Thursday, 16 February 2012

Dreads 'N' Steam!

Yey, new drawing! This started out as a quick ps doodle and ended up taking up the rest of my evening... Which I was supposed to use on finishing the collaboration I'm doing with the girl photographer. I ended up finishing one picture at least! Four to go!
Anyway, I decided to finish the drawing before it got out of hand and me ending up ruining it:P

Ah, I love having days off work! Gives me time to do what I want. And since the relaunch of website/portfolio/blog is soon due, making drawings is high priority in mah brain.

I'm trying hard to go with colour choices I like, and not being to influenced by what colours other people like... I usually strive to make stuff I hope people I look up to will like, but I've found out that I have to make stuff for my own liking, or I'll never be pleased with anything I do... And I kind of want to feel at least pleased with some of what I do.

I think it's fair to call myself my worst critic, as I think one should be, but that doesn't mean I can't be half pleased with something, at least for a few minutes, until I see all the flaws and wish I'd never published something so dreadfully ugly.

BUT, enough rambling. I have something else brewing as well! Another collaboration! but for now, it's a secret:> I'm looking so much forward to get home to my scanner and scan all the stuff for it that I did today, is gonna be awesums!^^

Anyway, bed time. I have a ridiculously long day tomorrow, and on friday I have to go home to my bf to comfort him, and make him a decent meal, since I've been gone for so long and he's been working waaaay to much overtime to be able to take a week off for pycon this year.. Poor darling!

Kyrie will bring you more goodies tomorrow, you know you like his bravery with tha colours!


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