Thursday, 30 June 2011


I know that Kyrie said this would be post No. 100, but truth to tell, this is only post No. 99... Reason: a draft was counted as a post. Sorry guys, but our little jubilee will have to wait til tomorrow.

A sketch dump from me.
Just two more days or so of this festival stuff and then I can go home. Looking so much forward to that...
I am clearly _not_ a festival person... or maybe I'm just on the wrong festival...?

KYRIE NEXT!!! To celebrate our 100 post

- Vinter

Wispering with words never heard

The evolution of a picture.
Suddenly more human, more dynamic...
BUT not pleased.
Must do more with this.
Must create a cult.

Anyways, ever heard of the dream you never know you had?

hah, I guess I just wanted to fill up more space.


100 post tomorrow!
Thats bloody right.

Yay, Take it away Urge Monster.

Kyrie going for an Urge Refill.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A quick one!

For the masses....

Kyrie up next, maybe he's done some more on his drawing \o/

Time for me to attend some concert of some bands I don't know. Oh and btw, Hove is the _bigest_ hipster fest I've ever been to:P

- Vinter

You're the squid

I've so many Ideas lately but not the skill to put them to paper.
God drawing and creative vision is such an annoying skill to have.

Anyways, I'll work more on this, the idea is a carnival deamonalogist (spelling? heck I has no chance in the word on that one).
Needs posing, needs detail, needs Souls.
No pun intended.

Who does'nt love gassmasks?
I felt like drawing one myself when Vinter did one yesterday.

Rant of


Monday, 27 June 2011

One time late...

Always late... sorry guys. Have been busy all day, So no excellent stuff from me today.

I'm currently at the Hove Festival, working a little bit here this week, so things might be late from me... But aren't they always?

Expect some more entertaining stuff from Kyrie tomorrow.

- Vinter

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Meh Helpers

I do not like to look at the world in a black and white way.
Big fan of gray, which is why I have always imagined my helpers (the devil and the angle in popular mythology) as the lover and the jester.

I am guided and steered by a lover and a jester.
And my O'my is my life something to behold and enjoy.

Vinters turn tomorrow, she will bring exellence to lazy tomorrow.

Kyrie away.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Little late..

Two drawings, one sketch of Apocalyptic Pandora and the portfolio front thingie, which is not done yet...

Off to bed.. Latorz!

- Vinter

Friday, 24 June 2011

Not really late

Many a drawing, had a day of.

Hope it pleases someone.



O well.

I haz posted.
Now draw more, or possibly sleep, whichever grabs me first.

Vinters UP! She will show you.


Wednesday, 22 June 2011


(look! I added SWIRLSSS.. I got them fom this gal. You can totally see that I had to tile the texture, since the image wasn't big enough, but MEH)

As of now, I see myself finished with Toad Slime... I might fix stuff but I wont post any more of it here. Here's a .gif of the wips I've been posting:

And here's a super quick doddle on my favorite paper. Did this while my bf decided what he wanted for dinner, which he's still pondering about :P

Kyrie up next, will he give us something thrilling or cute? Be sure to tune in tomorrow to find out!

- Vinter


Morning doodle for mah Eliza.

A strange mystical creature she may be, but god knows I do go to lengths for her.
Felt like being honest in this post, so heres an honest and true to my emotions drawing.

Always did enjoy being vulnerable, it is a special kind of feeling when most everything can hurt you.

Gives for an entertaining life.
Trust me give it a go ;)

Vinter and her toad-lick stile will indeed be back tomorrow!
REJOICE! (*bitches*, such a fun word)


Tuesday, 21 June 2011


(I would suggest clicking the picture, if you want to see more details:))

YEY, two more days of work and then I've got vacation \o/ Looking forward to that, I'm going to draw so MUCH!! *_*

Anyway, I'm not sure if it's completely done yet, but it's getting there. I want to add some more light in the slime and maybe some green light on the dress... I might add some more slime as well... Yeees, sliiiimmeeee. And maybe write "just lick it" or "lick it" on the top, would have to add some space for that...
Many options^^

Time for me to go to sleep, I'm working the early shift tomorrow, for a change.

Kyrie next!

- Vinter

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Let me speak with no one.

Dual pictures, the devils inspiration.

By the gods.

I am a earth dragon, well thats the year I was born anyway
Year of the dragon, earth element.

Always considered myself more of a earth rat if anything, but I will take the awesome sign, and be all philosopical about it.

