Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Happy clappy!

I was supposed to be working today, BUT I got the day of!! Which means, I wont be going to work until monday! YEY, here's a ipad doodle of me happy:P

And now, over to what I'v been using most of my day on, another new drawing! I'm not sure if it's finished yet... I need to sleep on it... But it's close to be done.
I've had this one in my sketchbook for a while, different variations kept on popping up so I decided it was time to actually do it. Thinking of adding some fiery leafs flying about or sumthin, maybe add a tree on the end as a source for the leafs, or just a branch.. I dunno, need to sleep on it.
It's a little bit dark, me thinks... I'll see when I'm looking at the ipad latorz.

Looking forwards till another day tomorrow filled with work I want to work with! ^^

But now, bed time! Or my bf will get angry at me for sleeping the daylight away... (he's just jealous, because he want's to sleep long as well:P)

Anyway, Kyrie brings moar goodness tomorrow. What will it be? Another awesome model design? Or maybe just a "pleasure drawing"? (they're so much fun, and usually brings out the best in one^^) STAY TUNED TO FIND OUT :D

- Vinter

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  1. Maybe some metalic shine on the wrench, as in hard'n glossy highlights. Also is that a window with glass? Unless there is light coming from the window (which wouldn't make sense with the lightsourse) its coming at it. Glass+darkness behind glass makes mirror effect. I wouldn't blame you for not working out a slight reflection effect, but you could add some glossy highlights on the glass anyway. Contrasts in surfaces are swell! I'd say, just a tad of hightlight effects to make things pop and you are done. I would also say it is not too dark. Loving the mood in it and the character! This gave me an urge to see more of her sorroundings. Something about the mood :]