to get myself a new computer and a tablet of my own so I can not, have 2 hours of driver problems and then have the computer just shut down on my once it worked...

The shutdown of course messing up the driver again...

What I am trying to say is I had awesome plans for the colors on this image, sadly "That" is all I could give you without the drivers.

Hopefully you all still enjoy.

Roller-skate away ^^
I love painting images with plenty speed BTW.

Vinter is the Queen of finishing, If only I'd be able to steal a little of her finishoffness.
She's up for tomorrow and she might bring her brilliance.
I for one am Exited.

So all aboard the boat too tomorrow!


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