Monday, 30 April 2012

Death by macarons!

A coloured pencil sketch! The eyes turned out kinda weird...

I had too many macarons, which inspired this drawing.
When I think about macarons now, I badly want a rose flavoured one, or a pistachio one, or a lavender one!!! <3

Anyway, tomorrow is super hard drawing day! I'm going to go to the shops and buy myself some urge intense and then draw super long! Hopefully I'll have a nice drawing to show for next time!

Anyway, kyrie is hard at work, let's all give him good interweb vibes so he can go on without nasty dreams!

- Vinter

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Small arms fire

Yay, I uploaded.

I woke up after 3 hours of sleep today.
That was about 22 hours ago.

I am tired.
I woke up because I had a wicked vivid dream.

Which again seemed to be some kind of foreshadowing action.
Except for the part where my foot gets stuck in giant spider backside, and Im grossed out.

Haven't been grossed out today...
I think...

Anyways, this picture was actually an early idea, had some problems trying to realize it, as I lost the feeling for the idea.

Also promised some color on last time image, but, no drivers and I am tired.

Will you forgive me if I sleep?
I do so very want to sleep a little.

Vinters mind has been unburdened.
Maybe that will mean we get some extreme drawing-ness.

See, we will, Tomorrow.


Saturday, 28 April 2012


A bad quality one from me today. Have been at work all day and all.

Ok, you can have this updated version of the archaeologist as well!

NAOW, bed time! I'm cutting mah hair tomorrow!

- Vinter

Friday, 27 April 2012

You go left, I go

So, I Started late again.
In stead of uploading some back-stock, or drawing something hasty I decided to do something good, and save the color for another upload.

So this is pre-color, straight scan.

Still very inspired by blade and soul.
And for once.

The guy is the little one.

You have no idea how proud I am to actually have drawn an image of a guy and a girl, where the dude is the small one.
Milestone, yay.

Hope you enjoy, I think I do double post next time (colored and something new)
So look forward to that.
In the meantime we have more of the musical Vinter, what will she show us!
Tomorrow we will find out.


Thursday, 26 April 2012


Here, a whistling lady. Tomorrow I might end up going to cut my hair, I'm a bit afraid. As I like my long hair... But I don't like the short bits of it...

Anyway! Bed time, I promised my bf I would go to bed the same time as him.

So, get ready for awesomeness tomorrow when kyrie gets back on the lazy wagon!

- Vinter

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

All fear the Anime

Friend of mine went all ninja on me today, and messed with my mind from the shadows.

Basically, I've been humming megaman whiles looking at the very pretty looking upcoming "Blade and soul".
So I just had to draw some Anime, because well, I love anime.

Its simple but so right, from a stylistic point of view, focus on less, so that you master it more.

Got to use the pen today, but still no driver action.
Figuring that I decided too do this with heavy watercolor.

Not really the paper for it, but yeah you know.

Now, It is quite late.
So I will attempt to sleep a little.

Wonder what Vinter will bring us tomorrow?
More motivation for me, that is assured, most likely brilliance as well.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Sky high.

When I look at this drawing, it dawns on me how crap I actually am at colouring... And drawing for that matter...
I think if you view it in full size it won't look that ugly... just maybe...

I think I like my old way of colouring better... maybe I'll try to mix the two.
And I don't know why, but my faces looks all odd all of a sudden...

Anyway, I'll keep on drawing, maybe I'll get where I want some time in the distant future... Y IT TAKES SO LONG?? And I wish I could spend every day, all day drawing!

I might end up revisiting this, some time. But tomorrow I has work. Must has money!


Was at Kyries place today, we played some hardcore mario! with super coinage collecting. But turned out the extra level was kinda difficult:P

Kyrie is up tomorrow! Wonder what he'll bring the house of lazy then? So do I, lets stay tuned for that!

- Vinter

Monday, 23 April 2012

Last piece

Ever gone an entire day, just waiting to get home to that one thing in your fridge, only to find it taken from you...

Damned be myself for drinking all the Urge intense ^^.

Now I am off to brush my teeth like never before, no kiddin', there might be tears.

My life is awesome, just felt like sharing that bit!
More drawings to come, this one looses some of its effect because, yes, you guessed it, no drivers.

