Thursday, 23 February 2012

Some days

Had no real idea today.

So started drawing rather late.

And the idea I went with was to draw myself into harry potter (as the movie series had been running on the screen for the last 5 days)
And honestly only reason I though about drawing myself into harry potter is the fact that Lune Lovegood is just plain awesome.

Guess all the creative energy I had got used making up reasons and whats and ifs in stead of actually focusing on the drawing itself, Just did not make anything I wanted to show, even with several attempts.

But at least now I know Id prolly be a Ravenclaw, possibly major in divination, and not play quidditch.

In the end I just drew my face with longer hair, because as wizards already have long hair I am guessing it would be longer or plain not there.

Hope you enjoy, and hopefully my partner in lazy will brake out another excellent post tomorrow!

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