Sunday, 26 February 2012

Rainy days!

Here's a new thing I'm working on, which will hopefully be done tomorrow^^

Yesterdays hardcore mario playing apparently exhausted my brains (it was so awesome, I didn't really want to leave that soon:P), so I wasn't able to start drawing very early today, all though it was my plan to finish this today, I now see that there's simply not enough hours before tomorrow for that:) Then again tomorrow is apparently upon us already:P

I had plenty of plans for today, it was going to be very productive. As I have work next week until friday, which is when we leave for the states for a week, I wanted to be done with a lot of stuff. Like edit the concert pictures I took yesterday, work on the secreet project, finishing the other drawing on pictures thing, prepare new business cards, fix website and all the rest...

So, all that will have to wait till tomorrow! Or, later today...

NAOW, bed time:)

Kyrie will bring us more good stuff tomorrow, that my internetfriends, I'm sure of!

- Vinter

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