OKAY, so at this point I might been a lil lazy.
But its in the name, right.

Vinter, and her golden pencils of awesomeness will attempt to wow us tomorrow.
Stay tuned for more lazy action from your host at lazy-inhouse.



Sunday, 22 April 2012


Sorry, but I'm stuck at my bf's office, which makes it complicated to do much serious drawing... Feels like I've wasted a good half day on watching my bf work:P I guess now I know how it feels to be him when I draw all weekend. At least I tell him to go do other stuff than to sit at my desk and watch me draw, I'm not able to draw when people are watching anyway.

My plan was to be done with this today, but as you can see, it's far from done. I haven't even finished the lines...
Gah, today has been such a slack day... I wan't to draaaaaaaawwwwwwww.

Anyway, it will have to wait till tomorrow.

I'm not sure I like the new blogger dashboard, it'll probably get better when I get used to it, but right now it's a bit confusing...

The new Diablo is having a test launch this weekend, and I so wish I had a battlenet account to try it out! Guess I just have to wait till the official launch of it the 15. of may... I don't have a good enough computer to play it on yet anyway, but I'll have time to set that up before then^^

Naow, time to go bother bf so we can go home soon!

Kyrie is back tomorrow though, I really hope he gets a big bonus or wins a big cash prize or something so he can buy himself some decent equipment! I think only good things would come out of it!

Enough rant!

- Vinter

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Titles go here now?!?

...Something happened to how I post these things.


Anyways, Friday today!
My worst draw day because I has works in morning.

Drivers did not work again, so that stopped me short.
Hope you enjoy none the less, now I will bail.


Vinter up for tomorrow, maybe she will bring back the brilliance.
Depends on whether or not she has the time!

Tick tock.


Friday, 20 April 2012


Sorry guys, no brilliance from me today, only a sketch I managed to draw while I had a 15 min break during my very very veeeery looooongday at work today... Good gracious, what I do for money...

Work wasn't too bad though, I had time to go buy an urge intense, and there was a cool dude amongst the guests today we talked about the new alien film coming out this summer:)

I might find the time to colour this one during the weekend though!

Kyrie up tomorrow, what will the awesome designah bring? Another sweet drawing? Silly sketch maybe?
Probably some thing quite nice anyway^^

- Vinter

Thursday, 19 April 2012

To late for titles

Driver did not work again.

At least this time I got to use the pencil in stead of the mouse...

No matter, having plenty of fun with the pencil part of the images anyways.
Started rather late with this one, would be more happening in the image if I started earlier.

Vinter hit us hard and early yesterday, Love it when she goes all pro on us.
Means some work is needed to maintain the awesome.

Mayhaps she gives us more wonders to behold tomorrow?
More girls, would not, be a bad guess.

Nighty time for me.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Archaeologist.

Here you have it, miss poutylips say hi to the interwebs!
There are so many mistakes with this drawing, and so much stuff that doesn't really work. But I just wanted to do something colourful and lush, so there you go... All in all, with sketch, this took me about 15 hours... That's a looong time...
But luckily I had loads of urge intense, and the colouring I did in one go!

Please view full size, it doesn't look very nice so small...

Moar blur testing as well, it looks kinda tacky:P

Naow I have to run off to work, I've got four very very long days ahead of me.

Kyrie brought excellent yesterday! the potential in that drawing if he had a working laptop and a tablet is HUGH!

/me runs away with all her precious stuff, even though she wont have time to use any of it D:

- Vinter


Rollerskating the skies reaching for whatever it is you want and dream of.

All you need to do to reach your goals is just do.

Course in my case I really really, need to get myself a new computer and a tablet of my own so I can not, have 2 hours of driver problems and then have the computer just shut down on my once it worked...

The shutdown of course messing up the driver again...

What I am trying to say is I had awesome plans for the colors on this image, sadly "That" is all I could give you without the drivers.

Hopefully you all still enjoy.

Roller-skate away ^^
I love painting images with plenty speed BTW.

Vinter is the Queen of finishing, If only I'd be able to steal a little of her finishoffness.
She's up for tomorrow and she might bring her brilliance.
I for one am Exited.

So all aboard the boat too tomorrow!


Monday, 16 April 2012

Space girl, DONE!