Haveing an Awesome (and you must agree) sign, means no more then having a lame sign.
The human Illusion is to see what we have been though to see.

As a dragon, I am no more then a rat, no more then a snake, no more then a cockroach.
In fact in my size I am lesser, for dragons get things easier.


Stop ranting now.
Then again, typing is ever so distracting.

Meh, Vinter will bring the big pencils tomorrow!? (do not know what that mean? me nether, but I am sure she will grab this time to Define)

Kyrie, oo the lords.

Le tired!

Today I've been at work all day and night... So after 16 hours of work, me feet is kinda soar. But I'm not complaining, it's money I need and my mum works like this every day (almost)^^

Anyway, as I'm putting together a portfolio, I wanted to make a "front page" for it. So here is the sketch, we'll see what I end up doing with it:)

Next up, Kyrie^^

- Vinter

Friday, 17 June 2011

Angel Consepts

Just me working on some ideas while I draw.
I am so very unsure as to how I will make my "fallen Angel" Warhammer 40k HQ model.

And honestly I do not really think I am getting any closer.
One day, One day.

More colors from Vinter, Colors!

Kyrie Away...


Toad-slime 3.

So, last time I posted the toad-slime I was hoping to have it done by today... But sadly, as I saved it as jpeg for this blog last time, I forgot to save it as psd... so I had to colour it all over again -_- hence why it's still so unfinished and looks so different...

In other news, I'm having some trouble falling a sleep these days, which leads to me doing silly things like taking pictures of my bf while he sleeps and play tetris on my little android phone, wishing I had an iPad 2 to play with:P

Anyway, Kyrie brings it tomorrow, hopefully we get to sort out a drawing session soon^^

- Vinter

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Knights of Dragoon.

A little Old school drawing for my part.
Been reliving the joys of a good video game the days.

So got a real hankering for a classical fantasy drawing.
I give you all my favoritt class of all RPG classes.
The Dragoon, a spear/halbred weilding warrior with good acrobatics.

More games needs a class like the dragoon.

Yes thats what I think.

Vinter up for tomorrow, and I might be so lucky as to get a prescreening.


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Toad-slime 2.

I'm practicing my photoshop-painting-skillz! So here's another "sketch-gone-painting" thing... My sketch from last entry. Two WIPs this time. Hopefully I'll be done by tomorrow! So yeah, not done yet...

Oh, and cross your fingers for me as I'm going to a "internship interview" tomorrow :O Will hopefully give me some experience in the field of illustration!

Have to get my portfolio in place till then o_o *works through the night*

Kyrie brings it tomorrow^^ And we might end up having a drawing session as well, if I'm not home too late!


Tuesday, 14 June 2011


My Mommys birthday today, so I drew this one warming up for a drawing I made for her,
Just a portrait of me, with some cute lines on it.

Can not show it her, because, well "today" is over, so she kind of has it already.

Anyways, sorry about the bad scan it is originaly a A3 scale drawing, and I scanned it on a A4 Max scanner.

Hope you enjoy Bad guys focusing on taking out a paladin.

Me draw no show, Vinter draw show tomorrow.


Sunday, 12 June 2011


Is good for your hart...

I was rather angry when I was done at work yesterday, so I wanted to draw something nasty. This is kind of how I feel when I'm giving service to annoying old hags at work. Liking something unpleasant and slimy... If she had been polite, I would even have said sorry, but... She did say she liked to be bitchy... that says enough.

Anyway, the toad looks kind of flat, I'm aware of that. And the anatomy is incorrect on purpose...

Hmh, Kyrie thanked me for something O_o of what I'm not sure... Expect more Kyrie tomorrow though, maybe he'll have a nice whitsun/pentecost (or what ever it is in english, pinse in norwegian anyway!) off to do some drawing.

- Vinter


I need some day of so I can draw something cool, I have an extreme hankering for a drawing session without like!

Yes give me a day of with a heated room, rain outside, urge intense inside.
Paper a plenty

Vinter will hopefully keep carrying the load, a big thanks to her!


Saturday, 11 June 2011

Tea Drinker part 2!

Or part three to be exact... Since the first part was the sketch...

Don't really like the smoke, might end up fixing that at some point...

Work for me and Lazy for Kyrie tomorrw!

- Vinter

Friday, 10 June 2011


I really Do love witches, and I have always wanted myself a talking skull hat...
Thats always laughing!

Important fact about the talking skull hat, it always laughs, for as a talking skull hat you life really is quite humorous.

