Monday, 27 February 2012

Rainy day, done!

Here's the final for rainy day:)

Hope you all like

Now I have to more or less run to work, as I need to earn some money after a week of awesome drawing! not that I spend much money, most of the time I'm just sitting in front of my beloved lappy and drawing. With the occasional visit to Kyreis place to get a nice dose of Mario playing time:)

ANYWAY, I've cleaned up my online portfolio! I'll end up making my own website soon, I just need a few more of these drawing weeks. I've registered a domain name at least, which now redirects to the carbonmade portfolio.

But, I gotta run!
Kyrie might have something tomorrow, if his grandfather is feeling better, lets hope so. But if not, expect some slack on that front!

- Vinter

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