Here you go, I decided to use the three hours I had time to draw today to finish this one. I got sick of playing around with it, and I felt the need to finish something. This involved a lot of experimenting, like bluring and colouring. I'm not very pleased with her face, maybe, just maybe, I'll go in and liquify it the way I want it later on.

Tomorrow though, will be a new-drawing-day, I'll have time to start on the drawing I was planing on starting on today and yesterday (yesterday was lazy day... We got up at five, had a two hour long shower, sat about talking and dozing/relaxing on the sofa util two, then went to bed again).

Kyrie is the awesomeness designah still! What will the awesome designah bring tomorrawh?

/me whimsically runs of...
- Vinter

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Still the designa

Had a mildly speaking good drawing day today.

So much stuff to show that I could not be bother to scan it all!
Meaning next entry is already done, which should let me have a failsafe for a day I can't seem to draw anything decent.

As for this one.
Cover for my facebook.

Annnnnnd, how I imagine myself to look when I draw.
heh, yes, I am zat awesome when I draw.

(Sadly I am in fact not ambidextrous)

Anyways, Vinter Inspired my last night with some good action ladies.
Will she bring forth the fangs again tomorrow?!

Dum dum


Saturday, 14 April 2012

Oh the mimiminess..

Yes, today's drawing is a warm-up I did to warm up (I don't say:o) before doing commissioned work. Not that I get a hell of a lot of commissioned work, especially not payed, but this one is, but I like to warm up my muscle memory before starting on something fresh anyway.

So world, this is sharkgirl, sharkgirl say hi to the world... She says hi and thinks you look tasty, would you like to stay for dinner?

Anyway, I'm currently working on a new drawing:O since I'm almost certainly not going to be able to finish either the Bot Killer or the Space Girl drawings...

Here you have a preview of da sktech! Kyrie has seen the sketch, as I made it while I was at his place. Did this after a real hardcore Mario session! Good times good times! I'm already looking forward to collect all the special coins so we can be awesome and unlock the extra levels:D

But NAOW, bed time. I have time to do some fixing on the drawing tomorrow while the bf is out of the house shopping for beer ingredients with his beer mate:)
Kyrie will bring us some nice stuff tomorrow, we do after all love our gals in lazy, if you haven't noticed yet:P

- Vinter

Friday, 13 April 2012


Yay, Computer decided that today was the day it would stop working properly.
Some reason it just removed my driver for the mice and keyboard.

Handled that with only mild annoyance.

But I just now found out that, course the tablets driver got booted, meaning I need a restart to be able to use it.

So the color is like that today.

Hope you enjoy.

Vinter and me did some Mario today, was awesome.
More from her tomorrows.

Lets go!

Thursday, 12 April 2012


Come here and feast your eyes upon the abomination I've just created!

Oh my... I guess everyone can have bad days?

Bed time, kyrie tomorrow, after I've given him urge intense and we've played a few seriously hardcore rounds of mario!

- Vinter

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Sadie & Pookie

Their an odd combination, which if it was up to one of them would end instantaneously.

Sadly teddy-bears, do not seem to mind blunt objects.

The rest of the story I leave blank, because I value your minds and their imagination to much to define it for you!

Vinters up for tomorrow here on lazy inhouse illustration, good day, bad day.
we'll see!


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Lazy day!

I finally came back home today! It's so nice to be home again! My own bed!

So, I slept for about four hours when I came home, and after that I've been relaxing.

So here you have a sketchy sketch, nothing fancy, just wavy hair.

Tomorrow is commission work day, and on Wednesday I'm back to work for real money...

Kyrie is back tomorrow, with either sketchiness or brilliance!

- Vinter

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Damn woman.

Damn in a good way of course.

And that would be in reference to the fact that Vinter is really good when she steps up.
Makes me have to get of my lazy ass and do some real drawings.

Guess thats a good thing, but hey my lazy ass like being lazy, its the reason it has the prefix "lazy".
Makes total sense huh?

Now I personally have never been one for the furries, sure I like animals just fine, but I prefer them to be over there, not right here.

Only exception would be cats. Cats are awesome.
Anyways, the concept of a furrie just kind of makes me feel uncomfortable, like some alternative world where what we call mental illness, is in that world just "personality".