I like to think of myself as a talking skull hat.
Ever so slightly annoying, but o so very pleased with myself and contagious in my "brute force the fun of life"- attitude.


I kinda wanted to sleep for like 2 hours ago, so I am going to do that now.
Been drinking more tea, because the tea drinker reminded my to make some,

Vinter will reveal the color of her hair tomorrow!?!


Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Tea Drinker.

You might remember this drawing from my last post. It's the tea drinker, only this time with some colours!

It's not done yet, but wips is always fun:D so far I've used about two and a half hours on it, so will probably be done with it next time I sit down.

K thanks, that was all for today!

More Kyrie tomorrow.

- Vinter

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Filla Girl!

Today you get an idea, and a quick scetch of that idea.

Now I could have uploaded a picture of all the paper I used to try and put that idea into a actual drawing worth showing.

But alas!

hopefully Vinter will give us something fun tomorrow.

Kyrie goes to bed!

Purple Tea!

As I'm writing this I'm drinking purple tea, writing a job application and drawing todays Lazy drawing. All is good in the middle of the night, so much peace and quite, and not so bloody warm!

Oh and my tea is really purple... the reason for that is because mum was almost out of normal sugar, so I had to subsidize it with some kind of purple dyed sugar which mum uses to decorate cakes with... Don't tell her, it's apparently kind of expensive >_>

I normally only have one Urge Intense when I'm working at my day(night) job, but today I had two^^ because I got one of my boss! How cool isn't that?

RANT! Over to the drawing. It's just a drawing today, nothing special at all:)

Look forward to some more thrilling stuff from Kyrie tomorrow. I certainly am!
- Vinter

Ps. I'm using way too much time looking at other fantastic artists and envying them for their awesome skills... I have to draw more instead of looking... Maybe I'll be good one day as well!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Philanas Eyes

Imagine being able to see clearly with your eyes closed.
Imagine then the headace that would hit you when you opened your eyes and saw double at all times.

Now Imagine everyone telling you this is a gift, telling you that you are special.
Telling you that the thing that hurts you is your gift, what makes you worth the air you cost the world around you.

Then someone meets you in the realm of sight that is clearest with your eyes closed.
He tells you your eyes are a curse, and he will be your friend your guardian your mentor if you remove them.

So you give your eyes to this stranger in the world the rest inhabit.
And as soon as he has your eyes he laughs and closes his mental eyes, never to let you see him again in your minds eyes.

The only thing you ever know of him since that time was his laugh as he left your eyeless body behind.

This is Philara's background.
She's a part of Bounty.
Although I do not know in what fashion yet, but then again Bounty at this stage is just a sett of images and stories.

Some Vinter Tomorrow.
And me and Vinter needs a Urge Intense day soon now!



Good morning world!

This mornings drawing is a hydrogen bomb exploooosion. I used this as reference: a google search! As I've never seen/experienced a hydrogen bomb explode before, I thought reference would be good... GOOD!

It's part of my Apocalyptic Pandora project, the top part of it actually...

Kyrie's up next, await something a little bit more exiting!

Time for me to go to bed!
- Vinter

Friday, 3 June 2011


Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock.

The workings of a brain, Cogs a spinning, Cogs a spinning.

Vinters Brain a working.
Ever posted on lazy-Inhouse, more or less a bit to intoxicated then necessary?
Of course you have not.
But I have, my sincerest apologies to all of you.
Shame corner for me now.


Thursday, 2 June 2011


This is usually how I feel when I go to bed. No matter how tired I am, at once my head hits the pillow, my brain decides it time to do some thinking.

I guess it's because there's no one to disturb or occupy my concentration, everything is nice and quiet.

Kyrie knows the sound of my brain! Await more from the knowledgeable Kyrie tomorrow!

Over and out.
- Vinter

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Ever so much slaanesh today.

Been working a lot on my warhammer armies lately.
And I have always loved the chaos god "slaanesh".
Read up on it, you will most probably enjoy it to!

Time to sit down and write myself an army, with names and stories all taken care of!

Now I raise my Urge Intense to the air (thanks Eliza) and demand more Vinter tomorrow!

Kyrie away!

Morning Glory!

So today is very late, or shall I say very early...?

What can I say... I was working late... so I drew this while waiting for the buss to take me home (the buss only start going again around six so I have had to wait up for four hours as I was off at two in the morning).

Anyway, me obsessing over my tin of Urge Intense:>

Now I have to run, so I'll catch the buss!
Expect more from occupied Kyrie tomorrow.
- Vinter