Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Sky high.

When I look at this drawing, it dawns on me how crap I actually am at colouring... And drawing for that matter...
I think if you view it in full size it won't look that ugly... just maybe...

I think I like my old way of colouring better... maybe I'll try to mix the two.
And I don't know why, but my faces looks all odd all of a sudden...

Anyway, I'll keep on drawing, maybe I'll get where I want some time in the distant future... Y IT TAKES SO LONG?? And I wish I could spend every day, all day drawing!

I might end up revisiting this, some time. But tomorrow I has work. Must has money!


Was at Kyries place today, we played some hardcore mario! with super coinage collecting. But turned out the extra level was kinda difficult:P

Kyrie is up tomorrow! Wonder what he'll bring the house of lazy then? So do I, lets stay tuned for that!

- Vinter

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