What I am trying to get to, and got busy writing all sorts of potentially offensive stuff, IS:
If asked what my favorite furry type is, my answer would be fox.

Which is funny, as again, the only exception is cats.

And fish.
Makes me sound smelly.


Anyways, more from ze King of lazy tomorrow!
All hail the Vinter, for it is coming.


Saturday, 7 April 2012


I just finished the collaboration I had with a female photographer! It feels really awesome to finally be done with it:) It took a lot longer than I thought it would, mostly because I never really had any spare time to sort it out. But today I sat down and finished the three last photos I was supposed to draw dresses on!

And now I'm all set for staring on two other commissions I have flying about. Maybe I'll be able to actually be done with them before easter is over? Guess we'll just have to wait and see^^

To another not so winning part of today's rant. I was hoping that I would maybe win something at the Freestyle Graphics compo here at TG, but the high level of my fellow competitors have made me lost hope entirely...
Then again, I can say I was hoping, but I guess I always knew the odds were against me on a huge scale. Getting better doesn't really show when everyone else gets better as well:P

The drawing I'm posting today was meant for the themed graphics compo, but I didn't get around to finish it in time. And it's still not done... I'm having some issues with picking out the right colours...

Anyway, that was it for today's rant, now I'm going to start on one of the commissions.
Kyrie might bring brilliance tomorrow? If he has time? Maybe, maybe not? We'll see!

- Vinter


Slowly now, Yes slowly, then I get decent again.

Was going to give you all a little more dazzle today, but I've run out of time.
Work tomorrow, and still have some stuff I have to do.

Gatta say I really liked that stile from Vinter yesterday, simple but fun, and solid, makes me want to do something alike, so maybe thats up for the next day.

Anyways, the Vikingship lady is up tomorrows, something awesome from her then!


Friday, 6 April 2012


So as I'm writing this, I'm in the vikingship where they're currently being stupid and playing crap music to loud... way to loud... I'm glad I have a motel room to retreat to...

I didn't get to finish the drawing I wanted to enter the freestyle graphics compo with, so I just entered Monkeybusiness.

Here's a little drawing I did as warm up. Nothing special, and kinda silly. And yes, I know I'm late. I'll give you on time and niceness tomorrow...

NAOW, I'm going to bed!
Kyrie will bring us awesomeness later today?

- Vinter

Thursday, 5 April 2012


yeah, sorry bout this.

Quality will hopefully be up by next entry.
I plan on brilliance, hope to make that idea truth.

Now, since I've already posted something not worth talking about guess I am done again.

Vinters up tomorrow, apparently working her ass of, we might gets a drawings.


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Yes late!

I'm sorry but I worked for 24 hours yesterday, just slept three hours, and I'm now back to work...

This is really crazy...

Anyway, instead of a drawing I give you a sperm whale... A 30 meter long sperm whale... That took ages to put together. Luckily I had the Danes!

I'll give you something nice tomorrow, srsl!

- Vinter

Monday, 2 April 2012

No pain

Yeah, no inspiration.

Might be better tomorrow, but for now I sleep.


Vinters up with her new not really stile tomorrow.
Scary stuffs.

A man of few words, hihi


Tha abstract!

Yes, that's right! I've changed my style, from now in, it's all abstract and supa deep!


Aprils fool!

Have a super fool drawing and a more me drawing:)

Bed time, tg time tomorrow....

- Vinter

Sunday, 1 April 2012

koko-o~ na~

Life is Awesome.

So awesome in fact that me just loosing 20 Min worth of text rambling just made me smile and realize that the almighty computer "portable-Lars" was probably right in forcing me to forgot all that senseless ramble.

All my computers have been called Lars.
Could start changing that, but I enjoy being conservative on matters unimportant!

Anyways, both these girls have mapped out personalties, they have quirks, likes and dislikes.
All perfectly defined in the maze called "mah-brainz", that is in fact most of the fun of drawing a human.

Bakuman season 2 was freaking awesome.
Making life even more awesome, sickening the amount of awesome going on.

And then Vinter vent and drew the softest legs ever imagined, makes me want to use them as a pillow.
Not sure if that is something to be ashamed about or not.
Get back to me on that.

She's up for tomorrow and will bring her wondrous works for our viewing pleasure then!