Friday, 24 February 2012


(le closeup!)

Another! I'm on a roll.. I sketched this out yesterday, and finished it today! (more or less done, might add some redness to nose, eyes, cheeks and such)

Yesterday I spent a lot of the day sorting out some promo material, seeing as the big relaunch of my website and stuff is closing in.
I put together a mini portfolio, to hand out, and will probably sort out new business cards during the weekend.

I so badly want my own Epson A3 printer... It would be super nice to print my own stuff... I guess that's something I will invest in when I get some more money. That means I could print stuff for fellow artists in the same area^^ good quality stuff which is cheep and friendly:P

Anyway, I got some good and constructive critic from Jointless, on my Monkey Wrench drawing, which I'll be sorting out tomorrow:)

Tomorrow will be a fun day of Mario playing and sketching in the company of our other host of this awesome blog! Maybe I'll get a sneak peak of tomorrows post^^

But now, bed time! I promised my bf I'd be in bed earlier than usual, so have to hurry and brush teeth and all that.

Kyrie brings moar tomarrah!

- Vinter

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