Thursday, 2 February 2012

Humaniod see, humanoid do.

New rule, added to the already extensive pile of rules I honesty do not follow all that well.

"Whenever I do not have a solid idea by 16.00 hours, play of what Vinter did."

I always end up disappointed when I have no real idea and just end up doodling on paper, which is what happened today, been writing lists, and doodling all day, but come lazy time I had no ideas.

Ended up with this entry, not saying its bad, but I am not happy with it, and that is a most important thing for me.
no matter how many others are happy with it.

Me, I am ME, ego,ego,ego,ego,ego...

I've lost the ability to have a focused though, must be the terraria overload me and a friend had yesterday.

Sooo, what I am saying is that I should stop typing.
No idea what might end up on the interwebz.

Vinters post was Awesome, and I demand more (again, ego,ego)
(please, humble,humble)


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